im falling even more in love with her

aggressive reminder that there’s a quest in Fallout 3 (2008, Bethesda Softworks) to trick a slow 6-year-old girl into leaving the safety of her settlement so she can be fitted with an explosive collar and sold into slavery

this results in no karma loss

and the questgiver can sell you an asian sex slave who is one of the game’s only 2 female companions and only 3(iirc) major asian characters. oh and she calls her owner “daddy” and immediately falls in love with you when you buy her

im not fucking around y'all, i don’t ever want to hear anyone say fnv is more offensive than fo3 again, they’re not even comparable, this game is thoroughly revolting

im sorry but where’s my phantom production with a woman as the phantom????? Like everyone in the opera house assumes that the phantom is a guy, and madam giry goes along with it because it keeps the truth hidden. then!!!! the phantom hears christine singing one day and immediately falls in love and develops an obsession with this soprano who is beautiful and delicate and kind, all of the things the world has taught the phantom that she could never be because of her appearance.

Then, when the phantom reveals herself to christine it’s even more dramatic. raoul can’t understand how christine could attach herself to another woman and the phantom hates him even more for it but understands what’s best for christine in the end and it’s heartbreaking on sO MANY MORE LEVELS

also she would literally be the dark mysterious lady that the world has needed

•make it gayer

i dont wanna be extra but

ok so if it was never real…ever. Then, what if C was the only one falling in love? And L never wanted anything with C (which is not realistic bc if you like girls you would fall for C, like have you seen her?? shes dead gorgeous). So anyways.

Then this tweet would make sense (even more than it already does)

Bc she fell for her friend, but she rejected her.

And then this would also make more sense.

I randomly listened to this song today (its weird ik) and its like the lyrics have a new meaning now.

I mean, im trying to see things from C’s perspective or just trying to figure C out. But honestly i cant see C talking about love and relationships and associating other person to that other than L, its just, it doesn’t make sense. Like i DARE you to tell me ONE person that could be the person shes talked about (not exactly talk but you get it).


I’m a terrible mommy
My baby was really upset about going camping with her family and not being able to talk to mommy the whole time she was there and so she wanted to talk to me before she left but I kept falling asleep and forgot to reply. I feel so terrible. I didn’t get to tell my baby I love her before she left. But I’m gonna make it up to her and buy her lots of stuff she likes so she knows she’s loved by her mommy and that mommy missed her. Im gonna get her a lot of candy (which I’m not going to let her eat all at once of course) and I’m gonna buy her more stuffies and coloring books. I’ll probably even bake my baby cookies. And of course I will not forget to cuddle and kiss her a bunch. Any other ideas on what to get a her? I love her so much and when I woke up she messaged me saying she was leaving and that she loved me and I want to be able to show her I love her back in the only way I can when she gets back !

Even though he said he’d always love you it’s just not the same
because he might “love you” but he’s falling asleep thinking of someone else 
and writing her sleepy-eyed poetry when he wakes up
And it hits you that one day he’s going to tell her all the things he once told you
but they’ll mean more to you than they ever will to her 
Because she doesn’t know the way he gets too quiet when he’s about to cry or how much he likes goodnight kisses or how wonderful he looks in the mornings 
or how much you love him
And maybe you saw it coming 
but god damn does it hurt anyway
—  i think it will hurt like this forever

I remember back when I use to see Taylor at her shows , and I saw her play guitar and was just so enamored by her and how she plays. And wishing I could do that too , and never thinking I could play. Like no way. Like thats way to hard. But as I watched her more , and listened to her speeches . I decided to give it a try , and have been playing ever since my first try. Even when it got hard , and my fingers felt like they were about to fall off and bleed , she kept inspiring me and kept me motivated . So I just wanted to say, thank you Taylor for inspiring me all these years , as Im getting close to my 30’s now , I love you … @taylorswift

it’s when im staring at you and you look back at me with a smirk on your face and say “what?” followed by your little giggle. you wait patiently for me to reply even though it’s always the same “im just admiring my beautiful girl” i say. you stuff your face into your palms and turn a bright shade of red. the lighting in the room makes your eyes sparkle just a little more than usual and i find myself falling in love all over again.
we continue with our evening, you’re oblivious to the fact that my world turns with every beat of your heart.
—  im such a fool for you

i don’t know if anyone’s gonna read this but im going to say it anyways. i adored this girl with all my heart gave her my everything, loved her with everything i had, made sure she felt special every minute of the day just simply loved her. to me the word “love” is a very strong word and i loved that girl, she was my #1, she was my world, i couldn’t go a day without talking to her, her phone calls were my favorite, her voice her laugh, made me melt and fall in love with her even more , i guess you can say she has me wrapped around her finger, til this day she’s still my #1, i could never hate someone who made me happy like beyond happy even though it was all temporary, the laughs, smiles are gone now…the “i love you” are gone, the promises are gone, we promised to give each other the world, but she ended up shattering my world into a million pieces and ruined me, she fucking ruined me and ill never forgive her for that, i know i said that she’s still my #1 and that i can’t hate her ever, that was me talking about the old her, what type of person would i be if I didn’t hate her for ruining me? it’s been about a year now and im fucking broken, i can’t seem to find the old me, the one that was happy the one that was full of life, now im sad, depressed, feeling the world is against me, angry at everything and every one. i cry alot because i can’t believe i let a person get to me like this, she got the best of me and i was stupid enough to let her, she thinks a “sorry” can fix everything she did, all i get is a sorry ! A FUCKING SORRY!!!!!! how can someone ruin another person and just say “sorry” HOW ?!!! i gave her my all, and how could she have done this to me ? someone who loved her and appreciated her! that just comes to show that every “i love you” didn’t mean anything to her, and it took me so long to say it to someone she was the first girl i ever said “i love you” too and she took it for granted…and i hate myself now and she’s the reason why…and she’s all to blame for..