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You get to write 3x08 of Supergirl. You can do whatever you want with it and the writers have to make 3x01-3x07 lead up to it. What's your pitch?


ok so 3.08 starts off w maggie and alex and lena and kara having dinner together at a nice fancy restaurant. there’s laughter and banter and maggie’s giving lena this look w a smirk. lena stands to pay the bill, kara goes to the bathroom and maggie just turns to alex and is like ‘so, lena is gay and in love with your sister’ and alex just laughs and then is like ‘what?’ lena and kara come back, lena says something flirty to kara and maggie just smirks at alex. alex is shook.

NEXT SCENE the four of them are walking in the dark, the night is dark and brisk. maggie and alex walk with their arms linked, kara and lena hang back and stroll together. soft flirting is exchanged. they are soft gays. alex gets a call, her and kara go to the deo. maggie convinces lena to get a lift home on her motorbike.

j’onn gives them the details of their case - some alien perps using space technology. winn says is using the computer to track the heat signatures or some shit. he makes a comment about their double date. kara is blushed and flustered, alex is like ‘omg kara likes her too’. shook af. winn finds the alien perps.

kara is standing by alex’s locker as she gets into tactical gear, she’s saying how much she liked dinner and she’s glad maggie and alex get along w lena. alex puts an arm on kara’s shoulder and asks her if she has feeling for lena and that she can tell alex anything. kara gets angry, says she’s still mourning monel - she storms off

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE LESBIANS: maggie and lena are at lena’s office. lena apologises, saying she had to pick up something from work and that maggie can go, she’ll get her driver to pick her up. maggie says not to worry. lena offers maggie a drink. maggie accepts, but just a small one. the bitch is a responsible driver. lena pours a huge drink and sits down at her desk, looking at the file. maggie asks if everythings ok. lena opens up about her father’s estate, she has paperwork to go through about it. she talks about her shitty mom. maggie hesitates before telling her simply about her parents. lena nods in solidarity and pours her a bigger drink.

alex and kara do their mission, there’s a sick action scene, and at the end, alex - ever the big sister - questions kara about lena. kara gets super angry and flies off in a huff. j’onn raises his eyebrows, says something dadlike, like give her time and space to figure stuff out. alex sighs and says she knows, she’s just worried she’s rushing into things w a lena.

kara is at the place where monel got yeeted, the open field. she sits in the middle of it. she doesn’t cry though, she just sits hugging her knees staring at the stars. alex finds her there, and sits beside her, grumbling about being too old for sitting on the ground. ‘you don’t need to tell me anything’ alex says ‘but i want you to know that whenever youre ready to talk about anything, monel or lena or whatever it is, i’ll be here because i love you’ (kara hasnt spoken at all about monel up until this point, refusing to whenever someone tries to engage her in that conversation). kara turns to alex and she says ‘i thought i love him, but i…. i don’t miss him like i’m supposed to. i regret that i had to send him away, i regret that we didn’t get the time we were supposed to have together, but….. i don’t miss him’ and alex knows that kara doesnt need her to say anything to make it better. she just needs a hug. alex throws her arm around kara’s shoulder. kara sighs and leans into it. alex’s phone beeps and she opens a message and laughs. ‘let’s go get maggie from lena’s, those idiots’

CUTSMASH TO THE LESBIANS AGAIN. lena and maggie are having a dance party in lena’s office. grunge music is playing and theyre both super drunk. we’ve never seen lena like this. neither has maggie. lena trips over her own feet and lands on the floor, laughing. maggie drops down next to her, clutching a bottle of scotch, also laughing. she turns off the music. ‘so what’s the deal with you and little danvers’ maggie asks and lena’s like ‘is it that obvious’ and maggie’s all ‘lmao im a professional lesbian’ lena’s all soft and talks about how much she likes kara and how she’s an idiot for falling for a straight girl, even more so a fuckin super. maggie says dont count her out just yet, maggie’s seen the way kara looks at lena and it’s decidedly unstraight, and the fact that lena’s a luthor means shit all to kara. lena cries. maggie gives her the bottle.

nek minit, alex and kara turn up. ‘let’s go, drunky’ alex says, picking maggie up and leading her from the room. maggie hugs lena before she goes and is like ‘ur my best friend now im love u no homo’ alex offers to give lena a lift home too, but kara says she’ll sort it out.

after alex and maggie leave, kara picks up lena and puts her on the couch. she can see lena’s been crying and she asks what’s wrong. lena looks into kara’s eyes. her hair’s a mess and her eyes are bloodshot and she looks terrified.

‘i think im falling for you kara’. kara’s breath hitches and very very very slowly, lena leans in. kara is still. she doesn’t stop her. they kiss. it’s soft and tender with an air of passion that kara hasn’t felt in a long time. they pull apart. 

‘i’m sorry lena, i cant do this now. not yet’ she flies away, knowing she has to figure out her shit first.

back at alex’s alex is getting maggie into bed which is proving difficult. suddenly, kara’s in their living room and she’s teetering on the edge of breaking down and then alex catches her and she’s crying in her arms. maggie’s still drunk as a skunk but she grabs her phone and she texts lena and just goes ‘kara’s here. r u ok?’

and then cut to lena and she’s still alone in her office and drinking. she takes a deep breath and says ‘i will be’

end of episode.

Tiffany fan girling over Kendrick Lamar at Coachella on her instastory (instagram). She also posted this and said she’s in love. (cute!)

“U know ur obsessed…(even more) when you can’t fall asleep after..watching him live 😱listening to all his music till now. & now watching his interview on the album #DAMN im in…❤i mean inspired 😭😍”

skams third season has ended

we have to wait until the end of February / begin of March for new episodes so i wanted to make a list of what to watch next

there is simply no show like skam and we all have fallen in love with isak and even this season, their relationship is so important to me

being gay made it really hard to find representation in media so this post focuses on the happy and positive portrayal of lgb teenagers in movies and tv series

Obvious shows like the fosters, shameless, pll, the 100, skin, glee, degrassi, buffy… are excluded from this list, many of them are too well known already, not really happy or good

but im a cheerleader: 

this comedy from 1999 is about megan who gets send to conversation therapy by her concerned friends and parents, sound terrible but is acutally really funny and cute and has a happy ending, natasha lyonne (from oitnb) plays the lead, its definitely more artsy, not as realistic as skam

the way he looks:

a brazilian movie about the blind, gay, 16 year old leonardo who falls in love with gabriel, the movie deals with self acceptance, first love, blindness, friendship and is really relatable, one of my favorite movies

the get down:

a netflix show (by baz luhrmann and nas!!!! even would love that) about the beginnings of hip hip and rap, has the best story line, music, characters, the most amazing girl friendship and a gay/bi character in a interracial relationship, just watch it, will be worth it, literally one of the best shows of 2016 (also the second part of the first season airs soon)


a dutch coming out movie, Sieger meets Marc who becomes a member of his athletics team and they fall in love, really nice and realistic, i recommend this to everyone, i just love this movie so much


also a dutch movie, about an interracial lesbian relationship, seems nice and there was a good review of it but i didnt watch it yet so it may or may not be good or have a happy ending


got really popular on tumblr so you may know it, its a bout two gay teens who witness a triple homicide, its more of a crime but with gay main characters, based on a norwegian series, i also recommend that (its low budget and bad but i liked it)


2011 movie about a 17 year old African american lesbian, not completely happy end (still happy tho), cinematically good


a german road movie about two 14 year old boys, i loved the book and they finally made a movie!! one characters gay, doesnt really focus on that but its one of the only german movies with non-white gay character so yeah…

show me love:

swedish movie about two girls in love, it is the best teenage lesbian movie, omg i love this one

closet monster:

more like a horror movie, a bit confusing, about the gay teenager oscar, kinda happy ending?


2016 movie about an african american gay man, the movies is parted into three parts of his life, one is his teenage life, one of the best movies this year, 99% on rotten tomatoes

hidden kisses: 

about a 16 year old boy who falls in love with a class mate, they face a lot of bulling, may have a sad ending, i can´t find something about the end and i havent watch it

i killed my mother: 

a movie by xavier dolan, hes gay himself and play the main character kits about the main characters relationship with his mother and his boyfriend, i really recommend this 

just watch any movie by xavier dolan


a mexican movie about two men who were in love as kids and meet again as adults, has a 100% on rotten tomatoes

being 17:

french movie about an interracial relationship between two guys


in the second season the teenage daughter gets a girlfriend

in the flesh:

a zombie show, the main character is the pansexual kieren, this is one of the most beautful shows ive seen, i fell in love with it, but it git canceled way too soon

cucumber & banana: 

i watched this but i dont actually remember a lot, i think both center around the same group of lgbt characters, i belive its well made and good 

not so happy movies i wanted to include:

the summer of sanaile:
center of the world

movies that come out soon

simon vs the homosapiens agenda

heaters reboot with a black lesbian and a gender queer lead 

call me by your name

the miseducation of cameron post (movie adaption of the book, about a lesbian teenager)

as you are ( with amandla stenberg)

feel free to add more or to correct this if something is wrong

He did not mock Nina! He was just being honest with Nina(which is likeable) I think he didnt cared he is king or Nina is dragon at that moment, He brings up dance is that if they have a relationship that would be something like dance. From Charioce side he was being honest with himself and with Nina. Him bringing up dance is that implying “Even if Im a King, You are Dragon! But i care for you like that the things we did and as much as i dance with you! It doesnt really matter we are enemies!.

Dance was their genuine truth and bond!

Dance was the genuine bond that they held! And that was important for Charioce because he did not show genuine emotion for anyone! Because he do not show too much emotion for others! But Nina can do that for him! And they will develop more! Even if they did not met so many times! 

Show itself showing us that they have a special feelings for each other! If they do not develop relationship from now on I would be disappointed! Not because im fan of them! But it suited the story more! And if authors just get along with something like "Ah they are enemies, they are not gonna fall for each other,It is forbidden,Nina hates him, We re gonna suddenly Nina to fall in love Azazel,Bcuz he is right for him!And it would be waste for the story!Because they build up Charioce and Nina so well! Like what was the point of their meeting if they just pull something like "Nina to fall for Azazel suddenly dont care for Charioce” Even if Nina disliked Charioces doing does not mean she hates her! 

Now she is so conflicted right now! Because she is happy go lucky girl,But what she lacks is that she cannot see the bad and crueler sides,She cant face something like that! And now is the time that develop her as a character! The strong girl faces the so many sides of the world! Which is not perfect world! Nina saw Chris as a perfect guy! But now she knows that her perfect guy is not perfect not heavenly but that does not mean she cant love him! She will face the truth! Try to accept it! Accepting does not mean she is gonna abandon her love for Charioce and fall for Azazel. 

Developing her character does not mean she doesnt gonna face the truth and escape that cruel side and falling for the other nice guy! It is not development. it would be so childish! Her being face the truth and accepting things as it is really important for her! And for her love too! You cant just abandon your love just because he wasnt your ideal man like as it was! Escaping from that is that bit stupid! And story is gonna develop their relationship! I dont know what will happen to Charioce since he held forbidden power! But they will develop, they will face each other more! They are gonna accept it! They are gonna develop as a characters. And it is perfect for the story! and I really love it

Love and Peace! Guys! 

😬💕 Update !! Part 2 Meeting for the first time

“ Thursday morning ”
My moms girlfriend and I we’re texting each other since 4:45 am haha .. shes letting me know when shes at the airport .. boarding … landing .. getting a taxi and checking into her hotel .. she called me when she got to the hotel and I told her I was worried that my mom was going to leave home to get a few things and by the time she finishes she’d head straight to the airport which would ruin the surprise because her Gf was no longer there. My mom thinks she would be here at 2pm but she was actually there at 7:45am .. waiting for her room to be ready took awhile ..
We spoke for a bit then hung up
I tried stalling my mom telling her I’ll come with you but my Stomach hurts we have to wait a bit lol ….

Her girlfriend forwarded me a text saying .. this is what I sent your mom

Boo I’ll call you when I’m leaving the airport
Don’t leave your house until I call you because I just check my flight number on line and it said flight delayed I’m going to keep checking it
Maybe it’s a sign that I shouldn’t come
I’m so scared and nervous
I can’t breath properly

I was weeeeak af lmao . Knowing my mom she’s freaking out for sure so I ran upstairs to see if she got the text .. but I noticed the phone was on her bed , she didn’t see it 🙄 why ? Cause she’s in the middle room ironing pillow cases LMAOOOOO again. So i asked .. heyyyy have you heard anything yet ? She told me no and asked if I can bring her cell lol I stood right next to her and read the text for her. My moms facial expression totally changed and I was there like oh wowww. Aww don’t worry mommy I’m sure it’s just nerves , she wouldn’t not come..
Anyways lmao I went back downstairs and heard my mom say I have a headache I’m going to lay down

I texted her girlfriend and told her my mom went to her room she looks sad. She told me I’m on my way I’m literally 15 mins away. I checked on my mom and she was laying in the dark 😂 I asked if she needed anything .. water maybe ?

I got a text saying I’m here so I opened the patio door to let her in … I didn’t want her to buzz cause my mom will ask about it .. I opened the door but she wasn’t there … Was she lost ? I was freaking out cause my mom called my At the same time. I had to run my ass upstairs then back down to look outside lol. Finally the taxi pulled up my hand were sweating 😂… she got out n ran inside we hugged and quickly exchanged words .. how the heck am I gunna get my mom downstairs now ? .. I went to the stairs asking my mom for help i said the patio door came off the track ? Lmao it’s about to fall and break 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ .. I’m like really tho lol .. but she got out of bed .. I went up a few steps upstairs and the minute she stepped out of her room she started crying .. HOLY It caught me soooo off guard 😩😭 I wanted to pull out my camera. I was like oh shit why are you crying She said I feel like I’m losing my best friend .. I feel like she’s not coming to see me anymore I’ve been getting mixed messages for a couple days .. I love her so much .. she hugged me and cried even more. My face was blank Im was like omg no mommy don’t cry .. BUT can you come help me with this door thooooo
( she’s right there standing in the living room 😂 ) she kept trying to talk n I’m like ok yes yes we will talk about it after you help me with the door please it’s about to fall and break 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😭… we got downstairs, me a few steps ahead pretending the door was stuck or whatever the fuck. I turned around her gf was stand in the corner of the living room & my mom walking towards me … she noticed a pair of shoes and was like ……..? I walked away trying not to laugh .. as she turned around she screamed and started crying!! They ran to each other and hugged .. FUCK I started crying too !! 😂 shit i need some love too GAH DAMN ..

Soooooo My mom hasn’t been home since Thursday night .. it’s now. Saturday afternon 😏 .. lol .. her gf leaves tomorrow morning :( I wish I was able to capture the moment on camera it was truly amazing & to see my mom n her gf so happy after all those texts and video calls 💕 I’ll definitely keep you guys updated here and there

Ok byeeeee ☺️
Hopefully this makes sense lol i was rambling 😂


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Im looking for an olicity fic where oliver works at big belly burger. felicity gets a little mad that bbb is crowded but when she forgets something there oliver runs out to give it back to her. They then go on more dates. they fall in love even though his parents do everything they can to tear them apart, including getting them fired. olicity continues to be together bc they love on another


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JJ/Bella 23,27,31?

23. Who asks who out on the first date?

jj my god, he wasnt even tactful with it like they were hanging out and then he suddenly and very loudly proclaims “YOU SHOULD GO ON A DATE WITH ME”

bella doesnt even flinch she just keeps her eyes on her magazine and goes “yea ok sure im down” and jj falls more in love

27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower?

isabella takes hour long showers jj wonders what on earth she could be doing there


31. Who is more affectionate?

THEY BOTH ARE MY GOD, it doesnt matter where they are theyre always making googly eyes at each other and they always have some part of each other touching, whether its jj’s arm around bellas waist or theyre holding hands or one of bellas hands is on jj’s chest and thEY SWEET TALK LIKE MAD

Human!Aida/Ophelia Falling in Love with You

@gay-cacti asked:  hey babe it’s ur fave aida stan could you do some cute fluffy (*cough*andmaybesomensfw*cough*) headcannons for human!aida falling in love with you? thx b ❤️💙❤️💙❤️

I’m only doing this because I wuv you, you filthy Aida stan.

AU: Where Ophelia joins the team and is redeemed, also is not obsessed over Fitz because she got you ;)


Warning: NSFW in some parts. I shall also be referring to her as Ophelia instead of Aida if I keep getting more requests for her. >.> (im looking at u bae)

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Because I need this, can you do the RFA cuddling with MC? Please and thank you.

YAS cuddles are the best >~< ~~ mod stranger

Zen: he just LOVES cuddling and nose touches and just seeing your face in front of him in general. the more you push away the more he’ll cuddle you and you can’t resist THE BEAST

Yoosung: he loves spooning especially when you’ve just showered and he can smell the shampoo on your hair and he ALWAYS wants to be the big spoon

Jaehee: she’s not as into cuddling as everyone else is but there are times when she’ll just rest her head on your shoulder and when you put an arm around her or hold her close she feels all the comfort in the world

Jumin: he loves forehead kisses so much and having you fall asleep in his arms. He’ll even give you a forehead kiss once or twice throughout the day (more whenever you guys are alone together ;) ;) ) and that’s basically the signal to start cuddling

Seven: they’re more tickle fights than cuddles because he just loves hearing your laugh and when you decide to tickle him back he lets you and you guys are SO ADORABLE im sorry i love seven too much aaaahhh

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Single Dad!Leo if you're still doing the game?

  • proudest father of the cutest lil girl in the world. she’s his universe, his literal EVERYTHING 
  • takes like 20394833 videos of her singing along to the songs on music core and sometimes she’ll even ask him to play gr8u and sing along and it …… it makes leo’s heart swell. his lil angel gonna be an amazing vocalist just like her dad
  • she wanted to join the soccer team but the coach was like “it’s for boys” and leo started a damn near rIOT until they changed the rules and made it unisex 
  • and now leo frets over letting her play soccer because whaT if you gET HURT and she’s like dad!! don’t worry!!! im tougher than everyone out there!!! im strong like you!!!!
  • quiet leo? hell no. at his daughter’s games he’s sCREAMING his damn lungs out along with uncles ravi, hakyeon, and ken. 
  • if someone makes her cry. leo will probably need to be restrained by six or more people because he’s so so so protective of her
  • you meet leo at the parent-teacher conference because you’re schools librarian and like at first leo is like “my life surrounds my daughter. romance is in the past.” but then he sees the way his daughter like runs into your arms and the way she begs for you to read to her and it’s like he’s watching a scene from a heartwarming family movie
  • and when you look up and smile at him leo’s heart swells even more and he’s like ……………fuck im falling in love again
  • and it’s cute your daughter sees the way you turn red when leo keeps staring and she like whispers in your ear like : “you like my dad??” and you’re like ADFHEI what no and she grins and  scrunches up her nose like “yES YOU DO!!! you should write him a note and ask him to hold your hand!!!” and you’re like whhhhhhat no sweety-
  • but she like runs over and whispers into leo’s ear that you wanna hold his hand and leo’s like oh? how nice i want to “hold” their hand too
  • and it’s cute his daughter hooks you to up LOL
  • now you and him can both scream for her at her soccer games HEHEHE
Yesterday I learnt that my hamartia is that I will always love others more than they will ever love me, and that I will never love myself as much as I love others.

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What do you think of Mina and Tsuyu

mina is adorable but i wish there was more time spent on her. she still feels like the only underdeveloped Class A student in the series. but i love ditzy girl characters so she has a special place in my heart.

Tsuyu is probably my favorite girl character (im still split between her and ochako). her design is amazing, i adore her superhero costume and i love how she can be incredibly judgemental and dry. i actually remember falling in love with her when she started talking because she was just so…. weird. and she gets even better in the manga

Eh samurai jacks ending could have been better. Kinda sad the season lost its steam towards the end. Alongside that forced romance. I’m sorry I wanted more of a friendship/supporting each other thru each others own problems not the oh your the closest male and i guess i’ll fall in love with you over the span of like a week or something to help with the plot later in time.

 Oh Jack finally made it home to see his family again, naw you don’t get to see any of those reactions or how he lost all of his friends from the future just going to ignore those to be pushed to the side. The ending was bittersweet but more so for the fact ashi could have been so much more than a plot tool for jack.

great visuals and animations but such a lukewarm finale after such a great start. 

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Im confused I think im in love with my best friend we r both girls and I csnt stpp thinking about her she makes me so happy... Idk if its just a strong friend ship I dont think im attracted to her sexually.. but this feels way more than friends? Help?

i know less about how you feel than you do so like.. idk but like.. do you want to kiss her? do you want to hold her hand? do you want to go on a date with her? would you want to call her your girlfriend? do you find yourself simply admiring her? do you love the way she laughs? smiles? do you find yourself laughing at things she says even when they’re not that funny? would you like to fall asleep curled up together?

sex isn’t a necessary part of romantic love and like.. i know from personal experience that when i’m attracted to someone my desire to have sex with them isn’t like a constant thing most of the time i just think about how it would be to just Be with them you know? like have that freedom to show affection towards them and say cheesy things to them and touch them mostly.. just like hugging/holding hands/running my hands through their hair kinda thing. i usually don’t start out liking someone by thinking i’d like to have sex with them.. that happens after a while. sexual feelings aren’t a thing that everyone experiences the same way and how you experience them can also change throughout different times in your life and (in my experience) can even change depending on the person you’re attracted to.

and a lot of the time along with my attraction to them i can still hold strong feelings of friendship towards them. friendship can be a big part of being in love. in fact it’s a very good base to starting a relationship with someone bc you already know you get along with them just as they are.

so like idk. do you wanna know if you’re really in love with her or what to do with it if you are? IF you think you ARE in love with her… i’ve never been in love w/ anyone so idk on that front… i’ve confessed to two friends that i’ve had that i Liked them and neither of them returned those feelings but i wasn’t that hurt by it bc i wasn’t like.. that invested in the idea of Being with them and i was more invested in being their Friend first of all. so it was kind of easy to just slip back into being friends with them and i was able to let go of any notions of us becoming ~something more~ pretty quick.

idk if the consequences could be different if you’re actually really and truly In Love. could you handle the rejection? how quickly do you think you’d get over it? how do you think she’d react? what do you value more, your friendship or your possible relationship? if you think it wouldn’t change things too much, i think it would be good to tell her. if she feels the same way, then that’s great! if she doesn’t, than you can get over her.

idk that’s all i have to say reminders that i’ve literally never been in a relationship have never been in love and have like never had my feelings for someone reciprocated so like… i have no experience in these matters like at all lmao.. in the end you know how you’re feeling better than i ever could and even though feelings are confusing we can usually differentiate romantic from friendship so like.. just really reflect on all the ways you feel about her and make your decision from there?? idk

aggressive reminder that there’s a quest in Fallout 3 (2008, Bethesda Softworks) to trick a slow 6-year-old girl into leaving the safety of her settlement so she can be fitted with an explosive collar and sold into slavery

this results in no karma loss

and the questgiver can sell you an asian sex slave who is one of the game’s only 2 female companions and only 3(iirc) major asian characters. oh and she calls her owner “daddy” and immediately falls in love with you when you buy her

im not fucking around y'all, i don’t ever want to hear anyone say fnv is more offensive than fo3 again, they’re not even comparable, this game is thoroughly revolting

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i remember when i first stubbled on ur blog it was something ud written about gertjan about how u wanted both of u to be trees ur roots barely touching nd i found that really beautiful but i didnt completely understand it then im now falling in love with this girl nd ur writing makes sense. she doesnt know even im not sure what im feeling but id be more than happy to spend the rest of my life sitting next to her our sides grazing like whispers. we re all that matters idk if that made sense wtv

its so nice u remember that stupid thing i wrote. thank you so much for this message this is so beautiful, thank you x