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giorno “glamour” giovanna 

Abused Omega Headcanons

-Omegas that have been abused or taken advantage of by Alphas becoming extremely tense and paranoid before and during their heats. Staying safely locked in their homes, curled up in their nest and constantly worrying about a stranger Alpha catching their scent and finding a way in

-Omegas using suppressants and scent blockers to hide their dynamic because they think that being an Omega is what got them stuck with an abusive Alpha to begin with, so they slowly start to become bitter and resentful about their dynamic

-An Omega meeting with an Alpha for the first time since they got out of an abusive relationship and their Beta best friend being extremely protective. Insisting on chaperoning the first date, low-key rubbing their scent on the Omega and practically interrogating the Alpha all through dinner

-An Omega that was abused by an Alpha becoming very skittish around stranger Alphas and avoiding them whenever possible

-An Omega cleaning out their closet and panicking when they catch a hint of their past abuser’s scent, frantically digging until they pull out one of the Alpha’s old shirts, picking it up with shaky hands before rushing out to throw it in the dumpster. Opening up their bedroom windows to try and get every trace of the offending scent away from their room and more importantly, their nest

-An Omega that was abused feeling inexplicably anxious whenever they realize that they are becoming close to someone and therefore opening themselves up to be hurt or controlled again

-An Omega having a nightmare about their past abuser and feeling absolutely terrified of the restrictive arms wrapped around them until they slowly begin to register the calming scent and deep crooning that surrounds them and reminds them that they are free and safe and tucked warmly into bed with their new Alpha who has only ever treated them with love and kindness and they slowly fall back into a peaceful sleep

-An Omega struggling to trust people whose scents are at all similar to that of their past abuser’s

-Omegas that have been abused being extremely careful in their interactions with Alphas because they don’t want to give an Alpha any reason to pursue them or think they want attention from them

-An Omega that was once abused by an Alpha becoming paranoid about not only their own relationships but those of their Omega friends as well. Desperate to prevent anyone else going through what they went through

-An Omega that was once in an abusive relationship but now lives with a kind Alpha and feels terrible because they go through phases in which they feel the need to hide away and avoid the Alpha because they were so used to doing it before, the Alpha being very understanding and assuring the Omega that they will work through it over time

-An Omega being all settled with a book on the couch while their Alpha is on the phone working, the Alpha getting upset about something and their angry pheromones rolling off them in waves and the Omega knows that it isn’t directed at them but that doesn’t stop the stab of terror in their chest or the way they tumble off the couch and race to the nearest closet where they lock themselves in while struggling for air and trying to tune out the distant shouts of the angry Alpha that reminds them just a bit too much of past events…the Alpha finally ending their call and belatedly noticing the potent scent of fear in the air lessened only by the overwhelming stench of their own annoyance and frustration. Panicking slightly as they set off to find their Omega that they know reacts badly to anger because of their abusive past and feeling absolutely horrible when they hear the whimpering and choked sobs coming from behind the locked door. The rest of the night is spent apologising and crooning until they fall asleep on opposite sides of the door…the Alpha spends the next day coddling their Omega and reassuring them that they would never do anything to hurt them even if they get mad about something

-An Alpha platonically scenting their Omega friend when they go out places because the Omega was once abused by an Alpha and is now afraid of even being approached by one

-An Alpha being in love with their Omega best friend but not being able to do much about it because the Omega has been abused by Alphas before and is always very outspoken about how they will never want one now. So the Alpha focuses on being a good friend and providing support and comfort as the Omega works through their past, and eventually the Omega realizes that they’ve never felt a shred of fear when the other is around. The Omega timidly suggesting the idea of a relationship to the Alpha and promptly dissolving into tears as the Alpha sweeps them into a hug and tells them how much they’ve always loved them and sincerely promises to always make the Omega feel safe and protected

-An Omega being afraid of Alphas after getting out of an abusive relationship and begging their older Alpha sibling to go with them when they have to go out somewhere, the Alpha acting all reluctant but agreeing to accompany them…they had been secretly planing to follow their younger Omega sibling anyway, just to be safe…

-An Omega that was once abused by an Alpha and is now absolutely terrified of them, passing a group of them in a store and instantly getting all tense and distressed until another Omega walks up to them and gently leads them away from the now very antsy group of Alphas, all of which are resisting the urge to follow and comfort the distressed Omega

  • Jungkook: Jimin, it's not fair that you don't pay the rent!
  • Jimin: what are you-
  • Jungkook: I'm kidding, you don't have to pay if you live in my heart
  • Jimin:
  • Seokjin, drying his tears: I taught him well

this is one of my favourite spread so far!! orange you glad its orange hehe (!!! tried to make a pun & im failing terribly ;_;) anyways, mid-years are coming up!! good luck to everyone out there who is having exams!!! 🌻🌻 stay stress free yall!!


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