im dont talking now

my therapist fuckin tricked me

and im just now realizing that caitlin’s kidnapping arc was soooo unnecessary. there was no payoff - nothing!!! its like they had no idea what to do with her and so they had her kidnapped for 3 eps, while no one cared or bothered to rescue her and then she has ptsd for 3 hot seconds and then ~~viola~~ i wonder which new boring white man will sleep with her and DIE next week to further her destiny as a d-level irrelevant villain 

who else thinks that nicole haught seems lonely?

me @ 11pm: better go to bed so i can wake up early to watch j2m’s solo panels

me @ 3am: better watch this random cat video because its in my recommended on youtube 

Story time kids.
I used to like this guy in 5th grade. We ended up being friends after a while but I started getting weird and I was going through some bad times so I pretty much shut everyone out, including him.
His mum is extremely ill. I saw him today and I thought it’d be great to strike up a conversation and try and be encouraging. But I haven’t slept in literally FOUR DAYS so I was a train wreck ok I literally wasn’t making ANY SENSE at all and I was trying to be encouraging and tell him I’m here if he needs me and that things will be ok.
But I ended up panicking and blanked out. So Instead I told him “IM GLAD UR MUM ISnT DEAD YET” and walked out.
That is the moment my soul left my body and I am now but a shell.

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I swear, you're the best writer ever <3 I just love your imagines, especially In the Glade is my big love, you're amazing! When I read your imagines I feel they're even better than the tmr books :D


HUHUHU OHMYGOODNESS??? I LEGIT THREW MY PHONE ACROSS MY BED READING THIS! YOU ARE MUCH TOO KIND ANON !!!!!!!!! I don’t think my writing even compares to James Dashner’s but good golly, Thank you for your kind, kind words!! You guys are too kind to me I cryyyyyy I hope you continue to enjoy the series and thank you thank you THANK YOU for the constant support, you make me so happy!! Ahhhh *happy tears*

okay but literally no ship is ever gonna even come close to the epicness of the girl who fell from the sky and the girl who ruled on the earth falling in love despite being on opposite sides of a war neither of them wanted but were forced in to at such a young age and im honestly just so bitter about everything right now and i want to set myself on fire

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from the films, being an avenger was something natasha had no interest in to begin. she was never even part of the roster nor was she russhing to sign herself up. in the events of THE AVENGERS (2012), we see her taking the initiative to convince clint that they have to do something about loki & while she joined the avengers to defeat the threat & protect new york, it was never a full-time job.

fast-forward to CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER (2014), natasha stands by her morals as a spy & SHIELD agent. the avenger life was not something she was embracing yet. she prefers her shadows (but of course, these ideals clash with CAPTAIN AMERICA). of course, during the course of movie we see natasha take steps that A HERO would do — something she never quite identified herself with. because the idea of being an avenger means to be a hero, a title natasha feels she is undeserving.

lastly, toward the end of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (2015) we see natasha taking steve’s side to help in the training of the newest avengers. to me, its a step natasha takes in accepting her HERO status — finding a place where she belongs & accepting of herself & where she comes from. there is no regret, just belonging. THIS IS HOME NOW.