im forreal

So im going to be drawing more shance now because @sir-scandalous has opened my eyes to the beauty of this ship. Also freaking love his art so why not tag him in my first shance piece lol

  • rolls off the bed every morning
  • really groggy when he wakes up
  • but he always gets up before you
  • cooks breakfast every morning
  • kisses your forehead to wake you up
  • uses a really soft voice in the morning waking you up
  • “morning babe” *kisses forehead* **me proceeds to dieeeee**
  • quiet breakfast usually with him really smiley just watching you eat
  • “stop looking at me”
  • “i cant. you’re so mesmerizing in the morning”
  • or
  • “i cant stop looking at you; i’m trying to memorize everything right now”
  • you would wash the dishes and he would cling onto you
  • brushing your teeth together is always a fun experience
  • back hugs and neck kisses help me please
  • spending quality time watching tv
  • you would get up to grab something and walk past him but he would just grab you and pull you onto his lap
  • and proceeds to hug you
  • and then let you go and be like “okay i’m done. i just wanted to hug you real quick”
  • really likes hugs and cuddling
  • enjoys being the big spoon
  • likes rolling this thumb to massage the back of your shoulders
  • also likes kissing ur shoulders
  • talks in his sleep
  • randomly mumbles “you’re so beautiful” while his eyes are closed
  • and you think he’s sleep talking so you laugh and say thank you
  • but he’s not sleep talking he’s perfectly awake; just resting his eyes so he responds with a “you’re welcome”
  • probably an ear nibbling kind of guy lets be real
  • also the runs his hands through ur hair while making out kind of guy
  • when he’s really tired, he likes to bury his face in your neck
  • i can go on for days talking about hugging him
  • because he probably gives the best hugs
  • bear hugs that really pull you in
  • as if he can’t get close enough
  • hands would travel up and down your spine bc he can’t get enough of you im crying y’all can you hear my tears falling to the ground
  • probably the type to sing while trying to get you to dance with him
  • but ur like “no i’m working on something”
  • but he’s like “you deserve a break”
  • and he always knows how to get you to loosen up whenever you feel stressed
  • spends like a month preparing for your anniversary
  • has a reservation set
  • probably would take you to see the stars
  • yall adopt a cat together
  • the cat always gets in the way when things get heated lols
  • but y’all just laugh it off
  • so in love with you really
  • would look at ur left hand and still be in awe with the fact that you have a ring on that hand
  • “i cant believe you married someone like…”
  • “of course i did, i love you”
  • and he gets all mushy and giggly i love kang daniel 
pd101 boys as boyfriends pt.4

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

kang dongho

  • super protective
  • calls u if u dont call him to say u got home safely
  • ur personal driver
  • lion exterior, bunny interior
  • will pull you back to bed if he has to just to sleep in some more
  • sings around the house

choi minki

  • has an exceptionally good eye when you two are shopping
  • overdramatic in a cute way
  • tells u to “listen to this new song!!”
  • it’s lady gaga
  • tries to get you to do pepero kisses with him
  • like will literally just pop up next to u with a pepero in his mouth

kim taemin (imysm)

  • high key so into you
  • u take him to a haunted house and he acts all cool about it
  • ends up hiding behind u the whole time
  • amusement park dates and eating cotton candy
  • kissing ur hand while he’s still holding it

hong eunki (miss u 2)

  • y’all go to ikea and play house
  • but really y’all are just there for the swedish meatballs
  • shares his ice cream with you
  • likes to pat ur head
  • showers you with compliments

lee gunhee

  • clings to you with ur doing chores
  • “instead of clinging onto me, actually help me” *runs away instead*
  • really bad pick up lines
  • is willing to do mukbangs with u as well as reaction videos
  • dont even try to challenge him with chubby bunny

hwang minhyun

  • straight out of a kdrama
  • picks u up after school/work
  • omg the type to wait for u outside while he rests on the hood of his car in his long pastel jacket and really nice hair im cry
  • mindlessly looks for ur hand in crowded places
  • wipes crumbs off ur mouth while ur in the middle of talking
  • doesn’t realize how crazy he makes u feel