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Leaf Pile

Prompts: “Do you think it would be acceptable to jump in a pile of leaves right now?” “Its always acceptable" 

Characters: Young Remus Lupin x reader

Gender: Any/Neutral    Triggers: None

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Faceclaim - Andrew Garfield as young Remus Lupin

You smiled contently as you walked down the leaf covered courtyard at Hogwarts. As you stared across the way at the swaying willow tree. You wondered if it preferred not having leaves, or if it liked the summer more than autumn. Looking around, you got lost in your own thoughts, failing to notice the boy walking up behind you. 

Smiling at you he admired you for a moment before leaning down and trying to look at whatever you were so fascinated by. Seeing your line of sight going to nothing specific, he spoke quietly into your ear “What are you looking at?”

Jumping at the sudden voice so close to you, you spun around, immediately smiling at the boy “Remus, you scared me”

“Yes, I noticed” he said fondly

You playfully glared at him before answering his question “I was looking at the sky” you said turning to where you were looking before.

Remus looked to the sky as well, noticing the nice haze that developed in the now darkening sky “Looks nice”

You smiled “I think it’s beautiful”

Looking down at you he smiled fondly at you before speaking again “Ready to go get dinner?”

Turning you nodded your head “Yes”

Reaching out his hand you took it and began walking with him towards the great hall. As you started nearing the entrance you noticed a large pile of autumn leaves next to the corridor. 

Stopping abruptly, Remus looked down at you curiously “What’s wrong?”

After a moment of silence you spoke with a serious tone in your voice Do you think it would be acceptable to jump in a pile of leaves right now?“

Looking over at the pile of leaves your eyes were glued to he let out a chuckle “It’s always acceptable”

You smiled at him before suddenly running towards the pile of leaves and throwing yourself into them. As your body completely disappeared Remus let out another laugh. 

“Remus!” you heard from outside the leaves. Remus turned seeing Sirius and James walking towards him “What’s taking you so long? Where’s y/n?” Sirius asked while looking around.

Remus smiled at them before pointing to the pile of leaves. As the others looked over they were curious as they didn’t see anything. Suddenly your hand popped out of the leaves and moved in a waving motion “Hi boys” 

As all three boys laughed you unburied yourself. Standing up you looked down at your body, and brushed off all the leaves. Remus continued chuckling as he walked forward pulling a leaf from your hair. Looking into your eyes he shook his head slightly “I love you”

You smiled brightly at him “I know” you said before grabbing him and pushing him into the pile of leaves. As he let out a quiet yelp you and the other two boys began laughing. 

As Remus’s head popped out you giggled while covering your face. Glaring at you he spoke with a hint of amusement in his voice “I take it back”

James walked forward and helped Remus up “You picked a great one didn’t you Remus?” he said looking over at you. You stuck your tongue out at him, which he quickly returned.

Remus quickly scooped you up in his arms. Letting out a light squeal you wrapped your arms around his neck as he carried you toward the doors. Putting you down right before you entered his took your hand in his again before kissing you quickly on the forehead. Smiling contently you entered the loud great hall, walking with your best friends and boyfriend to your usual seats.

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I’ve come to expect it, when being in company with strangers at uni or work  or whatever to just wait for the harmful joke/comment. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt/approach people with a positive attitude when getting to know them?? but part of me waits… and there it is, they did it. Im just like wow thats kinda uncool and nasty and the other half is sliding across the field on my knees with finger pistols in the air going “SHE SHOOTS. SHE SCORES. GOOOOOOOAL”.