im fairly certain

anyways y’all messy “we gotta watch g*psy for representation cause its so rare” asses BETTER hop on the bold type ten minutes ago bc not only is it by far a more entertaining and quality story but i would for real eat my hat if there even exists one other example of a black woman and a proud muslim lesbian falling for each other im fairly certain these ladies are reinventing the term rare representation and thats jus the tea on that

ckay but when Anakin and Padmé are alone on Naboo who the HELL is doing that girl’s hair and wardrobe because half that shit would have to be sewn onto her body i stg like let’s just take a look shall we

we have this elephant trunk looking bun over here that’s like sewn together k how the fuck would she do that jfc and how would she tie that shit behind her neck i can’t even tie a fucking bikini and i don’t even wanna mention how she’s making that dress fucking levitate on her ass.

and here we have the front of her magic sunset dress; first, how the fuck is she not choking on that piece of metal shit tied onto her neck by a little string???????? and i would assume that it’s a little uncomfortable to have to keep your arms stuck to your sides so your fucking useless sleeves don’t fall down because they’re being held up by a piece of metal(????)

now this shit’s like a fucking net over here, i mean, look at this shit k its like half string. i can’t even wear those frayed skinny jeans without ripping a hole the size of Africa through the knee and she’s just like “hey boyfriend husband dude imma go to sleep not in my string sleeves goodnight babe” like??? how the fuck?? and i’m not sure how she didnt get strangled in her sleep because of all that neck shit going on. i cant fucking braid the back of my hair, how the hell does she have time for straightening that shit out and tying it and making it look all nice like idk maybe she was a fisherman/women whatever before she was the queen of i dont even know what.

and here is my personal favourite: the Space Dominatrix

so first of all, she gotta shimmy those leather sleeve things up to her armpits, then manage to look like a goddess instead of a sausage. she has to find some way to get that dress on which is fucking impossible because im fairly certain a long time ago that didnt have fucking zippers okay they can have blasters and lightsabers but zippers are a whole other level AND she magically has her boobs look amazing so idk maybe she got some force in her. after all that she has to get that kinky ass leather collar leash thing on and, again, not look like a sausage OR have it fall down like a fucking hula hoop. so now she’s walking around kicking this leash thing and hoping that she doesn’t fall on her perfect fucking face.

and this shit’s just fancy

im being completely serious though so lend me your ear *sets down suitcase and pulls some papers out*

1: hes named for drew davenport, very frequent yahoo answers contributor, drew davenport, as said by the mcelroys, is an extremely powerful being, so why wouldnt taz davenport be the same as well?

2: it would be the absolute biggest zag to have davenport be evil, like an evil red robe, thats where my theory lies, it would be boring for say the director to be evil, bad writing, but DAVENPORT…

3: im fairly certain the birds in maureens prophecy refer to the red robes, im still not sure how barry bluejeans fits into them, but davenport would cleanly fit into the role of “the wordless one” as he only ever says his own name

4: the director said that the tres horny boys are the only people ever to be able to resist the thrall of the relics, this is obviously because theyre red robes, HOWEVER!!! davenport is also capable of doing this: he is able to hold relics and look at them and not succumb to the thrall, which, as we know, is a red robe trait

thank you for your time *picks up my suitcase and leaves*

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okay so you know how Greed is Greed the Avaricious? does Envy have an extra name part too? I'm assuming it's a synonym for envy like how Greed's is. (envy is actually my fav Homunculus, below GreedLing)

I think it’s “Envy the Jealous”

That being said, Im like 85% certain that “[X] the [Y]” epithet used in the English dub is kind of a slant translation. All the Homunculi are called by the English word for their sin even in the original Japanese. I don’t know the exact phonetic spelling, but I think for example “Greed” is “Gurido” in the original Japanese.

So if you’re a Japanese fan, maybe your English is really fine-tuned and you know what all these English words are. But maybe a lot of people don’t. So I think when they say things like “Greed the Avaricious” in the English dub, the Japanese line is really “Gurido the [Japanese word for ‘Greed’]” clarifying the meaning of the English word Greed.

So it sometimes gets a little funny in the dub. Mustang has a line in ep 54 which is “Envy means jealousy right? That’s what your name means.” That sounds a bit obvious to English ears, but im fairly certain in Japanese, Mustang is clarifying what “Envy” means in Japanese.

I like the whole “Greed the Avaricious” “Gluttony the Voracious” “Pride the Arrogant” epithet they have going on in the dub tbh, it’s cool as hell. But I’m pretty certain it exists ONLY to fill in a slight dissonance with the Japanese original.

ok but YALL please look at this

look at their eyes. BUT WAIT THERES MORE.

you see that little blue berry and that cute little tie???? and the hair color?????

idk if this has been discussed i haven’t seen it anywhere, but im now fairly certain that julio is a fairy. But i mean ALSO doesnt the new fairy look a lot like a certain fairy who is most likely cure parfait?????

i smell discourse this season hoo boy

Disgusting - Star Wars

“COuld you do a reader x Cassian Andor one where they kiss for the first time?”

You hung upside down a foot above the jungle floor, a vine wrapped around your leg. Another vine tangled a wrist behind your back. You had felt your shoulder dislocate as you fell and it throbbed as you struggled to free yourself with no success. The blood rushing to your head was beginning to make you feel woozy. You froze when you heard footsteps approaching, fearing they belonged to the Imperial troops you had been tracking for the past few hours.

“You know…” A voice called out. “I may be wrong, but I believe you were supposed to be watching from the tree tops, not the bottoms.”

You recognized the voice. You looked up to see Cassian standing in front of you.

“Oh be quiet. I fell.”

He walked closer and pulled a knife from a boot, beginning to slice through the vines that ensnared you.

“The Imperial Squadron left. They took off ten minutes ago.” He spoke as he cut through another vine.

“Left? Did they find what they were looking for?”

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what do you think harry could improve with on his next album?

  • his lyrical repetition!!! it’s very noticeable across multiple songs (makes it easier to memorize the songs tho lmao)
  • his influences being borderline too obvious - he’s had this problem since 1d days and this can still be heavily worked on. influences are perfectly fine, but he doesn’t necessarily borderline copy but sometimes he deadass just sounds like he was writing a song for the artist he likes instead of himself if you know what i’m saying
  • more originality/creativity 
  • his slow songs go for too long sometimes, especially when they can also be so repetitive with lyrics and the music. it’s fine for a slower song to be long, but ones like esny and two ghosts get really close to boring. maybe switch it up with a bridge if he wants to do that length. you have to switch up longer songs, if it just sounds the same the whole time it gets farrrr too repetitive and boring. sott works bc of the adlibs at the ends and the crescendoing and the bridge - he doesn’t stay stagnant in it the way he does in some of his other songs.
  • take more risks musically like he did with carolina or kiwi or the opening of only angel or the duck sound in women
  • more bangers!! maybe even make them longer too. his voice fits the alt rock shit so well. altho mmith is amazing too
  • more strings/orchestration!!!!!!! the strings in ftdt were haunting and beautiful and added so much depth to it, despite being too short imo. like when he put orchestration into olivia for 1d. not every song needs it, but orchestration with music just gives it such a good flare and when done correctly it just elevates the song
  • the layered voice trick is cool, i’d love for him to do that on another song like he did with ftdt but be careful not to overdue that effect
  • he could make the next album more cohesive, but that doesn’t mean the eclectic nature of this album needs to be improved on - some of his songs go together (such as only angel, sott, and mmith) but it’s definitely eclectic. i’d be interested to see how he would approach a concept album tho
  • vocally he can take a lot more risks. he tends to use them in his live performances versus the album, but i think as he gets more comfortable in his voice and singing alone he can incorporate some of those adlibs into his vocals as he records them too
  • length wise, 10 songs was fine i actually preferred it. but i wouldn’t say no to an extended version as well
  • production wise was good too - this was an incredibly well produced album and his writing team was fine too. it was clear that he had a strong producer. when my dad was listening the first thing he asked me was who produced it bc of the high production level for it.
  • the way he wrote this album really seemed to work for him so following a similar route can work for his sophomore album - he clearly thrives on having a set small group to work with who understand what he’s going for
  • collabs
  • if he comes up with a good title, like pink, don’t destroy it for a less amazing title like he did with this one i mean ‘harry styles’ was an okay title but like… pink…. we were so close to GLORY
  • harry styles was a good first album. a really good first album. and it was a good album in general as well, but it’s not the most amazing thing. i love it dearly and listen to it all the time, but he can do better. and that’s not to slight the album for what it is either. it is an impressive first album.

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Ooooh, paint tool sai? Would you like to share your brushes? I really love your art, especially the brush you use for the lineart!


so i p much only use three brushes when i draw (one more being the default water tool for little layer effects and stuff)

my airbrush (i was absolutely convinced it was at the default settings; i was wrong) is a hard brush i use just to block colours in and stuffs and the lineart brush is some kind of mutation i somehow bred to be soft and squishy