im excited to marry her


tbch my girlfriend is the love of my life. im excited for her to come to perth in almost a month now! and to kiss her and hold her hand and make her feel loved and special and wanted she deserves it she really does. and im excited to be in the same place as her permanently (hopefully soon<3)!! im so excited!!!!! and i cant wait to marry her, and move in with her, and spend every night by her side, and get a dog with her, and do things together like cook dinner and eat and watch movies and go new and old places. I cant wait to show her where I live and have her meet my family and friends, and take her on dates!!!!!!!! and im excited to meet her family and friends too!!! and to see where she lives and all her favourite places!!!!!!!!! i love my girlfriend i love spending time with her and i love making her laugh and hearing her silly jokes. and i love growing with her, i know im a better person, and ive grown a lot since we started dating, and so has she and it makes me really happy!!!!!!!!! ahhHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM GAY!