im feeling really emotional right now

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Virgo drag from a Virgo sun/dom: We are perfect. Only to us. The only real emotion we feel is when we prove people wrong. We are literally born to be the worst kind of people, but we usually don't go that route. Also wtf, why can't we just marry ourselves?


That was like a nice drag/compliment… and I didn’t see Beyoncés name nowhere in sight. 👀 I like you Anon! 👏🏼

music stim things:

• bouncin on ur toes bc u cant dance but u Also cant Not Dance

• systematic tapping ur fingers and hands like ur really the song mixer and this is a launchpad video

• my Hands…………………. The Conductor

• i wasnt thinking the right thought at the right time when the song did the thing now i gotta start it all over

• my tongue got tired from secretly singing along Inside My Mouth

• im so full of emotions now??? just from hearing this one really good note??? my chest feels like really happy balloon now AaaaAAAAAA???

• when u got ur headphones in and it hits the Good Frequency™ and everything is just Fantastic

  • seokjin: you ever wanna talk about your emotions, yoongi?
  • yoongi: no.
  • namjoon: i do.
  • seokjin: i know, namjoon.
  • namjoon: i’m honestly feeling a little bit lost right now, like, what is the meaning of my life on this planet? am i really just one life among billions of others? does my presence on earth mean anything? i'm very confused.
  • seokjin: i know, namjoon.

its midnight and im so tired and i almost cried just thinking about this little headcanon… i headcanon that omnics have a tendency to say their emotional states out loud, be very open and honest about their feelings to the point of verbalizing them, because they don’t have human body language and facial expressions to imply them. plus they’re just kind of… shameless about emotion. when he first starts learning from zenyatta, genji finds that he’s never really been exposed to that kind of genuine emotion before. he nearly cries when he and zenyatta are meditating, and after a long while zenyatta hums thoughtfully and says “I am very pleased right now. I feel at peace when we are together… I am glad you are here.”

coming from a small company who barely had anything to becoming this big and successful. from having fansigns with 200 fans to having sold out concerts here in the us. from wearing fake brands to wearing real designed expensive clothing/accessories. from working their fucking asses off sacrificing part of their physical/mental health day and night to reach where they are now . it’s just so fucking amazing and impressive like they really did that it’s literally crazy. coming from a stan that watched them grow since debut like i can really see it, they really grew A LOT. i remember when the fandom was really that small and when i look at bts now and its just wow… i dont even know how to describe it myself imagine how they themselves are feeling right now. their hard work truly paid off im literally so so proud of them idk how to put it in any other words. 

me, after watching exo’s lotto x monster performance from last night

me, after seeing suho with black hair

me, after seeing kai practically NAKED, whilst sporting black hair

me, after realizing i exist at the same time as exo

these pics arent mine

Can’t Help Falling In Love. (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: im in love with the song, can’t stop falling in love by Haley Reinhart and was wondering if you could do a really cute but like emotional i guess imagine with bellamy please !! your writings are my favourite !! thank you xx

A\N: omg i listened to it and it was amazing :))) btw sorry if this is a bit long xoxo 

The golden glow of light rests on his freckled cheeks as you admire his fond smile, feeling his chest move with each soft breath he takes. You’ve been laying in his comfortable bed all morning. Surprisingly his mom hasn’t woken up yet and Octavia hasn’t bothered the two of you. "Everything’s so perfect right now.“ You whisper, running your hands over his chest gently and he hums in agreement. 

 "I know, I wish we could stay here forever.” He says, pulling you closely and placing his lips against your forehead in a chaste kiss. 

 "It’s a shame that’s just not how things are.“ You sigh, mumbling your words as you look up at him. 

 "Hey, don’t give me that look,” he tells you with a small, pitiful smile. He sits up and pulls you up with him, making sure you’re never without his touch. “Nothing will ever keep me from you. You know that." 

 "Then why do you never tell Aurora that I’m here?” You respond with a calm voice, knowing the answer. His mom has never liked you. She looks down on those who are privileged and even though Bellamy has learnt you’re nothing like your father -Marcus Kane- Aurora doesn’t trust you one bit, “I don’t fit in with your family. I barely even fit in with mine.” You try to laugh off the self deprecating words that tumble from your mouth but you can’t because what you’re saying is all too real.

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Is it alright if I ask for one about austism?

absolutely! ♡

disability au’s: autism!

  • “I speak really slow and I hate how I sound, so whenever I have a question in class you’ll ask it out loud for me no matter how stupid and people kinda laugh at you but you don’t mind and idk I might be in love with you”
  • “I have an intense interest in this one thing, I can’t help it, but I see you everyday practicing this thing and someday I swear I’m gonna compliment you on it" 
    • “looks like this day is today because oh shit here you come—turns out you noticed me practicing it too oops”
  • “everyone kind of made in known in the class/office that your autistic but it doesn’t mean shit because you’re the only one here who knows what the hell we’re doing so cmon u gotta help me out man”
  • “you’re usually quiet around here but turns out that you have a thing for helping teach people things and you get all chatty and excited and I think that’s really fucken cute idk”
  • “you’re not that great at understanding certain feelings but you know what, I’m not really in the mood for anyone trying to understand what I’m feeling right now so take a seat bud you’re cool”
  • “I like being a superhero because I can really connect and bond with people without actually talking to them and having them think im weird”
  • “emotions really aren’t your thing but are definitely mine so we have a good black/white, opposites attract relationship here I like it”
  • “you’re fascinated with my roller coaster of emotions and I like having you around to chill me out bc I’m a lil bit of a drama queen”
  • “your routine runs into mine on the way to work/school every day and i wasn’t there one day so you got a little upset at not seeing me as it turns out, and so the next day you waited for me just to make sure you didnt do anything wrong and idk thats super frickin cute to me—nono you totally didnt mess up, i thought i saw ice cube the other day so i totally had to get an autograph”

I’m so freaking proud of Taehyung and the things he’s acheiving and how unbelievably confident he’s getting. Being able to step out of his comfort zone and show us his many hidden talents from photography, drawing and making music makes my heart so warm. 4 o’clock is such an elegant song and the fact that he produced it himself with the help of Namjoon is incredible. His deep soulful voice suits this kind of song a lot and adds so much emotion even if you don’t know the lyrics, which btw are so alluring and deep and it really feels like he opened up to us, I still can’t get over the fact that he actually wrote it. Proud really is an understatement to what I’m feeling right now I just love him so much and really hope he continues to show us this side of him.

To all young mlm who are struggling right now: It will get better.

When I was 15 all I was able to feel about myself and my body was disgut. I was lost in an ocean of identities I couldn’t understand very well trying to find I place I belonged to. I used to think that my life was meaningless and that things would never go they way I wanted them. 

Now being 23, even if many things are still far from perfect, I’ve been finding new little things about the world and myself that have made me keep going. I’ve been able to find myself at peace with my identity and every day I get the feeling the time I have to spend in the closet is smaller and smaller.

I’m sure that if you keep going you will find lovely people that will adore every inch of your being and most importantly, I really hope, you will become one of them too. Because you are a brave young man that deserves the world.

Keep fighting <3

ive been watching the last few episodes of the office and im so fucking emotional thinking about how i moved across the fucking country because im in love! im so hopelessly and incredibly in love and it took ten fucking years of shitty relationships and terrible people and feeling like there was never really someone who understood me on this level or gave back GAVE BACK ALL THE LOVE I HAD TO GIVE AND APPRECIATED EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT and im here im fucking HERE and y’all whove been my friends from jump KNOW that this shit has been LONG COMING my GOD

the point is i love my boyfriend i love everything about Nikk and i thank god every day I GET ON MY KNEES AND MAKE DUAA because i prayed i fucking prayed for this man i said GOD? I KNOW YOU’RE UP THERE. please. please send me someone i deserve. send me someone who will love me. who will be patient with me. AND GUESS WHAT MIMI? HE DID.


(p.s. i am gross and hungover right now but im feeling very #emotional about marcus flint maybe being a sad secret werewolf who just???? really likes how oliver smells????? but he can’t TELL him that so he just. always has to fight him. always. in order to Get Close. because oliver Cannot Know about marcus’s sad secret werewolf powers. anyway i might write about that in a little bit it seemed relevant to your interests 💖💖)

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Is it common to to find yourself ugly and unattractive when you are first transitioning?? I think Im so used to myself being seen as attractive when I present as my assigned gender, and Im just adjusting, but I dont know. I feel fake or like a "tr*nstrender" or whatever...

It’s entirely common to feel this way at the beginning of your transition. There are a lot of changes happening, and you emotions are most likely all over the place at the moment. Also know that unless you’re taking hormones, none of this is permanent; if you find that this isn’t really who you are, that’s totally okay. You’re allowed to experiment and do what feels correct right now and decide later that it isn’t you. My advice: do what makes you comfortable for now, and if it changes later, that’s okay. You aren’t faking, and you aren’t a “transtrender” because that doesn’t really exist. People are allowed to experiment with their identities and find themselves. Life is a process, not a static thing.

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im really emotional righ now after reading so much support for Oikawa because ive seen so much SHIT about him on tumblr even people calling him TOXIC (like????) for all his past with tobio and i swear to god someday im just gonna fckng lost it I LOVE MY BOY (hes my fav and also i think we're really alike so im going crazy right now sorry bye)

me @ people who mischaracterize Oikawa

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I legit didn't know banana pizza was a thing. I just found out about it thanks to the submitted post and I honestly have no words to describe the myriads of emotions that I'm feeling right now. O.O PS. I love your art! <3

I know right??? Im stunned, sickened, curious, disturbed, and oddly wanting to try it just to try it omg

Thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me!! ;//v//;!!!

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did it go well?? i hope it did, im really happy for you right now. i've honestly been looking forward to it... you deserve it

thank you this is very nice to hear, hhhhh it was a pretty big emotional hurdle but i did was really hard at first but it went well, there was just xrays and a cleaning today and they talked about what actually needs to be done, for a dental surgeon and stuff

I think the hyyh era is special to all of us. It wasn’t only the era were Bangtan became more well known and made a name for themselves within the industry, but it’s where they discovered themselves as artists.

There’s so many good things that happened, they all wrote lyrics, Tae, Jungkook, Namjoon and Yoongi composed. Jungkook did so many covers for us, so did Jin, hope on the street was born, eat Jin was born, they got noticed by brands and endorsed them. They won first on a music show for the first time and went onto win 1st 10 times. They broke billboard records, they became friends with so many idols and idol groups. They made connections with people and overall they just improved so much.

Despite all of these amazing things that have happened, there’s one that’s much more important. The relationship that has been built between fan and singer, person and person, us and Bangtan, that’s something that’s so so so special. Today, listening to them perform in the Olympic gymnasium arena where they’ve wanted to perform for so long, I felt nothing but pride for them. I’m so proud of everything they’ve achieved to get to this point and boy did I sob because they worked from nothing to get to here. What I felt listening to them sing is an emotional experience that feels as though I know them personally, but I don’t. It’s so strange how the achievements of others can affect you so much, and I’m really proud to call myself an ARMY.

What they did on that stage tonight was absolutely incredible, so let’s reciprocate this by helping them win awards, shows and sending all of our love to them.


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i agree that keyleth's reaction was really shitty and unfair. it was a cruel reaction but it was a //reaction// that she'll prob regret later. like im not a vax/eth shipper or even keyleth's #1 fan but i think its unfair to expect her to be able to handle her emotions rationally given that 1)she has never really been able to do that and 2)she's grieving for so much right now. it sucks that they took away from a happy announcement, but idk feel too bad for them to be angry at them

i never said i expected her to react well and rationally. her reaction was a perfectly valid reaction but i’m the first person to criticize any and all character choices because i like the discussion. 

just like i think it’s kind of scummy of vex and percy to withhold the announcement of their marriage in the first place (but it’s kind of valid now because they obviously probably wouldn’t want to rub it in vax and keyleth’s face).

anything i post on this blog?? isn’t character hate. i love them all pretty much equally (scanlan, pike and grog have maybe a smidgen more of my bias but) i just like to analyze things. thats how i enjoy my content.