im forgetting stuff and this is bad

whats the best way to waste ur time?

draw gay


I was listening to this while drawing dis 

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cigar smoke and shattered mirrors

There is one for each school.

They are scared.

They are immortal.

They are teenagers.

These kids, they have their own ashes trapped in their lungs like the clinging tar left behind by cigarettes. They walk tiredly, hunched. As if they carry their own tombstone on their backs. 

They can die, but they just get back up. A lovely little respawn, no game overs for them.

It makes them never want to get out of bed, to just let themselves die over and over and it won’t stop and it can’t stop because they can never stop breathing.

To live eternally is as much of a curse as it is a blessing, and they live in parallel lines, their paths never intersecting enough to find each other, to find the reassurance that they don’t live this infinity alone. They just watch an endless cycle of the short lived existences of others, yearning for some exit sign, for some way to stop. 

They never stop surviving, but some days, some days they stop living. 

The one of Storm, they have been alive since the first Storm Lord, the first human to wield the power of lightning on their fingers and thunder in their heart. They formed from the ocean, from the dark mysterious depths. They are calm, cool waters one second, safe and lovely. Then they become crashing waves, a tsunami that rises up and crashes to the ground. This one of storm, they never feel quite right. There is an odd hum of electricity around them, making others anxious, as if waiting for a storm to break. On days where they survive rather than live, they stare at the horizon and still see the ocean they formed from. A restless, ever moving body that will never see a full sunset, one that would cause red and orange to bloom like paint thrown into the endless water.

The one of Ice, they have been alive since the first Frost Giant, the first human to wield the power of blizzards in their minds and snowflakes from their fingertips. They were formed from the freshest snow, and appear as innocent. Their kind face, all soft smiles and the lovely uniqueness of a snowflake. But sometimes, sometimes they are jagged icicles, ready to stab you, to destroy you with crystalline beauty. This one of ice, they never feel quite real. There is an odd sort of quiet thoughtfulness that swirls around them, like a fresh breeze. On days where they survive rather than live, they stare at the ground and still see the unmarred blankets of pure white snow they formed from. Something soft and delicate from the simpler times they came from. They see the sparkling snow more like small shards of glass, those days. 

The one of Fire, they have been alive since the first Dragon, the first human to wield the power of flames, hosting an ever constant bonfire in their chest and the beginnings of an inferno on the tips of their too-twitchy fingers. They were formed from a wildfire, raging and destructive just like them. They are the hearth, a symbol of home and family and always present love. But sometimes they are a blaze of untamed anger, destroying anything that happens to be in their way. This one of fire, they never feel quite peaceful. There is an odd sort of unrest crackling around them, an aura that heightens emotions that causes even the most stoic of creatures to break. On days where they survive rather than live, they stare at the ever burning fire they house in their bedroom and see the endless seas of nothing but flame and lava that they formed from. An entity ever warring with itself, too much alike to the internal anguish all of these immortal children face.

The one of Death, they have been alive since the first soul was snuffed out, the first human to wield the power of withering into nothingness, to always house a death rattle buried (much like a body in soft, pliant soil) in their lungs. They were formed from grief, from the first time light left a creature’s eyes. They are the seemingly unfair force that tips the scales back in the tug-of-war they seem to always be engaged in with life. Sometimes, though, they are the dark every sane creature should be afraid of, the dark that always takes too much, not leaving enough to even mourn properly. This one of death, they are never quite alive (as if that could be surprising, none of these immortals really are, but this child always seems so much more in their element, horrifyingly so). There is an odd tinge of darkness that clings to them, shadows playing the part of a familiar that sets people on edge enough to sometimes even drive these outsiders into a panic only sated by running as far away as possible as fast as possible. On days where they survive rather than live, they stare at nothing and see ghosts that no one else can. They see the countless amount of people who’s deaths they have witnessed. They see how much love and joy and hatred and sacrifice a life can hold, and wonder if their infinite existence will ever come to an end, as they have learned that everything is temporary, excluding death.

The one of Myth, they have been alive since the first thought was brought into existence, the first human to wield the power of ensnaring the mind and senses with their clever hands, to have a head full of stories yet to be told. They were formed from intelligence, from the desire to learn and love all things from the past. They are the pursuit of knowledge, ever keen and searching, but they are also the creatures of tales both tall and truthful, the monsters that hide under a bed and the ones that are said to protect the person lying in said bed. They are dreams and visions, ever warping time and space to see all of the past, present, and future. They are flickers of movement in the corner of an eye, something that could or couldn’t be. This one of myth, they are never quite there. There is an odd confusion that others can’t quite place around them, their brain fogging and turning them away. On days where they survive rather than live, they don’t see anything, but are thrown into vision after vision, suffering and crying and pleading because please this hurts so bad and it’s so harrowing that for days afterwards, they can barely function, left to sleep and never truly dream. 

The one of Life, they have been alive since the first beating heart and warm body, the first human to wield the power of rejuvenating healing, to hold something so fragile in their hands and not break it or themselves. They fix broken things even when they aren’t broken. They were formed from tentative breaths, always willing to serve in order to save others. They are the soft brush of bandage against wounded skin, the sharp sting of a needle. However, they are also the unfairness of continued existence where others have perished, they are the reason they and the other immortals must continue to survive. This one of life, they are never quite content. There is a calming way about them though, one that inspires others to take a deep breath and actually look at the world around them. On days where they survive rather than live, they stare at their own hands, seeing only skin and what it contains, feeling every knuckle and knowing that bone gives the solidity of their body. They see how much people have to work and want to live, and wonder how they live so infinitely if they only work.

The one of Balance, they have been alive since the first time justice was needed, the first human to wield the power of divine vengeance, to cling to their own sense of fairness, letting it dictate every action in the beginning. They were formed from crimes gone unpunished, the desperation to restore what was lost their sole motivator most times. They are the shield saving the innocent, the healing of wounds both physical and not. But they are also the sharp bang of the gavel, the wicked smile of a creature caught red handed. They are what keeps magic in place, what keeps the Spiral functioning. This one of balance, they are never quite whole. They have an aura that heightens the need to fight back, to make everything right in others’ perspectives, which is almost as unsettling as looking them in the eyes for too long. On days where they survive rather than live, they are blinded. 

They walk through the worlds, unknowing of their true purpose. 

Sometimes, they feel something so strongly it hurts. Anxiety, pensiveness, anger, fear, confusion, peace, or even the need for revenge.

They look around with bated breath, searching for something only found in their wildest dreams.

And find nothing.


and the things that I think what made it a surprisingly good movie. 

SPOILERS AHEAD and a really LONG post 

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i want the playable double

i want it so bad i can fUCKING TASTE IT

when ur reading something about anti-vaxxers by someone who is pro-vax, but they’re allistic and clueless so they say things like “oh im not saying autism is good, we all know autism is bad but -”

its like shut the fuck up. you wanna get angry at how much harm anti-vax causes kids? don’t forget how much harm that ideology causes autistic kids and that it gained traction because people hate autistics.

you can’t be like “uwu i’m agreeing w/ the anti vaxxers on autism but not everything else”. if you agree with them on autism you’re a terrible person and any pro-vax stuff writing you try to do is gonna fail because you concede the main point of their argument, which is that autistic people are less than human

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could you recommend some cool people to follow??♡

sure anonnie!! not sure if you’re looking for any type of blog in particular so i’ll try to categorize a bit (sorry if i sort anyone oddly, it’s basically just what i know you most by lol) ^^

@apgujeon @bwink @gotjhope @gukiee @cyyphr @kthish @yoonseok @beuits @hoseokxx @kths @jjks @yahjiminie @booptae @sweaterpawsjimin @jiminrolls @rapdaegu @bwiyomi @taeguk @bwiseoks @bwipsul @parkejimins @zutterv @yoonem @mvssmedia @femaleidols

gfx &/or fanart
@kassareo @shuaitofu @peacheschild @mewchim @rravenous @bloominflowers @calemiel @mangaetteok @yoongsins @seiyoko @mssuga @ttaewo @zotte @noxiim @87gloss @chimilkeu @kkumri @ask-bts-stuff 

other blogs/ppl i love!!
@pjxmin @jeondiary @silvertae @bfmoni @agu5td @crossfilth @mytaeddy @hobih @kimtahyung @1una @rosytaes @fluffyliontae @inlovewithkook @softminyg @dearkook @cypherslut @bfjoonie

im honestly forgetting so many wonderful people and i feel bad djfskdjf. check out my blogroll as well!!

answering asks!!

HEY HEY HEY thanks for sendin asks!! there were so many good ones, sorry i could only answer a handful! forgot mobile users cant see the faq. i’ll copypaste it in a post in a sec.

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the dads in this game are very cute but if im being honest i mostly got it so i could make a very gay trans dad u feel me

so here’s ahab (i literally only played like 10 minutes so idk how much room the game gives you for backstory beyond the late spouse stuff lmao) he’s a former model and currently owns a thrift store. he has bad memory problems and is also not very….smart…………..he’s got amanda’s bday tattooed on his arm so he never ever forgets it (its just kind of an arbitrary number cuz idk if she has a canon one) also in his post-modeling life he really values being able to look like an unattractive garbage can

idk who he’s gonna kiss i dont really have a preference lol (idek if im gonna draw more than this we’ll see)


quick summary of an au: the squipped group all stays in theatre, + michael joins, as a unifying extracurricular and they put on dear evan hansen as their senior spring musical

more info if u wanna know more?

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landofplagueandlullabies  asked:

just wanted you to know that ill support your art no matter what it is you draw!! im really grateful for the things youve made for our stuff on incorrectbnhaquotes and i just hope you have fun with whatever you do !!

Right now I’m trying to figure out which mod are you? I’m still confused with it sorry! <w>;;
And the pleasure was mine! Those posts are gold, I couldn’t help it, I simply had to draw it! ‘ ^’b
Btw I must not forget about the one I put a note on, must draw it too when I get in the mood (if no mood, i make bad stuff).

And I think I already planned some comics with Death The Kid… this character got so much going on… xD

Thanks for your support and I hope you have a great weekend~

I was tagged by @eatsjins (your tags are like 300% more interesting than mine, mine are basically all i love jin)

rules: write down the last 15 tags u associated with your bias 🌟

1. man knows how to kill a girl !!!!

2. he always makes me feel happy wtf 

3. oh my holy fuck

4. he’s so adorable I love him a lot 

5. I hate watching people eat but when it’s Jin it’s like my heart has 20 levels of love and Jin sits on all of them scoffing down a whole steak

6. his legs I want them ****** ** dead no I wanna hug him and tell him good job well done for working your ass off boy you have me shook I love 

7. jin should wear tanks all the time 

8. what a rood person I dont liek him arall

9. hot as shit bby 

10. how fall in love with Kim Seokjin: a guide 

11. bitch you’re already in love check yourself 

12. he could dislocate my shoulder and I wouldn’t be mad honestly 

13. all the feels and all the hearts I love this man like I need to breathe 

14. his voice is like fucking syrup slather me right tf up boi 

15. fam the things you do to me

I tag: @breadloafksj | @gwangjuhope | @nnamkook | @mochislips | @je0n | @jinsasleep | @lovhani

(ofc you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to)

Doing this made me realise that I am like 150% mush around anything Kim Seokjin

firelover0525  asked:

It's very exciting to see a new fe blog and I wish you the best of luck! Would it be alright to get some Kliff and Lukas hcs celebrating their s/o's late birthday? (Mine just passed) Feel free to ignore if you want.

ahh thank you so much!! also happy (late) birthday i hope your day was wonderful!! 💕💕 also i hope im understanding it correctly but as in late im assuming you mean that they are celebrating your birthday late if not please shoot me a message and tell me what you meant!! hope you like these.


  • Its not uncommon for Kliff to forget important dates. He’s just so bad at keeping track of dates and stuff, like sometimes he even forgets what day it is.
  • So when he forgets your birthday it’d be two days later and he immediately panics and feels awful. He calls himself an idiot multiple times and just wants to yell at himself for forgetting your birthday!!
  • Gray and Tobin would probably tease him and give him shit for it and which will just end up making him mad.
  • but don’t worry kliff will try to make it up to in way possible. he’d go out and buy you a few things and he’d attempt at making you a cake and kind of sort of failing at. and you’d probably end up walking in on his baking disaster and he explain himself.
  • He’d say, “Oh my gods ________, I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday. I tried making you cake but as you can I tell I completely failed at it…but I did buy you that outfit you wanted and those two books you were eyeing when we were in that town…” he’d mumble shyly as he went to go grab the things. His face would be dark red and he’d be sweating a little from how embarrassed he was.
  • he’d try to make it up to you in anyway and tell you that you can slap him for forgetting your birthday. he would always feel bad about it but you can bet that he won’t be forgetting your birthday any time soon!!


  • Lukas is very good at remembering things especially important dates.
  • so when he forgets your birthday he’d be so busy trying to train some of the new recruits and trying to keep Forsyth and Python in control. He’d be so overwhelmed and stressed trying to keep the Deliverance in check and making sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Python would remind him a day after your birthday had pass and he’d have a little smug smirk on his face and say, “Oui Lukas aren’t you forgetting something? A special little someone’s birthday has pass…can’t believe our favorite ginger forgot his partner’s birthday.” And lukas would suddenly remember what day it is but stay calm, “Ah, Python thank you for reminding me. I was so busy babysitting you and Forsyth that I had forgotten the date.” And he’d walk off leaving a laughing Python and Forsyth behind.
  • He’d wouldn’t freak out about it but he’d feel bad and tell you that he’s sorry for forgetting your birthday. He’d hope you understand that he’s been overwhelmed and just had forgotten what day it was and that he hopes you can forgive him.
  • He would go into town and buy you a bouquet of your favorite flowers and he had already bought you a necklace that you were eyeing in town a while back and he bought it not that long ago for your birthday and was planning on giving it you.
  • So he’d go find you and pull you aside away from everyone and tell you how sorry he is for forgetting your birthday and give you your gifts and he’d promises that once the war is over he will go and take you and him on a proper date.
  • He’d give you a kiss and spend the rest of the day with you doing whatever you wanted.

anonymous asked:

I'm so excited that you're writing for Still Star Crossed and Rosvolio now! You're one of my favorite writers! Do you have any fics recs for Rosvolio to read while I wait for your next one?

so okay like im gonna be totally honest here i have been REALLY WARY about reading fics in this fandom, because tbh when i first kinda got into the idea of writing it, i poked around a bit and found out that a lot of the really “popular” fics in the fandom just have characterizations that i dont agree with.

 i mean like, really ooc, and feature character bashing, and so and ive kinda not been reading a lot of fic so i dont accidentally pick up on terrible characterization!!

which means i am totally lacking on recs for you

the main rec i can give you is this masterpiece by @rosalinesbenvolios aka the person to blame for getting me to write fic for this ship,  the longest infinity is the best fic out there in the fandom i swear, like forget my stuff go read this

im not biased, tbh

she’s just that amazing

but like, just know if you follow me, any fic i reblog is guaranteed to have good characterization, like im not about to go recommend you things that are bad or feature character bashing, so ?? i’d say check my ssc tag?? 

i’ll try to read more and give you some good recs

in the meantime here are some authors that i may have read little things from or just like ?? know to trust because theyre fandom awesome, even if we havent interacted a bunch ?? or maybe i just know them from leaving awesome tags/comments on my fics when they reblog so i trust them ?? but they write rosvolio and i trust them and you probably can too





@rosalinesbenvolios (even tho she was mentioned above she needs to be mentioned again tbh)

honestly like ?? go read what these people wrote because theyre awesome!

(and if you havent go read my fic? i posted a new one this morning??) (i am also always open for prompts??)

so yeah? sorry i dont have more recs anon

but thank you for the kind message, im gonna drop this in the ship tag and hopefully other people can help you!!


i wont post this under a read-more because i do want you guys to read it. :/ kind of important in regards to me. but i’ll tag it accordingly

i apologize for the things i post on here sometimes. my mental health has really gone downhill in the past year and a bunch of new shit popped up for a bunch of reasons. my body image/dysmorphia problems led to anxiety, and anxiety lead to digestion problems and IBS lead to depression and MORE RESTRICTING and god so much more and its all a big shitfuck and AAAAAA ITS ALL CONNECTED !! i know a lot of you followed for cheery fandom posts and art, but sometimes i just post really dumb stuff. its just, blogging makes me feel better, and dw i AM slowly in the process of finding a therapist for my anxiety and other things so i dont have to throw it on to you guys, it’s just school makes it hard to do anything else, i have no time (and thats the root of my panic attacks). and yea i have a vent blog, but sometimes i forget to switch and it ends up on here which i try and delete fast as possible. (im really sorry)

 i have bad nights and it just drags into the next day and its suuuuch a slow process to get out of my state. so im real sorry again. im not very good at helping myself :( and i can never commit to chatting with people, im bad at replying, which is double worse because isn’t that how counseling works? lol.

so, thanks for reading, and if whatever i reblog or post makes you uncomfortable then please tell me and i’ll remove it immediately. anon is always open on my blog. and you’re always free to unfollow :’) you deserve a happy dash.  however try and refrain from sending me messages that you’re unfollowing… it doesn’t help my anxiety.

thanks for reading my sob post  i’m working on fixing myself and being better but it takes time.