im fine i swear im fine

sunset-in-myveins  asked:

you've got to stay alive man. because what if it does get better and you're not there? what if the person you were supposed to meet and fall in love with ends up alone? or what if the amazing thing only you were supposed to make happen never does? what then? you're meant to stay alive the same way the world is meant to turn. you have a purpose. please don't let go of it.

I don’t know fren, I don’t know if I have a purpose, I don’t know if I’m meant to find someone, I don’t know if I would ever do something amazing.. those are big ifs

looking for new bloggus

my dash is super weird atm so please reblog/like if you post or reblog the following groups below and I will check out your blog! i know this is long but i am so trash rip
normal or pastel it ok i got sideblogs as well (i’ll be reblogging to my pastel & multifandom but i will be following you from this blog!)

(!) = very desperate for

  • wjsn/cosmic girls (!)
  • seventeen 
  • monsta x (!)
  • nct (u) (!)
  • toppdogg
  • 24k
  • gfriend
  • oh my girl (!)
  • history (!)
  • cross gene
  • IOI (!)
  • uniq 
  • up10tion (!)
  • knk (!)
  • teen top
  • aoa
  • bts
  • twice
  • map6 (!)
  • btob
  • red velvet
  • imfact (!)
  • and anything pastel (fashion, kpop etc.)

thank you!! : )