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So…spoilers for next chapter are out…

Night-eye may die and Mirio is suffering….*sips tea* …………. *continues sipping tea while looking at the beautiful view outside the window*

I’ve been roasting Zarkon for months but all he wanted to do was save his wife. He loved Honerva so much he risked everything for her and they both died in the process of thinking the quintessence would save her. Zarkon/Haggar was like the last thing I wanted to see happen in vld but they actually pulled it off and made their origin a spiral of tragedy. Their love was a catalyst for the hate that spread across the universe and when they woke up they weren’t at all who they once were. I’m not at all a fan of the whole “they literally turned evil” thing because of the corruption of the quintessence and shadows but holy shit they’ve been by each other’s side for 10k years and neither of them knew who they were to each other. Haggar was corrupted by quintessence in the pursuit of knowledge, Zarkon lost her and himself attempting to save her, and neither of them knew that everything that happened was because of Zarkon’s love for Honerva/Haggar. Their love doomed the universe what the fuck voltron what the fuck

okay no wait a minute

this makes perfect sense

youngest siblings tend to share a similar attitude in which they feel the need to over compensate in things such accomplishments and personality because they are always being over shadowed by older siblings
thats not to say that younger siblings aren’t accomplished
but its the fact that they’re always looking up to someone who is above them and might always get compared to that might make them subconsciously (or consciously) insecure
a lot of times younger siblings turn to things such a humor or some other way to get the attention that they feel they’re not getting because of their older siblings taking up the spotlight

this explains why lance is always trying to over compensate with comments and actions
this explains why he’s always the one cracking jokes and stepping into the center of attention
this explains why he craves a little more direct validation for his accomplishments
this explains why he feels that hes not anything special on the team


so uh, about aizawa,