im forever using that gif for everything

Sorry only Demisexuals and Nonbinary peeps allowed…lol
Yesterday I made about 8 different flags and these were the only two to be accepted. Probably because these flags aren’t the first thing to show up when you look up “lgbt flags”.

Also, I just want to put out my opinion on this. Animal Jam isn’t made to just to make kids happy but the parents too. And I can say with 100% certainty that if my parents knew about all the queer stuff we’ve been doing they wouldn’t let me anywhere near AJ

I know a lot of parents. And I live pretty close to ajhq. I feel like If ajhq kept letting us go on our merry way eventually some crazy parent would try to sue them because “THEY CLAIM TO BE THE SAFEST KIDS SITE BUT MY KID SAW A PAINTING OF TWO GIRLS KISSING??!!!” ajhq would loose A TON of income from frantic parents and, long story short, the site would be shutdown.

I know that all sounds crazy but I know the parents here and they’re crazy as bananas. Heck, This sudden crack down on lgbt subjects in aj could have been caused by complaining parents and if ajhq wants to stay a float they need to appear neutral. And that sucks. it really does.

Sorry if im being a downer but none of this has to stop us! We can always find loop holes around the chat system, we can make inconspicuous gay art. Unless ajhq plans to turn everything in Jamaa to greyscale there ain’t no stopping this queer train~