im enjoying this a bit too much

a spideypool art in which deadpool is crushing harder than a teenage girl all because of that spidey laugh

and i might have tried a bit too hard on this who knows

a little close up because i enjoyed drawing them no matter what-



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Got7's reaction to you having bad migraines

M A R K ☆

Once Mark sees you curled up in a fetal position clutching your head and groaning in pain, Mark gets really worried. He would understand about your migraines and quickly hand you prescribed medicine. You would be whining about how much it hurts and he would run up and down his hand on your back, talking about other things to take your attention away from the pain.

J A E B U M ☆

Jaebum would be extremely protective when he sees the person he loves in pain. He would carefully pick you up and set you in bed as he quickly sets water and medicine on the desk next to you. He’d take you in his arms while he kisses you everywhere to distract you from your pain.

J A C K S O N ☆

Jackson would be freaking out all the way. He would sit you on his lap as he gave you medicine and water. He would kiss your head softly and snuggle his face onto the crook of his neck. Jackson would rock you slowly to calm you down. It hurt him to see you wince in pain because of your migraine and he would do anything to help you feel better.

J I N Y O U N G ☆

Jinyoung’s mom mode would be turned on once he sees you groaning in pain as you sit on the kitchen floor. He would pick you up and lay you on the couch as he places pillows and blankets all around you. Jinyoung would kiss your forehead softly as he set down medicine and tea for you. tbh Jinyoung is ideal if you’re actually dying.

Y O U N G J A E ☆

Youngjae would cry if he sees you cry from how painful your migraine is. This boy would be so lost on what to do, so basically medicine and cuddles are what he uses to heal you. If your pain was too much to the point where you didn’t want him to touch you, Youngjae would understand and give you warm milk as he talked softly about his day with Coco.

B A M B A M ☆

Bambam would freak out as well. I feel as if he would try to make you laugh so he could distract you from the pain. He’d side hug you as you rest your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes as you listen to him talk about whatever he and Yugyeom did that day. Bambam would kiss your temple as a way of ‘healing’ you, making sure you still feel loved even though you’re having a migraine.

Y U G Y E O M ☆

Yugyeom would be a mixture of all of them. He would go overboard with how many pillows and blankets you needed and make you a bit too much tea. Yugyeom would cuddle you after giving you medicine. He would pull you close and hum to you softly to distract you from the pain. Yugyeom would be a go to if you ever need some love when you have a migraine.


Thank you for this request!! I’m not familiar with migraines and if i got it wrong please forgive me ♡ anyways hope you enjoy this and don’t forget to send a request through messages! thank youuuu



So I was in algebra and it was the end of class, so I asked my teacher how his weekend was. He said it was great and asked me how was mine, to which I responded with, “I binge-watched my favorite show. I watched like two seasons.”

“Which show?”

I got really nervous because I’m worried about people knowing I watch it and kept darting around it. Eventually I just thought ‘Screw it’ and just said-

“Ah it was a Lego show…”


AND MY HEART WANTED TO DIE HE KNEW HE WATCHES IT- I SAID YEAH AND HE SAID “NINJAGO’S AWESOME!!! I watch it with my kid all the time- He loves it!!!”



BEST DAY EVER- My algebra teacher’s like 5'4, possibly nearing his late 30s, bald, very loud, talks really fast, and honestly is a bit scary since he can roast literally anyone he talks to but knowing that he watches it with his son makes me really happy.

sometimes social responsibility as any minority is too much and im tired and i just wanna live my life

SEVENTEEN : MTL to enjoy being teased by their S/O

I’m sooo sorry i forgot posting something yesterday but i has school till 6 PM and i fell asleep right away.
I hope you enjoy it sweetheart! And thank you!




Like i said before Mingyu is just a big switch. Teasing, overstimulation and edging are one of his favorite kinks so he is a professional when it comes to these things.

Joshua is just pure sub so anything where you have the upper hand gets him off. At first he was pretty weak and would reach his limits really fast but with time he got better and better and now he has a high stamina and wants to be wrecked asap.

The8 is just like Joshua. The small difference is that he also enjoys teasing you and seeing you squirm underneath him fuels a dark side of him.

I once said that Hoshi might not be into BDSM but that doesn’t mean he can’t get rough. He also is a switch but with more dom tendencies. He’d really enjoy you tracing his body with cold fingers and touching him lightly.

Seungkwan seems rather vanilla to me but he would really enjoy teasing with some twists. What you understand under twists is up to you.

Dk would be alot like Hoshi but he wouldn’t mind being tied to the bedpost. I don’t think he would have something against BDSM but he’d only enjoy it when you do it with teasing him.

I struggled with Vernon. I didn’t know where to place him. Soo i think he wouldn’t have something against teasing but not too much or it will make him angry?

Wonwoo would be cool with it but only with a bit of convincing. He seems like an open dom so he would try things you like and enjoy.

Woozi would be just like Wonwoo maybe a bit harder to convince.

Jeonghan would be quite skeptical about it. He seems like a dom to me and i can imagine him wanting to stay a dom. Maybe he’d let you ride you but not tease him.

While Jun is also rather open minded im these matters he wouldn’t enjoy you teasing him. But if you do it with bondage he’d maybe enjoy it?? Not sure about it.

S.coups wouldn’t enjoy it. He’d would always want to be the dom so i don’t think that you’ll be able to tease him. Even when you’re riding him he’d still control you.

Yellow Love

Summary: The deal is to make bamf!Dan Howell want to date Nerd!Phil. But how can he go through with it when Dan’s eyes are the colour of chocolate and he has a dimple that makes Phil’s knees weak? He decides he can’t go through with it because he’s too afraid of falling in love before Dan ever will. With a Christmassy twist at the end!
Word Count: 7448
Warnings: Cussing, smoking
Title creds: Yellow Love - Citizen
A/N: First of all I would very much like to thank my beta, @moonlitdan for betaing this for me! I don’t understand how she’s better at english than i am considering its her second language, but ilysm Mey and you’re a lifesaver. Secondly, as an admin of the Phanfiction Catalogue, we all decided to do our own little Secret Santa! So surprise, Nova ( @phanontour )! I’m your secret santa and here is an entire 7k of complete and utter fluff. c: Ily, enjoy xoxo Translations of the French is after the story, if i translated wrong then im sorry cuz i only took four years of french so i had to look up a few words ^_^

Read it on AO3


“I dare you to make Howell wanna date you.”

Phil sputtered, nearly choking on his school lunch (a bland chicken sandwich with too much ketchup to actually taste nice); his airway closed off a bit around the food as he tried to dislodge it from his throat, gasping for air while his friends slammed their fists on his back to help. “Excuse me?” Phil asked once he could properly breathe again, squinting at Chris with a discerning look.

Chris rolled his eyes, taking a bite of a chip before throwing it at Phil, watching as it landed in his cup of peaches. “You heard me, loser. I dared you to make Daniel Howell want to date Philip Lester.” He dragged out the names as if Phil was deaf, causing the latter to glare accusingly at his friend.

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I was thinking about Credence and books and?? I think at first he would go to the library because there’s so much but like. After he gets given his first book he realizes how much more he loves having his own copy.
So he starts buying them whenever possible. He mostly buys used books. At first just because they were cheaper, but he started noticing little things about the condition they were in. Little spots that were wrinkled from teardrops. A book with only one page dog eared- a favourite page or maybe it was only put down once. A poetry book with little notes pencilled into the margins.
He loves the way they feel well-loved and worn in. The novel with a confession of love neatly circled in pencil or the one that has little rips at the top of some pages as though the previous owner was too excited to turn the page.
New books are still wonderful and Credence will buy them when he can’t find what he’s looking for secondhand, he enjoys the smell and how the spine feels when you open it completely for the first time. But he loves the little stories and bits of history he finds in used books so much more.

svt reaction to you wanting to take care of them, when they’re injured

I think that they will react similiar, so im doing it this way. Hope you enjoy!

He will often tell you that its not necessary, he can take care of himself. Sometimes gets annoyed bc youre too caring, but he know that youre just worried. Little bit grateful, but dont really want to show it. - Jihoon, The8

He will enjoy it too much, sometimes being like “babe, i cant reach tv pilot” or “babe, feed me please, im injured and stuff”. Want SOOOOO MUCH attention. Thanking you everytime he can, and giving you a lot of kisses. - Jun, Mingyu, S.Coups, DK, Jeonghan, Hoshi

Become really soft. Not wanting you to being beside him all the time, bc you have youre things to do. Really thankful for every little thing. Sometimes even when he needs something, he will first try to do smth by himself, but if he fails, then will ask you for help - Joshua, Wonwoo, Vernon, Dino, Seungkwan

Send requests!

Originally posted by performanceunit

As you guys know, the party blog will be going on tomorrow!  I’ve had quite a few questions about it, so I’m going to go over a few things in detail.  

*Even if you’ve been to previous parties, please read the post guidelines portion.  It’s important in regards to helping us keep everything straight!

Where: @tortoise-partytime
Date: Saturday, 6/17
Time: Whenever I get up to whenever we get too burnt out.  Aiming to go all day.  Times are CST.  (Will probably not go into Sunday)

Party?  What party?

The party is over at my sideblog @tortoise-partytime.  There, you can interact with various Undertale/AU characters.  You can talk to them, try out pick-up lines or puns, engage them in casual rp, or even simply ask them questions if you want a quick, direct headcanon.  

Three of us answer asks on there– @asksansallthethings and @with-a-whisper will also be responding!  (*Provided nothing comes up)

This party is beach-themed.  

What characters will be there?

The various skelebros (UT/UF/US/SF/HT), as well as UT/UF Grillby, Gaster!Sans, and Gaster.  Burgerpants will still be there, but since it’s taking place at the MTT Beach Resort this time, he’ll be working.  Feel free to harass him. 

If there’s a character from an AU not listed, feel free to request it!  I’m familiar with most major ones, so I mean if Mob!Red or UF!Gaster is your jam instead, you can party with them all you want.  However, keep in mind that we may not do every AU, so have a back-up character listed in the same ask to ensure a quicker response.  

Do I show up as myself or…?

You can come as you are or show up as your OC–or another Undertale character if you’d like.  Heck, if you want to roleplay as one of the skelebros and give another character a hard time, I’m all for it.  I encourage fun and shenanigans.  

What if someone else is already interacting with the skelebro I want?

The characters are not locked into any one interaction!  Occasionally, they may reference what’s going on in the party, but that’s it.  If you want to interact with the characters while they’re talking to someone (i.e. you want to steal Robin from Red), that’s perfectly acceptable!  But you can have them independently, too.  I know Red and Stretch are usually popular during these.  

I can’t pick just one character to hang out with!

That’s perfectly fine!  If you want to have the skeles battle for your affections–or if you want to smooch all of them–you’re more than welcome.  You can even just be like “Oh, hey, I see Edge over there, bye!” and leave an interaction.  Just as the skelebros aren’t tethered to any one guest, you’re not obligated to stay with any one character, either.  

Is this SFW?

Yes, it is.  You can smooch the skeles all you want–I’m all for self-indulgence and wish fulfillment–and they may make dirty jokes and suggestive puns.  However, everything is still limited to SFW; I’ve noticed some of the guests that attend are on the younger side.  

Post Guidelines

The only things we absolutely want you to have in your posts is who you want to interact with, and some kind of identifying thing if you’re on anon.  A lot of people use symbols or emojis–or a name like “shy anon” or “sassy anon.”  

I have a notebook with everyone that’s interacted with the characters in the previous parties, but there are three of us responding.  So, if you tell us who you want–or if you just go greet the character–it helps tremendously.  

And, as stated above, you can even just say “Hey, Stretch, I love you!” or “Yo, Sans, what do you look for in a partner?”  It doesn’t even have to be rp interactions.  

If you’re feeling shy or anxious about sending in an ask, don’t worry!  Just post something like “I’d like to sit on the beach with Papyrus” and we’ll make it happen to ease you in.  Or you can just walk on the beach and put “(I like Burgerpants or Grillby)” at the end of it, and we’ll bring them to you.  


You can submit games, quizzes, and whatever else for people to enjoy while they wait.  We had a “what do the skelebros smell like” kinda deal going on last party, and I really liked it.  It was so much fun!  You can also submit pictures of your characters!  And, if your posts get a bit too long, you can submit them there, too.  Just keep in mind that we try to go quickly; all of this rp is casual.

I think tumblr ate my ask.

If you legitimately think that, instead of sending it again, please just IM tortoise-partytime and ask.  I’ll be happy to tell you if I see it.

Things to consider:

We get quite a few asks, so please be patient.  Honestly, the easiest way to see if your ask has been answered is to send it off anon so you get a notification.  That’s just my suggestion.  

If you follow my party blog, your dash will get spammed.  So only follow it at your own risk.  It’ll only be spam that day, of course, but still.  To avoid that, I often just have a party blog open in another tab and refresh it occasionally to check.  

I hope you guys have fun!


Hey~ I was your Secret Satan! :D

I don’t draw too much, so this was a learning process (still have a lot to learn tho) but I feel I did give my best! I hope you like it! :3

For better res:

Characters belong to @thisiskindagross

Heart attack;Jisung

Genre: fluff, tiny angst

Request: ayooo ~~ i wanna request fluffy jisung based on AOA’s Heart Attack??? - anon that talks too much

A/N: this didn’t go as well as i thought it would be but i hope you enjoy reading it!! tbh it’s actually quite bad?? omg im so sorry,, it’s been long since i actually wrote scenarios ahh


I’ve completely fallen for you

Your soft voice

I’ve fallen for it

I’m trembling

You held up your shaking and trembling hand hesitantly in front of you, your head shyly looking down as your eyes couldn’t finds its way to meet his. Cheeks flushed red, you bit your lips nervously as your heart stopped beating for second once you felt his warm palm holding yours.

“I’m Jisung if you didn’t know! It’s great being able to talk to you… finally haha”

His soft and soothing voice called out to you as he shook your hand, a slight tone of excitement ringing loudly in your ears. You bit your lower lip and lifted your head slightly to meet his eyes, a big smile on his face, a slight expression of anticipation as he waited for you to reply.

“Haha, of course i know you…”

You mentally slapped yourself after you realised what you said-you could’ve done better Y/N, why did you say that.

“Oh, it’s great to be your dance buddy, let’s have lots of fun together!”

You took his hand into yours hesitantly, trying your best not to give yourself away. You gave him a small smile, which he in return, let out a small giggle.

Your heart melted.

His voice itself could make you go weak, as tbe butterflies in your stomach churned and turned, and your whole body was shaking from the nervousness- all because of him. Only he had that power.

I totally understand how people fall in love at first sight

Now I know, the first time I saw you

You first saw him three years back, when you started taking up dance lessons as a hobby and something you do during your free time, despite you not being too interested in dancing. You were fascinated and entranced in his dancing, the way he’d always be so confident in every move he did, but change into a complete shy and awkward person after every performance. He attracted you.

You remember yourself going to dance lessons and dragging your lazy body out of the house just for the sake of seeing him every week, and as soon as you knew, you were more passionate in dancing, and started putting in more effort.

All for the sake of Park Jisung.

You’d notice how he’d always laugh and joke around with his friends in the dance room, and as time went by you noticed how you’d unknowingly smile too, as though he’s the only main source of your happiness. The sweet and sincere smile he’d always give you when he caught eye contact with you always made you flustered and nervous, and soon enough, you were madly in love with him.

Oh my, I keep getting a heart attack

The more I see you

My heart keeps pounding, I don’t know

It’s like a heart attack, what do I do?

I keep wanting to be in your arms, baby

“I’ll be coming in 10 minutes, wait for me alrights!” the boy on the other line of the phone called out to you, his flustered voice making you smile. You hummed in response and placed your phone in the small pouch slinged across your back, as you adjusted the side of the dress you bought and wore specially for today. Your heart was pumping against your chest so loudly, it felt as though it was going to pop up anytime.

Time passed quickly and as soon as you saw the familiar figure approaching you, your heart was at the top of your throat, as you tried your best to stay calm.

“I’m sorry i’m late! School ended late today,” Jisung said out to you, his hands rubbing the back of his neck, as he gave you an apologetic look.

Your hands reached up to tuck the strand of hair behind your ear, “Oh.. No, it’s okay!”

Jisung smiled again, then placed a hand on your shoulder, “You look really good by the way” as he moved his hand up to pat your head, then giving you a cheeky smile.

Your heartbeats resembled the sound of the hitting of the drums, and you tried your best not to fall right onto the ground from the happiness and content you were feeling. Keeping your cool, you playfully hit his hand, then giggled, “Thank you, you look good too hehe”

Jisung raised his eyebrows, and you saw his cheeks turn bright pink too, as he bent his head down slightly, hiding his face from you. He muttered a small ‘Thank you’ shyly, before he held your wrist gently, pulling you to the cafe he wanted to bring you to, the one he had been telling you about for the past two weeks.

Your first date with him, and he had already done so much.

Your heart couldn’t take it, it felt surreal.

“What about him do you like so much?”

My friends ask and I answer, “Don’t talk if you don’t know”

Your best friend gave you a big smirk, then snatched your phone away from your hands, which caused you to sprawl over her lap, in attempts to take your phone back.

“see you tomorrow cutie- are you going on a date with him, AGAIN?” she read out the text message on your phone, then cooed, “my girl’s all grown up now, she has a boyfriend, i’m proud of you, he just called you cutie omg??”

You couldn’t help but blush, as you smacked her hand lightly, “Shut up omg- GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE”

“you saved him with three heart emojis, i don’t think i even have one? wow Y/N, i thought i was more important than your boyfriend” she ignored your whines, then teased again.

“He’s not my boyfriend for goodness sake, we’re just really good friends.”

She raised her eyebrows then smirked, “Yeah sure, good friends go on dates all the time almost every week and call each other cute nicknames, how cute”

You ignored her words, then reached forward to grab your phone from her hand. You stucked out your tongue as you managed to take it away, and you smiled immediately after you saw the message he sent after- it was a text full of heart emojis.

“You do know you look crazy right now, right?”

“Stop it, i swear i’ll kill you if you say anything else-”

“Jisung probably wouldn’t like to see that”

Oh my prince, where are you looking?

I’m right here

You’re so handsome, I just need you

I can’t live without you

Your heart sank the moment he entered the dance studio, totally ignoring you and your presence. You had looked forward to celebrating your one month together, but for some reason Jisung had been ignoring every single one of your messages and calls, and thinking that he was busy, you didn’t let it bother you too much.

It was not until he talked and laughed happily with his friends, leaving you completely alone in the corner of the room, that made you feel worst- this was so unlike Jisung.

He’d normally greet you with a big hug or small peck on the forehead, and even offering to head down together for dance sessions. But today was different, on the date of your monthsary.

Jisung, what are you doing? Why are you acting like this?

This ruined your whole emotional state for the rest of the lesson, and you didn’t have the mood or motivation to do your steps properly. Jisung didn’t even look at you once, in contrast to you, where your eyes never left him at all.

“One, two- Y/N can you please do your steps properly, what is wrong with you today?” your instructor called out to you sternly, causing the others to turn to you.

So did Jisung.

Your eyes left his for a brief second, “I’m sorry- I’m just not in the right mind today” Your teacher shook her head and walked away to the other students without saying any other words, leaving you feeling sad and deeply affected.

Jisung wasn’t looking anymore.

You couldn’t take it anymore. Like a breeze, you sped out of the room as your tears fell down your cheeks. You heard someone call out your name from behind, and as soon as you know, Jisung was hugging you, his hand on the back of your head.

“I-I’m sorry my princess, did i go too far? I was actually planning for a surprise, i didn’t mean to actually hurt you, i’m so sorry i love you” Jisung blurted out to you, a shocked expression on his face, his eyes on the verge of tearing up too.

You stared at him in shock, then slightly hitting his chest as you let out another cry of relief.

“Yuta hyung said this would be a good idea- I didn’t mean this at all, i’m so sorry” he said out to you again, his hands now cupping your cheeks.

Your arms wrapped around his waist, your head resting on his shoulder, “Please don’t do this ever again, it’s the scariest thing ever.”

Jisung gave a small smile, then nodded, “I promise i won’t. Happy 1st month together by the way, i wanted to make it special so i tried coming up with a surprise which failed but know that i love you and i can never live without you.”

You giggled, “I thought you had forgotten” you paused, giving Jisung a look, “But i love you too, happy first month”

Jisung took your hand in his, then pulled you back to the room, “There’s a food party inside there right now, that was what i wanted to surprise you with, wanna go in?”

It’s time to playyyy– Smooch! That! Bird dude!

☆ Teba ☆

~ He’s not the one to show emotion very well but he really wanted his s/o to know how much they meant to him. He put his hand up to their face, gliding his thumb over their cheek  and pulled them in for a kiss. He was surprisingly gentle, trying not to press his beak too hard against their lips.

~ When he pulled away, he’d be a little flustered. (even warriors can get embarrassed!) Teba would avert his eyes and mumble something about how much he loved them. what a dork

☆ Kass ☆

~ He and his s/o had spent the day wandering Hyrule, preforming songs at local stables and towns, bringing the joy of music wherever they went. This day had been wonderful and he wanted to show them how much he enjoyed spending time with them. Kass put a hand to their chin, pulling them in for a kiss. He accidentally put a little too much pout into it, he was actually quite nervous to kiss them! But after a few seconds he’d relax a little bit, running his hand through their hair.

~ When they separated he’d lay his forehead against theirs. He wished they could stay like that forever.

Day 4: Matthew

This boy is an energetic ball of sunshine, so of course I had to draw him smiling! Enjoy it while we can…

poruchik-logy  asked:

thank you so much for this blog, u, guys, doin a great job ! i wish the best for you!:3 can i ask about your favorite characters and ships? (sorry if somebody asked already) another fandoms that you like? p.s. i'm shocked a bit that both of you are so mature q_q

My fave non-canon ship is Dean and Seamus; my fave canon ship is Aberforth and his goat.

I’m not much into fandom shit, but I do enjoy the show Criminal Minds, professional wrestling, and heavy metal music. ~Taiga

but my fave HP ship of all time is Sirius and Lily the end. 



Genre: Fluff/a little bit of angst at some parts ~

Request: hi can i request a dating mark scenario based on the song Galaxy by Bolbbalgan4?im the anon who requested soulmate!mark:)) thank you so much!

A/N: Tbh i just listened to this song when i was writing this but it’s so great , shoutout to the anon for introducing this song to me , it’s legit the bomb ( and i listened to their other songs too ) . This is the first time i’m writing something like that so thanks for requesting , enjoy reading ~


It seems I drank a lot of coffee

my heart’s beating fast

and I can’t sleep

after a while when the stars come

I won’t be able to sleep again

You laid in bed , trying to fight the aching pain inside your head . You curled your body up together , wrapping your blanket around your body .

Every night was the same , you had trouble going to sleep and your thoughts ran wild . It has been like that since last year , and when everyone else was sleeping soundly at night , you dreaded going to bed - it was always the time of the day where your emotions and thoughts took over your body , and you hated it .

You took deep and big breaths , inhaling and exhaling as you calmed yourself and your body down , relaying the message in your head over and over again ,

He’ll be back soon , you’ll wake up in his arms , you’ll be alright .

When the day breaks

I’ll sleep by your side again

I think I become an angel

when I sleep in your arms

His arms wrapped around your body tightly , the heavy weight of his head resting on top of yours . You smiled as you stayed in the comfortable position , the one that never failed to calm you down .

“ You’re up baby , i’m glad you managed to go to sleep without me yesterday , i’m sorry , i got too caught up in practice last night i came home late . ” his calm morning voice said out , his hands rubbing your back in a circular motion .

Smiling , you looked up to him and gave him a small kiss on his nose , “ It’s okay Mark , as long as you’re here with me ”

No matter how tired he was , he always made it back to your apartment to hug you to sleep because he was the only one capable of making you sleep so calmly and easily , and he didn’t want to see you suffering trying to sleep on your own .

He accepted you for you are , your flaws and everything else ,

he treated you like you were an angel , his angel .


Like a star, like falling rain

you shine, I want to have you

Get ma mind

even if I just use my thumb and index finger

I express how I feel very well

I’m eager to be with you

so I haven’t been that nervous

Grabbing onto your VIP pass , you made your way to the special seats reserved just for all of you .

Mark’s family sat beside you , and you bowed to them , smiling and making them feel comfortable . You held his mother’s hand nervously as you saw the lights go out , thousands of fans screaming and cheering .

Spotlights shined on the 17 boys on stage , as they moved their bodies to rhythm of the music , not making a single mistake . Your eyes shifted to the young boy in the middle , rapping and showing off his dance skills - the one he had been training so many years for . You smiled brightly when the lights all shone on him , the center of the stage . His sharp and strong gaze on stage made you blush , since he was always smiling and laughing when the both of you were together . He was a different person on stage and you loved it .

“ You did so great baby , i’m so so proud of you , ” you called out to him . A towel was hanging loosely around his neck and he was sweating , but nevertheless , you still pulled him into a hug , as he tried to catch his breath .

“ Thanks love , i was so nervous just now . ” he said out , wiping the sweat away from his face . You grabbed the bottle of water from your hands and passed it to him .

“ You were shining on stage and it felt so good to know that Mark Lee , whom thousands other were screaming over just now , is mine . I must be blessed ” you teased him . He laughed and kissed you lightly on your forehead ,

“ No , i am blessed .”


when I’m ready

like a satellite that’s been launched

I’ll spin around you

if I get closer

would you hold

this tremor

Your eyes were glued to the screen , as you scrolled through the long list of negative comments . You knew reading them would only cause you more harm and you wanted to stop , but you couldn’t .

You cried once again , as the words and comments made by them sent spikes to your heart . You were innocent , you did nothing wrong . Only that you wanted to be with the one you loved , why did you have to suffer that much ?

By the time he reached your apartment , you were already shaking from your cries , unable to stop .

“ Babe .. Have you been reading those comments on our relationship again ..? ” he asked worriedly yet hesistantly , holding you in his arms . You could tell he was already on the verge of crying , as tears were already forming up in his eyes , but he held them back since he didn’t want you to break down even more .

Not answering him , you cried on his shoulder , your tears staining his shirt . “ I-I’m sorry i had to ruin your idol status just like that .. I’m sorry Mark ” you said out to him , crying even harder .

His tears fell down his cheek slowly , as his closed his eyes and pat your head with his hand , “ Don’t say that Y/N ”

Mark had accidentally revealed the relationship in an interview , and instead of having supportive fans , most of them made nasty comments to you , insulting you and commenting on your social media platforms , asking you to break up with him . None of them took into consideration that the both of you have been dating for a year already , making it seem like breaking up was an easy task .

His warm voice rang through your ears once again , this time in a more serious and sincere tone ,

“ We’ll get through this together baby , i’m willing to suffer just for us . ”


Yesterday I was in a really good mood

I carved your name

on the planet I passed by

after a while when the stars come

that star shines the brightest

He stared at you lovingly , as though he was looking at you for the first time . His eyes never left you once , apart from when he was checking if there were any fans around that were following .

You smiled at him and held his hand tightly , as the both of you made your way to the tower .

“ OMG MARK AND Y/N !! Can i take a photo with the both of you , y'all are so cute together ” the young girl infront of you screamed as she held out her phone , trying to catch her breath .

Mark smiled at her and said , “ Sure , yes , thanks for supporting us ! ” The three of you smiled for the picture , and bid the girl goodbye .

Soon enough , the people around you noticed the commotion and started snapping pictures , and you could hear people shouting ,

“ I hope both of you last forever , i love you all !! ”

“ Mark oppa , i love you and NCT , you and Y/N are cute together ! ”

The both of you smiled at their words , as you bowed and made your way to the destination .

You smiled brightly as you saw what Mark had written on the locks before he put it on the tower ,

“ To my one and only Y/N - my love for you would never fade away , and how your smile always brightens up my day like a star , i love you lots ”


Cause I’m a pilot anywhere

Cause I’m your pilot, by your side

I’ll pluck those stars

and give them to you, my Galaxy

The two of you sat under the bridge of the park the both of you loved to go to when you wanted some time alone , taking in the fresh air from the surroundings around you .

You laid on his shoulder , closing your eyes . He wrapped his arms around your shoulder and removed his mask to kiss your forehead .

“ Happy 1 and a half years together baby , you’re everything to me . ”

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Can you tell us your preferece vs canon anyway? Id really like to hear it! (You got me into Mercy x Tracer and i loveeee!!!)

i’m glad you love them too! <3 and for sure! tbh, i tend to like things that are unpopular as heckie and i just happened to fall into speedy recovery because of how much i enjoyed tracer and mercy as characters. and then it spiraled into headcanons and then how they complement each other and all the fluff and the anGSTT. troubled doctor, becoming cynical of the world, losing sight of her initial purpose and then there’s lena zippin in with her adorable quirks and chirps and optimism im not crYINnG. i do perceive mercy and tracer a bit differently from fandom, so no biggie if people are confused by it lol

vs canon, i have nothing against emily ofc. i just feel like their wasn’t a lot of background or official content for her that really made her interesting to me, y’know? it’s also a bummer that she’s an npc, so we don’t get to see any sort of dialogue exchange between characters in game. other than that, her and tracer were hella cute in the comic!

wait –who’s gengi?

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do you sell your art anywhere? (btw your art is so beautiful like wtf did you sell your soul or something. people dont just achieve that level of artness your art is sO GOOD IM AAAAAA HOW WTF I LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH *SCREAMS*)

not at the moment, but im currently working on setting up commissions and possibly a redbubble and drawing sth to sell there !! ill probs let u guys know if or when i do ✌️️✨

(also thank u so much for ur kind words!!! 💖 have a nice day bud!)

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Consenticles killed me oml that's so damn funny Im dead haha! ALSO I read all of your tentacle works yes I should have been asleep but regrettably I was not able to put my phone down so I just read all of it because after that first one there was A MIGHTY THIRST! AND YES! I VERY MUCH LIKE YOUR WORK from the little bit I've read anyways so I'm glad you enjoyed the ask you deserve to know your writing is appreciated and very much enjoyed! I really like your portrayal of sephiroth too <3

Adskfdsfksfhaskdska I cannot hold all of these compliments??? (๑•̥̥̥́ω•̀ू๑)

I’m really glad you’ve been enjoying the fic!! And that you like my Sephiroth, in all his various incarnations. It’s just so much fun to see all the different ways he could potentially be characterised… so many ‘what if’s and ‘if only’s. x3

Thanks for reading and leaving so many nice messages! :3

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Not gonna lie, when I saw your Luna daughter of Poseidon aesthetic I cried a little bit bc I lOVE Greek mythology with a burning passion, and this made me wonder, if the Chocobros (and others, if it's not too much) were demigods, who do you think their godly parent would be?

Hehehe I’m currently working on those now anon friend <3 :D


Anyway, Prompto’s should be up momentarily <3

I’m glad you enjoyed the Luna one! These are so much fun to do. Even though the perfectionist from within me is killing me ahahahah