im famous yall

Christians who are also transphobes bother the heck out of me ‘cause it’s like aight so you believe in a giant man who looks like you (but you’ve never seen), and he controls everything with his magical powers but the mere thought of a scientifically backed transgender person, that’s what you’re skeptical about? leave my house

My hobbies include:

- watching gifs with subtitles at the bottom and trying to figure out what word the people are saying in the gif by reading their lips.

- looking for the [as] in the scenic commercials on adult swim and pausing the entire show (much to the dismay of others watching with me) until I find it, it took 10 minutes once.

- saying “kiss me on the lips you coward” to just about everyone, it hasn’t happened yet, you are all cowards.

- talking to plants, they are my only friends.

- drinking juice boxes and applying for jobs at the same time.

- probably picking lettuce out of the garden and eating it without washing it like a heathen.

- watching game show network whenever family feud or cash cab are on, no matter where I am, I will watch.

Fifth Harmony you sneaky little sh*ts

Camila - A part of Taylor’s squad and most importantly Selena’s (and Lauren’s) nugget + Ariana Grande + idek anymore

Ally - Friends with Scott aka Pentatonix (who sold more than Taylor on amazon js) + Jake Miller + Echosmith + Hoodie Allen + JLO!

Dinah - had dinner with Ciara and know hella lot of athletes + Zendaya +

Normani - Texts Mel B and Zendaya is in her squad

Lauren - Friends with future models, daughter grammy winner Carlos Vives and Este from Haim loves her and The Vamps … WHO AM I KIDDING SOMEONE HOOK HER UP WITH HAYLEY AND THE 1975

(feel free to help me add to this list)

Guys. What is going on
the google maps car drove past me twice last week and now the american idol bus just drove past me with their camera out
Both times looking like a slob walking my pup