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Phil: One time I had my fly unzipped the whole time until a mom said “We saw everything!” and I was like “Oh, no”.

Dan and Phil @ Night of Community - VidCon 2017


“Pow! Pow! POW!”
Altean Lance is coming to steal yo’ quintessence

I have listened to the workshop so many goddamn times and it wasn’t until now that I really listened to the end of Hurricane.

Me previously: Hey cool they brought Let It Go back but why do they have a guy singing it tho? Kinda sounds like Anthony? Is Philip telling his dad to chill?

What I missed:

Voice: Or you could let it go….

Hamilton: The friend who’d tell me not to do it is in the ground.

Voice: LET IT GO.

Hamilton: The enemies I’ve made won’t have anything on me now.

Voice: LET IT GO.

That’s not Philip.

That’s Laurens

Is his darkest time, Laurens is there telling him to stop, showing that Laurens was his only self restraint and his voice of reason.

I had a theory a while back that why Act 2 goes to shit is because Laurens dies (Hamilton drowns himself in work to cope, working nonstop = not good things) and this honestly just confirms that.

Lin called Laurens’ death history’s biggest what-if, and I mean, even apart of the amazing things it would’ve done for slavery, what if he lived and was there to help calm Hamilton, stop the duel….

imagine “stanning” an idol who works his ass off for you, like works through the night to get things right, (his hyungs have said that the fact that he’s practicing through the night scares them). Imagine “stanning” an idol who starves himself so you compliment his body because we’ve turned him into that and to have him come to America (which is a LONG FLIGHT) and then be mean to him for being tired. 

learn some respect.

Taken for Granted (pt 4)


You didn’t realize what exactly you had signed up for when you agreed to the job. Sure, you had some experience, but working as a manager full time was quite tiring. But you felt good going to bed each night, knowing you had done a job well done.

You became good friends with the GOT7 boys, and they helped you out whenever they could, knowing that you were new and temporary. The boys had recently released a new album and were starting their schedules at music shows. You barely found any free time for yourself, but you couldn’t help but think about the bts boys. You missed hanging out with them.

They still tried to contact you whenever they had the chance, but everyone knew it wasn’t the same. You wish you could make time for them and your personal life, but you knew that the following weeks were only going to get busier.

After a few weeks, your schedule seemed to be rather redundant. You had to usher the boys to music shows and interviews every day. You were proud of them for always keeping a smile on their face, despite being very tired. You were starting to realize that perhaps you didn’t really like this job. You were constantly out on the road and you had to deal with incredibly rude people and to be honest, you didn’t know how much more you could take. 

After one especially long day, you were surprised to see that the boys had a free night. You dropped them back at the dorms quite early and each of the got7 boys thanked you as the got out of the van. Pretty soon, you found your way to your own apartment and was getting ready for a shower when you heard your phone buzz. 

You couldn’t help but smile at your phone. You loved Jin like a brother, but why did you feel your heart flutter a bit? Over these last few weeks, you had learned to forgive Namjoon too. You didn’t want to cut him out completely because you loved all the boys too much to do that. And with being so busy with work, you had learned to get over your feelings. You had the confidence to look at Namjoon now without butterflies in your stomach, you were sure.

You placed your phone down and went to take a shower. After relaxing into the warmth of the water, your mind began to race with the possibilities of writing music. Hell, you even had a minor in music from college. Classmates and colleagues had told you a countless amount of times that you had talent, but weren’t they just being friendly? But after what Jin had mentioned, you now had something serious to consider. It had been a long time since you had written a song, and you were quite scared to show anyone your work, but you realized how happy it would make you hearing someone perform your piece.

And so, after months, you pulled out your guitar and empty sheet music and spent hours, writing and playing whatever came to mind. 

Jin placed his phone down with a smile on his own face. He missed talking to you, your playful banter. He missed seeing you around the dorms watching movies or helping him cook or trying whatever it is he made. He just missed your company. So he was content with these small moments he had with you, even if it were simply over text. He couldn’t help but feel excited about seeing you soon at music shows. 

Namjoon sat across from Jin, noticing the look on his hyung’s face. “What are you smiling about?” he asks, laughing. 

“Huh? Oh nothing” Jin says, finally out of his trance-like state. 

“Who were you texting that you have that weird grin on your face hyung?” Namjoon asks again. 

“Oh, y/n” Jin says.

And just like that, Namjoon’s own smile fades quickly. Everytime Namjoon tried to forget about you, his mind flooded with images of you. The more he tried to erase the images of you from his head, the more he found himself thinking about you and how much he was missing you. Of course, he didn’t want to admit it. 

“H-how is she by the way?” he asks, slowly.

“Good I guess. She said she didn’t really like her job though. I told her about taking up music again” Jin said, honestly.

“She’s into music?” Namjoon asks, quite shocked.

“Yeah…. I’m pretty sure she even studied music a little bit in college. I heard her singing a few times and she even writes a little but I think it’s really good” Jin said, smiling again. Jin thought back to the first time he caught you singing. You were cleaning up the dance practice room after the boys had left. Jin realized he forgot something and went back, only to find you singing and dancing with the mop while you cleaned the floor. He was immediately captivated by your voice, and he couldn’t help but smile at your funny dance with the mop. And before he could help himself, he found himself introducing himself to the beautiful girl dancing around his practice room. And since then, you become good friends with both him and the rest of the group as well.

“Is she thinking about changing careers then?” Namjoon asked.

“I’m not too sure. She said she would think about it, but I think she just wants to finish off strong with the job she has now. I told her we could show her the ins and outs of writing music if she wants” Jin continued.

“I-I could teach her a few things I guess…” Namjoon said. He smiled at the possibility of you two spending time together. 

“Hey, I’m sure she would appreciate that! I’ll ask her when she’s thought about it some more!” Jin said excitedly. 

Both boys now smiled while they looked down at their hands. “More time with Y/N” they thought, excitedly. 

Previous Parts: Part 1  Part 2 Part 3

A/N: SOO this kind of took a turn I wasn’t expecting. Hope y’all like it??? Let me know what you think please. How should the story go from here? Let me know if you want a part 5, or I might now really continue this series. I apologize again for posting after so long. I’ve been on vacation and then suffering from jet lag, so I hope you understand!

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“I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.” Lance to Keith maybe? B) but anything is fine <3

you know just what to send to break my heart now don’t you? B))

Hope you like it! <3

From these prompts


There’s something about looking at old photographs.
It’s not tangible, it’s not an emotion you can really describe.

Keith would call it nostalgia, but it’s not, not really.

There’s nothing nostalgic in the photos where he stands alone, a pouty child that doesn’t look to the lens, the person behind it not catching his interest, not meeting his gaze.

There’s nothing nostalgic in the photographs he sent to his brother Shiro in his high school years, sitting behind a desk with bloodshot eyes and cigarettes roughly hidden in the background, photographs captured and sent only to prove that he’s alive and as well as he could be when staying alone, when his apartment was always too dark, too quiet. Too lonesome.

He supposes, though, that the feeling changes as he scrolls through his phone, looking to his recent photographs.

It starts slow.

A photograph of him, Shiro, Matt and Pidge, all looking to the camera with tired smiles, after a day of packing and moving; it was the day he and Pidge moved in together to start university, anxiety in their stomachs and a rush on their cheeks.

There’s more, of Pidge trying to reach a cupboard and standing on a chair on her tiptoes. Matt, playing video games with Shiro, his mouth open as if yelling, Shiro smirking as he glares at the screen.

Then come more people.

There’s Allura, her elbow resting cheekily on Shiro’s shoulder, looking to the lens with an effortless beauty, a small smile and a wink. Keith is somewhere in the background, his lips turned into a frown, a pile of books to his side.

Here comes Hunk next, a shy smile and hands forming the victory sign, Keith standing next to him with a neutral expression, Pidge in-between them holding a teddybear that’s the same height as her, the blinking lights of an arcade behind them.

Then there’s Lance.

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Goddess - Jay Park

Originally posted by andupinda

Request from @belushtful : Can I request a jay park smut scenario where his mixed(black and white) girlfriend is missing him while she is at home and he is at Aomg making music so later that night they you know. Also the girlfriend is teasing him

Genre: cotton candy fluff smut

Pairing: Jay Park x Reader

Word Count: 1547

Contains: romantic smut, (slight) daddy! Jay, fluff

Song: Ride Me - Jay Park

Comments: this turned way cuter than I meant it to be, but I hope you like it because I’m crying at this. Also im sorry if it gets choppy, i was writing this and watching teen mom at the same time, so my attention was going back and forth lmao.


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anonymous asked:

Hi~ can I request a single dad au with kihyun (ᵔᴥᵔ) I really love your blog!! ❤️

find other versions: hyungwon | wonho 

  • has a 9 month old son that he loves to pieces like to the point where he cries at the sight of the baby’s little smile and just,,,,,,tells everyone that he has never been more blessed in his life
  • the story of his sons birth has been told so many times to his friends that hyungwon once told him he could recite it word for word and that kihyun really,,,,,,,REALLY doesn’t have to tell it again
  • kihyun did. you bet he did
  • and although he didn’t expect to be a single father, kihyun has absolutely thrown himself into learning on how to be the best damn single father there ever was and ever will be 
  • im talking ‘raising a baby’ manuals everywhere, 3 am google searches on what specific noises mean, calling the pediatrician over only cough
  • he’s set out to prove that he can do this - he can raise his son all on his own 
  • and you’re not sure,,,,who kihyun is trying to prove it too. you’ve known him for a while and if anyone in the group was going to be a parent - kihyun would be your first pick
  • even though he’s got a mischievous side, sarcastic side jabs and mocking tones of voice, kihyun is naturally a caretaker 
  • who if anything resembles a nagging mother, overly worried but for all the right reasons
  • so when he became a dad, you had nothing but high hopes for him because you knew he could do it. everyone did
  • “you’re just too hard on yourself.” you told him once and kihyun had just shrugged “i should be, only the best for my kid!”
  • and to further more prove that kihyun gravitates to helping others was the fact that he let you stay with him on short notice
  • there had a been a leak in your apartment and out of everyone, kihyun had been the first to offer you room in his home
  • he’d hesitated when you came in about giving you the bed,,,,the cradle was there and he didn’t want to be far from it so you assured him - couch was fine
  • but kihyun,,,,,being kihyun,,,,,went “if he cries out, ill just come running. i shouldnt make guests sleep on the sofa.”
  • the first night was fine,,,,no crying,,,,,in the morning you got up and made kihyun breakfast, even warmed up the milk for the baby
  • all of which kihyun watched from the doorway, his son still fast asleep in his arms, with slight fascination
  • it had been so long,,,,,since someone else had done something for him
  • the second night - oh it was bad
  • there was crying every hour, every damn hour and you’d gotten up each time to help coo and rock the baby with kihyun
  • at first he’d went “im so sorry, just go to sleep and ill do this.”
  • but you weren’t about to let kihyun go through this alone. you both had work in the morning, but it didn’t even matter
  • all you could think about was helping kihyun and his son,,,that’s what mattered
  • the third, fourth, fifth night was exactly the same,,,,the fifth night you actually had off in the morning so you told kihyun he could go try to sleep a bit and you’d handle the baby
  • he had stared at you in the small light of the otherwise dark apartment and went “you’re my gue-”
  • “and you’re a father who needs to work to be able to provide, i have off in the morning so ill take this night shift.”
  • you patted his shoulder, smiling and turning to go give your undivided attention to the little one
  • when kihyun’s hand grasped your wrist and he pulled you into a hug tight against his chest
  • you were both exhausted, obvious in the bags forming under your eyes, but kihyun’s hug was still strong and felt absolutely safe
  • “thank you, so so much.”
  • he said into your hair before letting you go
  • he had long disappeared out into the living room, passing out you assumed and you were hushing the whimpering baby in your arms when you thought to yourself
  • isn’t this,,,,what married people do,,,,we’re just friends but,,,,
  • it turned out - you weren’t the only one who thought that
  • when you’d met with wonho and minhyuk on the weekend for lunch, kihyun pushing the stroller while you held the baby and let him play with your finger and hair
  • minhyuk could only whistle before going “looks like i can hear wedding bells, you two look like a whole family!”
  • wonho nodded in agreement, greeting kihyun’s son in your arms with a wave and a smile
  • kihyun looked your way and added “they’ve been staying up with me all these nights too to help”
  • you blushed a bit at his sudden confession, focusing on the baby who was staring at wonho with big eyes
  • “and they say true love is dead, but yet here it is. you guys can even skip dating, just get those rings on your fingers!”
  • minhyuk chuckled and you were sure kihyun was going to brush off his joke until he went
  • “i don’t want to skip the dating though, they deserve to get taken out for dinner before i propose or anything.”
  • turning your head you looked at kihyun with shocked eyes “wha-”
  • “he’s asking you out!” minhyuk grinned
  • kihyun nodded, asking if you were going to be free some time
  • you told him he didn’t have to take you out or anything, you were happy to help him with his son but kihyun explained that no - he wasn’t taking you out as a thank you. but as like,,,a real date,,,,
  • taking the baby from your hands, wonho went “and me and minhyuk can watch this guy while you go out”
  • kihyun snorted, “i wouldn’t trust you - we’d get a nanny-”
  • “he can come”
  • you cut in, smiling at kihyun’s son and then at kihyun
  • “it wouldn’t be a real date without him, you guys are a package deal”
  • kihyun grins “we are, do you accept both of us?”
  • “i do”
  • minhyuk claps his hands and goes “now i pronounce you man and- ow kihyun don’t hit me infront of your own son what kind of example are you setting????” 

tengu moon-viewing party~

star trek weedcanons

ds9 edition

sisko: has extremely artistic bongs which he designs himself and blows from glass and displays in his rooms. only he and jadzia are allowed to touch them.
jadzia: smokes fat blunts every day and that’s that on that. has a room full of rare heirloom bongs passed down from previous lives.
kira: jadzia convinces her to try a brownie once and she has a legendary bad trip. she fractures bashir’s arm and the brownie tin
bashir: writes prescriptions for his friends because otherwise no one comes to talk to him.
o'brien: very casual smoker. only does it socially. has a scip for stress.
keiko: the minute that o'brien leaves in the morning she’s in the bathroom toking up. smokes a shit ton of weed with her bajoran botanist friends all the time.
quark: keeps all his drug paraphernalia locked in a secure safe at all times so that odo won’t find it. still stoned a lot.
odo: keeps finding out his friends smoke weed and being absolutely devastated. in total moral uproar. eventually he gives in and tries it and it doesnt even work
garak: has transcended weed and is doing seven types of cardassian hallucinogenics on the regular
worf: keeps getting into fights with jadzia because he refuses to smoke with her.
jake: smokes very casually, but increasingly often. it helps the creative juices flow.
nog: keeps buying oregano from ‘dealers’. jake and nog smoke it together but nothing happens. after joining starfleet, he gets high once with jake and ziyal but has a panic attack  and stops forever.
ziyal: smokes solely to relax or with jake. gets really good weed from mysterious sources.
ezri: only takes up smoking to deal with her anxiety. comes into her inheritance slowly.
rom: tries a joint with a beer with chief o’brien after work once and never forgets it.
weyoun: gets sold oregano and pretends like he’s feeling the effects of it. this works on every single weyoun iteration.

anonymous asked:

Doing yoga at night, forgot and left the blinds open, got scared when I heart someone yell "SEE?!?" outside my window... looked over to see pleased and angry Nightwing and a creeped out Red Hood watching from the fire escape. Not the smartest move, but I was kinda ticked, so I did the most convoluted move I know... Red said "what the fuck IM DONE" and left while Nightwing laughed, gave me a thumbs up and told me to "keep up the good work" #onlyingotham #itsnotthatweirdRed #whataweenie

anonymous asked:

i really love your writing? if you like can you maybe write Lucien and Damien having some soft father son bonding time? ;; im a sucker for those relationships

but anon, how did you know i love these two more than anything in the

“Hold still, dammit.”

“Don’t curse, Lucien, it’s unbecoming of a young man. And I’m nervous, dammit!”

Lucien can tell. His father is practically bouncing up and down in his seat, and has been for the past hour as they worked on getting his look together. So far, all they have done is his outfit (picked out the night before) and painted nails. Lucien has to keep batting at his face to stop Damien from chewing on them.

Lucien has his hands buried in his father’s hair, weaving it around his fingers in complicated patterns that he just ‘picked up’ from nowhere in particular. Damien asked him to clear his schedule for today (as if he was actually doing anything) for help, and the simple actions he has his son do lead Lucien to believe he’s really just here for emotional support.

He still stays, despite that.

“Do you think it’s too much?” Damien mumbles, looking at the single braid his son is weaving on the side of his head.

“If it wasn’t too much, would it still be you?” Lucien chuckles and although he meant for the comment to be snarky, it comes out more fond than he hoped and causes Damien to laugh nervously.

“You got it from me, you know.”

Lucien hums as he finishes the braid, clipping it in place as he moves to start on a symmetrical one on the other side of his head. “Yeah,” he mutters, “I got everything from you.”

Their eyes meet in the mirror and he allows a rare smile to appear. He can see the change in Damien’s form take place instantly as his tense shoulders relax and his smile widens back. The moment Lucien places a hand on his shoulder, Damien’s comes up to cover it. “Thank you, Lucien.”

Fake Dating { 61&94 }; W O N W O O

[ bestfriend!wonwoo x fem!reader ]

word count: 1099
genre: angst & fluff
a/n: wow i feel like this was my millionth work for wonwoo i swear im not complaining im just saying HAHA anyways thank you anon for requesting and here is your request !! love lots ahhh i had to rewrite this bc this was the one i was making when my laptop died

“Wonwoo, for the last time, please, I need you to be my boyfriend.” I begged, crouching down in front of him. “Just one night, and we’re done.” 

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ex-boyfriend! hwang minhyun

okay but this starts out p soft and then the ending hits you like BAM

also, this is basically a dramatized version of what minhyun told us about his “relationship” on ht3

note: wanna one might or might not get back together with their ex-lover, it depends entirely on how i felt lol

  • genres: angst, slice of life, heartbreak
  • other notes: bulletpoint scenario
  • number of words: 1.56k

ex-boyfriend! wanna one: 9/?

Originally posted by junior-royalz

  • you and minhyun take the same bus to and from school 
  • the two of you are in neighboring classrooms but have never talked before
  • not because you dont like each other but because you just haven’t had a proper chance to introduce yourselves to each other and talk with one another
  • that changed when the two of you were headed to school one day
  • there were no seats on the bus when you got on
  • you were carrying a large box full of clothes and props that were going to be used for a dance performance later that week
  • it wasn’t that heavy, but holding onto the box and not the handles above were definitely not a good choice
  • minhyun saw you struggling to balance yourself as the bus moved
  • and he got up and gave you his seat
  • “y/n you can sit here” he said as he tapped your shoulder
  • you jumped from the sudden contact but noded shyly and sat down with the box of your lap
  • minhyun grabbed onto the handle above and scrolled through his phone for the rest of the ride
  • when the two of you got off the bus, you nodded at minhyun one last time before you run into the building
  • and minhyun just chuckled to himself bc that was cute
  • you were cute
  • during a break at dance practice, you get a message from an unknown number
  • so you showed your friend and her eyes widened when she saw the id
  • “oh my god prince minhyun messaged you first?” she asked and she grabbed your phone
  • you took it back from her and stared at the message
  • “i hope your dance practice is going well.”
  • “ah this is minhyun by the way. the guy who gave you a seat on the bus.”
  • “do you by any chance want to get food after school together?”
  • you and your friend were supposed to go shopping together afrer school
  • so you begin to type and apology
  • but she’s like
  • “are you crazy bUTCH LEAVE ME AND GO ON A DATE WITH MINHYUN i can shop alone lol”
  • get you a friend like her
  • so now you’re sitting inside a cafe with minhyun
  • the two of you aren’t talking and just sip at your drinks quietly
  • it’s so awkward you want to blurt out anything to break the silence, but you choose not to bc ur shy
  • the food comes out a few minutes later
  • and minhyun takes his fork and spoon and mixes he pasta together before putting some onto your plate
  • you look over to minhyun and give him a shy smile
  • and he smiles back at you
  • the two of you eat in silence
  • he walks you back home after your mini date is over
  • you part ways with a simply “good night”
  • but
  • you and minhyun spend the night texting each other on kkt about school, life, and dreams
  • talking to him over kkt is so much easier than in real life omg
  • he feels that way too
  • you send each other cute stickers and emojis that make the both of you laughing every minute or so
  • at school the next day, you and minhyun run into each other in the halls, but don’t say anything to each other
  • your friend nudges you but you shake your head at her
  • minhyun waves at you and then ducks into his classroom
  • and you do the same even though you know he can’t see it and honestly your friend is so done with you
  • “was the date that bad?” she asked when you got inside
  • you dont get the chance to answer bc you’re bombarded with questions from other kids in your class and a few kids from other classes who are passing by
  • “are you and minhyun dating?" 
  • “what happened yesterday at the cafe??" 
  • "did you confess first or didn’t minhyun confess first???”
  • there’s literally this one girl who’s all up in your face
  • “why does minhyun like you though?”
  • and you’re low key offended because hey your not that bad of a person
  • you’re just quiet and don’t know how to respond to people sometimes
  • before you can say something, the bell rings and all of you scramble into your seats
  • during break you and minhyun run into each other again
  • this time he asks if you want to meet up at the mall
  • and you glance over to your friend, who gives you a thumbs up
  • so you say yes and another awkward date ensues
  • this time it’s at the movies
  • you and minhyun sit beside each other at the theater
  • he tries to do the classic “yo im gonna yawn and casually put my arm around your shoulder” move
  • but the moment he tries to
  • you turn around
  • and minhyun retracts his hand so fast you could feel a breeze from it
  • “minhyun?”
  • he doesn’t turn his head
  • “don’t say anything.”
  • he walks you home again and the two of you just leave things at “good night”
  • you two don’t talk that night
  • as a matter of fact, you don’t talk for a few days bc he’s so embarrassed over what happened
  • you miss ranting about teachers with him and talking about dumb stuff you’ve done before
  • so at school, you work up the courage to invite him to watch you and a few other peers rehearse your routine
  • and he’s mesmerized when he sees you dance
  • you look like a radiant goddess when you open the fan in ur hand
  • and the way you smile makes his heart go oof
  • the two of you go out to eat street food afterwards and just have a great time
  • minhyun walks you home for the third time, but the two of you just say the usual “goodbye” or “good night”
  • when you’re getting ready for bed, you unlock your phone and see this really long message from minhyun that makes your heart beat and a smile form on your face
  • “i’m not really good at expressing my feelings and i’m way too shy to say this in person, but i would really like it if we could be more than friends. i like spending time with you :)”
  • and that’s how you and minhyun became boyfriend and girlfriend
  • the two of you are still super awkward around each other in real life though
  • you’re pretty sure minhyun has never even held your hand
  • hugging is out of the question
  • you honestly don’t mind though
  • you’re perfectly fine with just texting him at night and calling him as the two of you do homework together
  • he visits you when you have practice and brings drinks for you or some energy bars
  • but before you can do anything to thank him
  • minhyun is ready to bolt outta there bc he sees the other dancers smirking at him and he’s all shy now
  • but then he notices one guy in particular that’s not smirking at him but glaring as he’s leaving
  • so now minhyun is wondering if he offended kim seungjin in any way
  • when it’s your one month anniversary with minhyun
  • you pack your bag as soon as dance practice is over and head over to minhyun’s classroom where he’s waiting for you
  • you run upstairs to find your boyfriend, and seungjin was racing down the same staircase to prevent you from overhearing the conversation
  • you blaze right past him, skipping two steps at a time
  • and he did a double take before he ran after you
  • it was too late
  • when he grabbed your shoulder to pull you back from the direction of the classroom, you had already heard enough of what the kids from class 3-2 had to say
  • “…hat he’s only dating y/n so people can’t make fun of him for being a motae solo anymore.”
  • “damn that’s harsh. is that why they never hug or hold hands or whatever? because minhyun is just using her?”
  • “who knows. either way, she’s gonna end up heartbroken.”
  • you swing the door wide open with tears in your eyes
  • “tell him know that i know and we’re done”
  • you run into seungjin on the way out
  • and you look up at him
  • he’s mad
  • oh kim seungjin is really really mad
  • if he sees minhyun, he’s gonna punch him
  • outside the school, minhyun is waiting with a gift bag and a small bouquet of flowers
  • you run past him and to the bus stop two blocks away from school
  • seungjin sees minhyun checking his watch
  • the dancer grabs minhyun’s shoulder and digs his thumb into minhyun’s shoulder blade
  • that really hurts btw i used to do it to ppl lol and they all say it hurts
  • “hwang minhyun, you’re a fucking asshole for playing with y/n like that”
  • seungjin leaves to look for you
  • and minhyun is left standing there with an aching shoulder, his eyes wide at what seungjin said
  • the first thing he does is call you to see where you are
  • he’s ready to hang up when you don’t pick up after the fourth ring
  • but he hears your voice before he ends the call
  • “y/n! we need to talk. it’s not what you think!”
  • you let out a sarcastic laugh
  • “fuck you minhyun. fuck you for making me fall in love with you and then breaking my heart. i fucking hate you”
  • and the call ends