im fucked


When he tosses you the look.

Have you ever met someone and at first you see them and your heart kinda over looks them. Then they look at you and your brain acknowledges the way their hair falls over their eye and how they flip it away in frustration. You keep picking up small things and the way they laugh registers in your heart and cascades over your body. Their laugh is warm and inviting and… homely. Suddenly your heart begins to register their smile and the way their voice rises and falls and you crave to hear them speak. Finally your heart registers that its them its been looking for all this time. Your heart sees them and is instantly comforted by the sight of them and their laugh washes over you and you suddenly realize that its the only laugh you wanna hear and you’d spend a life time working to make them laugh. You’d do anything to keep them happy, and your heart isn’t scared anymore because finally, it is home again.
—  Making homes out of people was never my thing but you were different from the beginning

When even the simplest things in your day remind you of them… when something stupid happens and all you want to do is tell them about it… when you’re laying in bed at night thinking about their laugh, and how its your favorite thing ever… you just know.