im freaking out ive never got one of these

Gypsies with space hoppers

Adam stood just outside of the TARDIS resting against a neighboring tree hands shaking against the familiar pull of a first mornings drink clenching his hands against it like a un escapable abusive lover.

A nearby voice broke Adam’s daze “Still on the drink i see” the man slammed into Adam’s vision leaning just beside him on the tree out of pure relfex Adam swung the bottle at the man beside him frowning in confusion as he dissapeered “Cyris what the fuck you two.”

a hearty laugh escaped from Cyris now perched on a tree branch “I have my tricks i thought you knew, tricks that make alot of gold”

Adam scowlled at the man above him “You know ive never been in it for the money cyris”

the same laugh escaped him before jumping down just infront of adam with ease “none of us do at first,every one needs a sorrowfull backstory to get them started” Cyris removed a small device from his wirst dangling it  in front of Adam’s face “Nature she did not give me these tricks, bargening did and im hear to offer one to you, you are a great huntsman Adam, you wont ever prove yourself amoung these freaks its not where you belong but ive been tracking you, and phew, the readings those little redheads got quite a count, bring them out for me,and you will never be short on gold again.”

“You think i can be bought fuck face” Adam snarled at Cyris running his hands over his holster.

Cyris chuckled a devilish smile growing over his face revealing a bag full of several bars of gold Adams eyes widened at the sight of the bars “So the gold plus the priceless time travel device do we have a deal” .

As the morning progressed Adam,Blaze or lucia were nowhere to be found thoughout the Tardis however several personal items had been left behind including blaze’s custom handguns.