im done with myself bye

when you expecting exo to perform one of their recent comeback songs but they hit you with that careless careless shoot anonymous 


genre: fluff♡, smut(omg im sorry but the thirst was so real)
featuring: park chanyeol
words: omg this was supposed to be a SHORT scenario, but 5.3k(rip me)
also, the whole scenario is pretty much based on that gif(or the whole performance, so … also - it got a bit too sweet, i couldn’t help myself)

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I’m deleting myself

a book by john minerals and me

maybe craving that mineral will be our always
thats the thing about minerals, they demand to be craved
minerals? minerals
i fell in love with you the way minerals realised 90 degrees was not safe from the goats, slowly then all at once
my cravings are like minerals that cannot be reached unless you climb 90 degrees
it would be a privilege to be craved by you
why are you staring at me? because youre a mineral