im fairly proud

I’m trying to teach myself to use adobe illustrator. I was doodling while I was watching Fairly Odd Parents and Timmy was once again in a maid’s outfit, so this happened.

If I could do backgrounds then I would, but I can’t so I shan’t.

Finally picked up my tablet after 50 years haha (hence the shaky lines) but here’s a basic sketch thing of my MC, Xae, from @thearcanagame because it has honestly taken over my life. Go check it out! The art and storyline are like a+++!!!! Also lowkey think Nadia set the castle on fire but I still love her so its okay


“And then she told him of the princess whose heart had burned with wildfire, of the mighty kingdom in the north, of its downfall and of the sacrifice of Lady Marion. It was a very long story, and sometimes she grew quiet and cried — and during those times he leaned over to wipe away her tears.”

Heir of Fire (2016)