im fat

“Just exercise” “Don’t be lazy” “Everyone can do it, you just have to stick to it”

What part of a metabolic condition don’t you understand? I’m fat. I get it. But me and my doctors know what my lifestyle is, and how healthy I am.

“Think about your blood pressure and cholesterol!” 

As said by my doctor, its “textbook perfect”, your concern is just shaming me. 

As also said by her “you’re pretty much going to look at food and gain weight” 

I don’t have to match your definition of outwardly seeming healthy. 

If I went to the gym every day, for hours upon hours, I would be lucky to just maintain a steady weight. 

So no. Losing weight is not easy for ‘everyone’. 

Between 1 in 10 and 1 in 20 people with uteruses have PCOS. Many go undiagnosed. 

Not everyone fat is unhealthy. Not everyone skinny is healthy. 

Get the fuck out of my face with that assumption.