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April 25th, 1926: “Prince arrives today! Prince Naveen comes to the city!”

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Namjoon might not know it? But he was born to b a dad. Like have you Seen??? The way he dresses and talks and acts and Just. Jgfjfjrkrjjrjrjrjrhehfgrgfehdhejfhejfhr

Namjoon as a baby:

Namjoon: d-duh-duh
Namjoons dad: say daddy for me namjoon
Namjoons dad: one more time! U almost got it bud!
Namjoon: dy-di-disappointing
Namjoon dad: what did u
Namjoon: u heard me
Namjoons dad: son I don’t-
Namjoon: it’s disappointing how u lived ur life to please others. I wish u followed ur dream instead and lived your life freely. Stop putting people’s opinions of you on a pedestal. You have one life to live one heart to give. Do it without regrets.
Namjoon: d-DadA
Namjoons dad: single tear rolls down cheek


i regret everything ( < rules)


my entry for the mspaint my sim that i made myself

can you tell how much i try-harded on this?

and also i’ll tag some peeps to do this too cause why not?; @cinemasims, @pxelmango, @blursims, @loniden, @kismet-sims, @bratsims, @our-dazed-sims, @theartofqueenie, @dangerous-stain-builds, and @alwaysimming
i know ya’ll can make some good shit