im full of it i know


from youtube rewind 2016

red are the people that i know, anywhere between “umm i kind of know their name”like connor franta and caspar lee and “oh yeah i definitley know i just don’t follow” like pewds and the vsauces

yellow is the ppl im subscribed to

like, youtube, ok. i get that you want business partners, investors and american parents to think your website is oh-so-perfect and full of wonderful perfect babies that rarely swear and just do nice things like show off their billion pound make up boxes for money

but like. maybe fuckin branch out a bit babe

out of 162(?) people on this thing, with some of em being easy shots since theyre actual celebrities like the rock, etc, only 16% i’ve heard of and only a literal fucking 1% of them i actually follow

i know this is such a petty thing to be so annoyed about but honestly like. ugh. UGHHH. i just. i fuckin hate youtube

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I'm picturing Black Canary and Black Mask meeting and just ranting to each other about how Jason is such a good kid but nobody else sees it. Team black themed parents protecting there little Red Hood!

Im screeching!! But listen they both know such vastly different versions of Jason!! Dinah knows Robin Jason, cheeky but still light and full of half hidden smiles and cockeyed smirks, and Roman knows the bitter and sad and overly traumatized Jason who smiles behind hands and his snark is more heavy than funny

But he’s still that fiercely loyal and protective and gentle kid that Dinah knew, and when she sees Black Mask and Red Hood hanging out together and she just….latches onto Mask. “What do you want with my kid?” and Mask just laughs and goes “your kid? He’s my kid!” and then they just devolve into gushing over what a good kid Jason is and how frustrating it is that everyone hates him and that he hates himself.

“He has nightmares,” Roman calls Dinah up one day, because he knows she was the team therapist and worked with Jason before, “and I dont know what to do”
“Ill be there for dinner”

Just….my god it’s perfect!!


1. LITTLE INEZ DIDN’T WIN??? That’s like the biggest thing like IDK why she didn’t.
2. Ariana Grande was great when she wasn’t in singer mode. Whenever she was just speaking she was in full Penny mode but then when she sang she was Ariana Grande with a Penny overlay. Also when she came out in the green dress at the end Penny was completely lost
3. Speaking of Penny, I wanted her mom to be more crazy like she just wasn’t doing it for me
4. The principals had A+++ wigs, the ensemble did…not…
5. Link wasn’t too great and was kinda awkward??
8. The record shop crew were all absolutely perfect they were flawless
9. Seaweed made me feel things I’ve never felt
11. The mics were kinda turned down and you couldn’t hear things over the music
12. “If I don’t kiss you I’m gonna bust a nut”
13. Jennifer Hudson needs some kind of award for her performance that was insane.
14. Amber was kinda awkward too at the beginning I thought she was gonna be dumb but then like her character got kinda meaner after mamma I’m a big girl
15. Mamma I’m a big girl was awkward too I love Kristen chenoweth but she was staring so deeply at the camera XD
16. The new music was cool but like I miss the big blonde and beautiful reprise and new girl in town
17. Harvey’s bra strap kept falling down and I felt like I could relate so much to that
18. Derek Hough was really good too i didn’t know if I would like him but I really liked his Corny
19. I hated when they showed backstage during grease live and I hated it this time too
20. My new list of live shows in order from most favorite to least favorite (not just NBC): Grease, Peter Pan, Hairspray, The Wiz, Sound of Music

*rubs hands together* ye im ready to contribute to the oncoming surplus of pole dancing victuuri PWP (OR full blown AUs why limit creativity) now that we have canon proof that yuri is MORE than capable

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i've been a VIP for five years now and i'm so impressed at how far they have come. i was introduced to BB when i was in about 3rd or 4th grade and my very first kpop song was Haru Haru. honestly i don't know what my life would be like if i didn't stan BB from such an early age;-;. i'm super hyped for this comeback bc i've never been through a BB full album comeback. AH IM NERVOUS ;A;

It’s so amazing! A full album comeback is just so much fun truly. Haru Haru changed my life also it means so much to me ~ I’ve grown up with BIGBANG and each song they’ve released has had a strong impact on me and I’m sure these three songs will also. Without BIGBANG I’d have been just so…..different it’s scary. Don’t be nervous keep faith in them know that it’s going to be awesome.

Thanks for being a VIP ❤️


A new day will come

For Sandra <3


some parts i animated for a promotional video i did for my school’s study abroad program

except i changed the words to a tokyo ghoul theme for tumblr lmao these ARE NOT the actual words i sent to my supervisor OMG

ok but honestly what would i be without bangtan


I’ll show that I can save you  [full res]

  • Public: I can't wait for Rihanna's new album full of hits and electronic music
  • Rihanna: you know what? fuck you this is my most personal record and I'll party and get personal.
  • Public: I can't wait for Beyoncé's album full of twerking and hip-hop and party.
  • Beyoncé: you know what? fuck you, here, have my soul and the life of a real african-American woman and a real family suffering.
  • Public: I can't wait for Britney's new album she's gonna give us old school Brit and hits, she's gonna be back to the clubs.
  • Britney: you know what? Fuck you im gonna take my time to make a quality full body album with good vocals and fun music for me and my fans.
  • Public: I can't wait for Gaga's album and forget Artpop, I bet she's gonna slay every pop artist and be back at the top charts.
  • Gaga: you know what? Fuck you this is my most personal album and I'm doing something different again, this is my real life and my real voice.
  • Let's appreciate for a moment these talented women who once ruled the charts and now are doing art for the sake of art; and they're better than ever, off or on the charts.

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can you draw marcus kissing the main gang?

deadass so thankful for this ask…..ive gained 10 yrs to my life

and cant forget the most important:


Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune in Amour Eternal Visual Book
scanned by me - please do not repost