im eight

things hayley “actual goddess of the heavens” kiyoko does in concert:

  • dances. like, the way she does in her music videos.
    • spoiler alert: it’s really really adorable and hot at the same time
    • finger guns
  • a really fucking attractive thing where she raises her arms up like she is the ultimate queen
  • gives heartfelt little speeches about being gay and what songs mean to her and makes the audience tear up
  • if a person in the audience gives her a rainbow flag, she’ll WAVE that fucking rainbow flag!!!!
  • she’s so fucking humble and grateful and so so sweet
    • like she thanks us all for coming and says we’re the ones fulfilling her dreams instead of the other!! way!! around!!!
  • sticks her tongue out while she dances
    • honestly just. fuck me up.
  • does that adorable little dance move where she like jumps in place!! i don’t even know how that’s cute but it is!!
  • is generally the hottest person in the universe and knows that every person in the audience wants to kiss her at all times
  • blesses anyone in her presence like honestly i could kiss the stars right now i could die and rise up to heaven and be thanking her all the damn way

anonymous asked:

Hello mom so tell us about how smol your son is

hi love! i think that depends on how tall ryoma is! cause takumi is at ryoma’s shoulder, so if ryoma is 6′0 then i’m thinking takumi will be around 5′2! how tiny, he’s even shorter than me! thanks for the question, sweet anon!


Harry Potter Lockscreens (set of 8)
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The primary reason I started drawing is because I really wanted an animated puppy of my own that would vandalise inconvenient places with pawprints and send me on adventures.

@mer-yan prompted: Drarry develop a cutesy relationship through scribblings on the toilet wall in moaning myrtle’s bathroom while real-life pining for each other

i cannot believe i’m crying in a stall of moaning myrtles bathroom

you’re not the only one

two sad pathetic fucks we are

it looks that way

seems you come here as often as i do

lots to cry about

tell me about it

too much, dont know where to start

oh i didnt, well ok, no problem, this is just a wall after all

you’re not like the diary, are you?

here i was hoping you weren’t

im real

me too

why do you cry so much?

ehhh pressure

i hear you

when i cry?????

no! i understand. about pressure.

we’ve been crying for weeks now

honestly, sometimes i come here just to see if you’ve answered


who are you?

you’d never believe me if i told you

i think i’m more improbable than you

wanna bet?

im going to bet you’re a gryffindor

point. im going to bet you’re a boy

you are too so

you’re not a gryffindor



played myself into that one

do you want to meet?

are you asking me out on the wall of a bathroom of which we come to cry

i’m not asking you out! i’m asking to meet

pitty, i like boys

don’t think you’d like me like that

who is to say, most gryffindores are pretty

what if i’m a first year

you’re at least sixteen

never did cry as much when we were younger did we

it appears so. im an eight year

huh. me too

if you’re ronald weasley, this thing NEVER happened

i’m not ron. i know who you are tho

guess we’ll see if that makes any difference

it doesn’t

so who are you

why don’t you come back here on thursday after devination and i’ll show you