im friends w him



just me trying to explain to my friends why monoma doesnt act out of pure hatred, but rather, out of concern and regard for his class, even if they don’t like him

bev decides to take off pennywises’ makeup (so she can do his makeup, of course) and reveals that hes normal and humanlike underneath the makeup and she cries bc hes so cute. then proceeds to ask the losers club if she can keep him.

There’s no recognition in her eyes when she looks at him, none of the warmth or teasing that used to reside there. Instead, she looks at him like she would a stranger – as if they weren’t once the closest of friends or closest of confidantes. 

“Nadi?” he tries anyway.

She blinks slowly, frowning. He holds his breath, terror and hope squeezing his heart so tightly he can’t move, and then –

“Who are you?”

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I thought you were non-binary :0 sorry am I being an idiot (´・_・`)

nah ur rite, that me

but like

i jus go by masc pronouns for the most part in areas of my life where i know its unreasonable to expect otherwise without backlash, and its fine 4 me since im comfortable w ‘he/him’ pronouns also.

w my closer friends and on more personal social media sites where its jus me bein me, ppl kno im nb and usually use ‘they’ pronouns too. but on sites where im kinda puttin content out there for lots of strangers, or irl w family or in the general public, id rather just avoid conflict ykno.

i stay jammin on my androgynous aesthetic tho B^y always gonna have a hint of confusion. keep em on their toes. u can call me sir but ur gonna have to do it while ur eyes move from my alien crop top down to my happy trail and then further down to my short shorts & bangin thigh highs

my mom has this habit where she calls like anyone “kid” even if they’re older than her so she’ll be like “he’s a nice kid” so i expect someone in their early 20s or younger and it’ll be some 50 year old guy it cracks me up

One of the worst things about having Anders as a trigger is that I’ve by default accepted that almost no one who likes him will take “he is a trigger” seriously and I’ll be perpetually expected to reassure people who want to shame me for being triggered by him. He’s my trigger? And it’s especially bad with total strangers. Mutuals and friends? That’s fine. But total strangers want me to reassure them as though my being triggered is traumatic to them and like… why should I?

Like… it was my trauma. I really shouldn’t have to hold someone who loves him whom I do not know’s hand and say “no but he was a good person, he did all these good things, what a hero” like I feel shameful enough at having been abused the way I was but now I have to reassure total strangers when really all I want to say is “why can’t you take my trauma seriously and stop asking me to talk about this”

how r people out here getting dates so easily 

okay but……….consider…………..shadow!akira…………………..