im feeling very confident

qt pie for @reidaro

thanks again for the mount! ☁️☁️☁️


good ol’ hiphop monster fanart

like i want to travel the world so bad and go to all these amazing places, last night i was watching the hat films vlogs of when they went to thailand and my body ached with how much i just wanted to be there, i want to travel and i want to see the world

but i feel so cowardly because im not very confident. i dont know how to plan trips, i dont know how to book hotels, i dont know how to handle language barriers without getting consumed by anxiety 

i dont really know how to get over any of this. it feels impossible. im scared i’ll never travel and never truly be happy because i can’t get over myself.

uhhh… i deleted all my fucking drafts on here bc i honestly don’t have muse for any of them and i’m not gonna force myself to try to do them lmao. im not feeling very confident w/ my muses on here rn, so feel free to hmu on  @prettieboy  bc that’s basically my main blog for the moment.

How I get obsessed over a show (I’ve done this consistently enough to have a pattern now)
  • Step 1: I watch the pilot. Pretty much this goes one of two ways: "Huh this isn't bad" or "God damn it I've gotta watch every single one of these NOW"
  • Step 2: I watch the rest of the series.
  • Step 3: I rant about it on tumblr, like/reblog a bunch of posts, and save a ton of pictures to my phone.
  • Step 4: New facebook profile pic and/or my timeline.
  • Step 5: New iPhone wallpaper.
  • Step 6: I show it to my mom and she either goes "Meh" or "Em, I can't get sucked into another show" (the second one usually leads to her binge-ing it over the weekend).
  • Step 7: I start quoting the characters in common conversation.
  • Step 8: I start acting like one or more of the characters, even when nobody else is around.
  • Step 9: Depending on the level of my obsession I either start reading fanfiction, writing it, or (in rare cases) both.
  • Step 10: I eat a lot of fruit, berries, and nuts, build up my fat deposits, curl up in a cave, and hibernate until the next season is out.