im feeny

ACE ATTORNEY 6!! ACE ATTORNEY 6!!!!!! i know its another phoenix-centric game BUT PLEASE LET ME DREAM

okay so holy shit Girl Meets World is actually nailing it on the head in like many aspects like holy shit that was a deep episode and ugh it was so good so well written and so well thought out it set everything up so perfectly, we had an episode about death and how our significance in the world is so meaningless but the people around us make it meaningful and then corY CALLING FEENY IN THE END TO MAKE SURE HES OKAY LIKE MRS SVORSKI JUST DIED AND NOW HES SCARED SO HE HAS TO CHECK UP ON FEENY LIKE IM ACTUALLY CRYING IM SO PROUD OF THIS SERIES AND WHAT ITS DOING FOR THIS GENERATION AND TYING THINGS UP AND IN FOR THE BOY MEETS WORLD GEN AND THIS PREMIERE WEEK IS GONNA BE THE SHIT. phew.