im forgetting stuff and this is bad

whats the best way to waste ur time?

draw gay


I was listening to this while drawing dis 

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when ur reading something about anti-vaxxers by someone who is pro-vax, but they’re allistic and clueless so they say things like “oh im not saying autism is good, we all know autism is bad but -”

its like shut the fuck up. you wanna get angry at how much harm anti-vax causes kids? don’t forget how much harm that ideology causes autistic kids and that it gained traction because people hate autistics.

you can’t be like “uwu i’m agreeing w/ the anti vaxxers on autism but not everything else”. if you agree with them on autism you’re a terrible person and any pro-vax stuff writing you try to do is gonna fail because you concede the main point of their argument, which is that autistic people are less than human

THEORY TIME 2 (spoilers inbound)

OK so some stuff has happened, and i am having quite a bit of trouble processing it so this is gonna be super long and jumbled. lets see how this goes.


-isabella was killed by oswald

(-but people tend not to actually die on gotham so im not even counting this as solid fact)

-oswald is doing everything in his power to force ed to forget about her (even if he has to use some pretty nasty manipulation)

-oswald feels at least a little bad about killing isabella, mostly bc he knows how much it hurt ed and bc hes scared ed will find out

-ed knows isabella was murdered, and he at least claims to think it was butch who did it

-(according to the next episode promo) tabs and butch are missing, and babs is on the hunt

-ed is going to seek revenge (most likely on butch, but possibly oswald depending on the situation)

-babs will give ed info about isabella in episode 11

-oswalds dad will be back in some way in a later episode


-who is isabella? im 98% certain she has some bigger significance - she’s too perfect to be a coincidence. same face and personality as miss kringle, only tailored to be perfect for ed in every way. obviously still suspicious

-is anyone in the gcpd going to question why there was an identical clone of miss kringle dating ed nygma and mysteriously dead in a train accident

-what role does the court of owls play in all of this? did they send isabella? who knows

-who actually kidnapped butch and tabs - was it ed and os or someone else?

-does ed believe it was butch, or is he just tricking oswald so he can get revenge?

-what info will babs be giving ed; are they going to team up to take down oswald? 

-when will fish come back into play? will she at all?

-in what way is ozzies dad back? who is he with?



-isabella is a spy for the court of owls (a possible option ive seen is that shes actually isabelle cheranova (echo) from the comics, a russian telepathic spy)

-isabella is some sort of clone or something sent by butch/tabs to get revenge on ed and ozzie. where would they get the resources for this though? is fish somehow involved?

-isabella is just somehow a really big coincidence and is actually just a normal person who is obsessed with riddles and doomed relationships and has a weird choking fetish (and i REALLY hope this isnt true)


-he will find out oswald killed isabella, probably very quickly. 

option a) it turns out isabella was evil, ed forgives oswald, everything is peachy. option b) ed becomes furious and swears revenge then leaves                         option c) ed tries to kill oswald, resulting in an angsty and teary confession of oswalds love, which ed either accepts or gets mad at (”if you really loved me you wouldnt have tried to hurt me like this” type thing)           

-he already knows it was oswald and he’s just tricking him. his face and his stuttering before he said butch are making me a teensy bit worried

-he will team up with babs to get revenge on oswald, leading to that clip of him talking to tabs and babs

-he really believes it was butch and trusts oswald too much to suspect him (aww). he and oswald will kidnap butch and tabs to try to get revenge, babs will negotiate for them by promising info on isabella. i figure she could reveal either that isabella was evil or that oswald killed her

For the midseason finale

I can see a few options for it, and no matter what itll be super dramatic and angsty bc what else would they do.

-ed ends up hating oswald and spends the next half of the season trying to get his revenge and goes full on riddler. will he ever forgive oswald? will they somehow end up together by the end of the season? only time will tell

-somehow everything works out and ed and oswald end up together. will it be bc of a lie, will ed still believe oswald is innocent? will he not care about isabella by then? once again, only time will tell

-the court of owls was somehow behind basically everything, everyone is pretty much screwed, im not too certain of much beyond that tbh



Edit: is it just me or when eds stuttering before saying butch, does it kinda look like he’s gonna say “you”? Because if so that’s not a good sign.

“how did you leave your house w/out your glasses???” listen buddy my eyesight starts to get blurry about 15 meters away from me and idk what kinda house you live in but nothing is more than 5 meters away from me where I live, so I’m fine making breakfast and stuff cos Ive fooled myself into forgetting I can’t see properly, it’s only when I go outside and think ‘what tf am I lookin @ here’ that I remember

Grand Ami

Word Count: (without translations) 2880, (with translations) 2982

Genre: fluff, coming out, humour, literal miscommunication (because of different languages, I swear there’s no angst)

Warnings: bad French probably


Based off this post (x)

Phil is dating Dan and today is the day he was finally going to meet his parents. Of course he’s nervous, who wouldn’t be? He wants to make a good impression. This may be made a tiny bit harder by the fact that Phil’s terrible at French and that’s mostly what Dan’s parents speak.

(Big thanks to @thereisspringintheair and @justcuzfandoms for basically doing most of the translations for me! Any mistakes are on me and me alone, although I’d like to formally say “screw you” to google translate.)

A/N Just in case you don’t understand, Dan’s family speaks mostly French. Dan himself can speak both French and English fluently, and Phil is just terrible at learning another language. The English translations are in bold next to what they say in French. Also, Dan is asexual.

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anonymous asked:

do you have any suggestions for keeping all interactions as positive as possible w your horse? im working on clicker training + dressage w a horse who used to be worked w clinton anderson stuff and he is still friendly and pretty open but not motivated to work. plus i get frustrated w myself and lapse back into the more traditional mindset and forget hes not being Bad, he doesn't understand, but i want him to trust me and know that our interactions will be Good even if he doesn't do what i want

Dude, you and me are on the same level.  Ive incorporated +R thinking and training into everything I do with my horse, yet I still find myself occasionally reverting back to a shitty mindset.  I just step back for a break and remind myself to break everything down into little baby steps.  Thats one lesson that I’ve been taught over and over again by Bubs.  Its still not my go to tactic, but I’m working on it.

Honestly, as long as you stay open and honest with how you approach training, you can’t go anywhere but up!  You may have set backs here and there, but thats all apart of the training process.  The hardest step in horse training is being able to honestly and objectively judge the way your horse views your aids and cues.  It sounds like you’ve already accomplished that, so the next step is to always have a plan when training.  Tell yourself “if my horse doesn’t want to move, I won’t hit him or get angry”, or “if he tries to bite me, I’m going to back him up calmly and ask him to put his head down”, etc.  If you have a plan, you’ll be able to use better strategies for dealing with annoying/unwanted behaviors rather than reacting aggressively.  

// Oh hi. Owing to my fluctuating activity here, a quick reminder that if anyone wants to get in touch about any threads, character or plots.. or just talk to me, the IM is open. I don’t bite and chances are I have been really meaning to contact you and keep forgetting (or worry about being a pest, or generally awkward.. bad habit). I also have Discord, which I may be a bit selective about giving out but if we’re RPing/going to, there’s a good chance I’m happy to.

I’m at three separate blogs now, on the Ace Attorney side anyway (any others aren’t really associated). Geiru, Uendo and Athena are now all linked for your convenience - chances are, if I’m on one, I’m on all of them. So you can catch me on any one of them for the most part. Peace out!

today a lot of my chronic illness stuff is flaring up and my depression is bad and just

wow i wanna be small and cuddle up with a giant and forget the world exists

im rlly dizzy and exhausted and i just cant stop thinkin about giants

anonymous asked:

i don't remember where I read that you are a multishipper but each ship you have is on a different timeline to not make a character cheat or feel bad romantically after break up or stuff... bUT THEN I SEE YOU SHIP SYDNEY WITH DARK AND I YOU ARE FORGETTING ABOUT SPRINGTRAP :00 that's totally cheating/breaking up to later find out springtrap is going to be really sad because dark wants to be with sydney

ye, im a pasive multishipper that had every ship in their timelines to not make a love triangle or cheating or a breaking up [i tried to not do that but maybe in the future i have to]. Not many of my friends likes multishipping  so im more called a “guilt shipper” because i like stuff i cant comment or rp laugh.

Sid and Dark doesn’t implies cheating or breaking up, first because that timeline follow the “canon one” where SpringDark wasn’t canon, their interactions could be taken as couple or friendship [the fact that I ship it is another story(?)], the second and more important thing is that in The Spin Set where Dark met Sidney, happen 7 years after the fright burned down… Springtrap burn and disappear after that, he is not there too see any of this or stuff.

Life goes on, Dark met Sidney and they are slowing becoming friends… but you can see in the technician eyes that he was a crush on the nightguard.


its been so long T3T !! I’ve been really busy working on stuff (to hopefully land a job), so Kodd has taken a backseat for the foreseeable future. IVE GOTTEN EVERY ASK (i think!), and will reply to them when I can :) Im not forgetting! Just. Busy >_>

Have some art I’ve never posted: some doodles and an old old (bad and UNFINISHED) AU ‘how they met’ comic where todd saves the day. 

Thanks for continuing to ask, reblog, and like everything on the blog! loves



I AM NOT LYING OR TRYING TO PULL FACTS ITS A THING IN OUR FAMILY UNCLE CALLS EVERYBODY TRASH well except gran and grandpa since you can’t call them bad words it’s forbidden




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i watch stan's stuff all the time!! oh no, your hand is injured??? D: im sorry!! please dont over exert yourself okay??? and the face in general gives me a lot of issues, especially the mouth region.. i just have a really bad memory, so putting methods that i learn into practice can be hard because i end up forgetting everything..

Yeah i see. Then, i know nobody likes to hear it but most of it will improve through muscle memory. The more you practice the more it comes back. Never be afraid to use reference not just on pictures of humans but professional artists as well and try to find your own techniques, it might help you remember them. Select what you like in those artist’s styles and try to reproduce them. It’ll end up being your own style as you get more comfortable.

When it comes to lips i generally go like this (ignore the shitty drawing, and not straight lines, and non symmetrical traits and-)

if you want to add the lips details it generally goes like this. I imagine you’ve seen Proko’s tutorial on lips, so picture the squichy pillows

no matter what the type of lips it is

et cetera, et cetera

don’t forget that moving your mouth moves your whole face

Then play with colors, if you’re on digital or have nice pencils

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So I really wan to watch South Park but theres like 300 episodes and I have no idea where to begin, where is a good place to start?

OK I went a little overboard with this but it’s partially bc i’ve had this in progress for a while and just never had the motivation to finish it, but I made a like. breakdown of the whole show with some of my recommendations and stuff! it’s super biased bc again this is entirely my opinion and info is almost all from memory so i could have easily forgotten smthn buT YEA!

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ki-kyo’s 2015 follow forever !! (mutuals only)

happy new year everyone! I forget when made this blog an anime one.. but I’m kinda glad I did because I got to make new beautiful friends! you guys are really kind and sweet :’) thank you to all my followers who put up with me and like/ reblog my stuff (im sorry for those pastel anime blogs who still follow me :” sorry for changing my blog type w/o notice) i hope all of you had a great year and i wish you the best in 2016. take care of yourself, eat lots and stay hydrated!

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