im finally finished

just when you thought things couldn’t get any better.

Good evening there, miss! Could you spare a few minutes of your time for me? I seem to have misplaced something very important, and no, this is no pickup line. If you find it for me, you have my eternal gratitude~☆

So I’ve been thinking, if Tao is pretty much okay with netizens in China, etc. (Except for for persistent years old antis) And Chinese fans won’t get confused or misled by translations, then wtf should I care what allkpop, koreaboo, and soompi post about Tao. They dont serve his target market anymore, so you could honestly post anything and it doesn’t matter bc he’s no longer a kpop idol and what kpop fans think doesn’t really affect his job in China. Okay, thought bubble closed.

After a seven month long journey, Passion Heaven/夏有乔木,雅望天堂 is finally fully translated! Thank you to everyone who’s been waiting for my translations patiently and sending me sweet messages (i sound like giving a thank you speech lol) So without further ado, if you haven’t read this novel yet, do it. I’m anticipating for Kris’ acting as Xia Mu and I hope it’s really going to be released this year. Okay, I’ll stop talking.

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A gift for united-states-of-wwhatevver for being generally an awesomazing person, friend and ridiculously talented writer like hoLY HEC K. Seriously go check out their work its BRILLIANT. This won’t be continued sadly and this isn’t currently part of the AU but w/e. Hope you all like it! 


So to promote the new Boruto movie, J-World in Tokyo has a Naruto themed haunted house + some tour of another Naruto attraction w/ a Sasuke or Naruto actor accompanying you from July 18 to August 31 idk my sister hasn’t read too much into the tour and what it is it yet. Luckily, we’ll be around Tokyo at that time, so I’m hoping to experience both of these attractions (╯✧∇✧)╯