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this  blog  is  barely  a  week  old  and  i  just  hit  100  followers ,  thank  you  ???

no offence but when lgbt+ gamers speak out about romance (options) in bioware games and get told by straight fans that they shouldn’t play the games just for romance they are completely missing the point and i am tired of it

hey look at this lance

thats all, i just found this lance and i had to share him cause hes beautiful 

Base game glasses adult to toddler conversion

  • 9 ea swatches
  • Base game compatible woop woop :D
  • toddlers only
  • no custom thumbnail 

please contact me if you have any issues!

TOU: recolor allowed just DONT include mesh, do NOT reupload, do NOT upload to paysites, do NOT claim as yours.

Download: SFS

use #kittyysimblr or @/kittyysimblr if you use or recolor i would love to see! Enjoy! :D

literally ok that whole performance……… let’s start with the setup like i just love that whole depth perception stage design and the pink aesthetic and the instruments guys (and the drummer and pianist in the audience!!) all in all their performance with charlie was so cute and oops is a great song idc what yall say. OKAY AND THEN THEY TRANSITIONED INTO TOUCH ACOUSTIC. fuck. i can’t believe they DID THAT™ like casually snatching everyone with their vocals before GOING INTO THE SONG!!! I LOVE THAT INSTRUMENTAL!!! and the clothes change!! all of the backup dancers!!! AND THE WHOLE DANCE IM GENUINELY CRYING I LOVE FORMATIONS SO MUCH their choreo is so different compared to the other dances before and im screaming i LOVE IT AND THEIR VOCALS WERE ON POINT!!! but the BEST PART was the FUCKING BREAKDOWN!! REMIX THAT SHIT AND DANCE WITH YOUR FEMALE DANCERS!!! im shook guys. im SHOOK and i love little legends who are queens of surprises 


Since you lost your vision, he’s been anxiously sitting there the whole time…..

How can I make up for it…..Fuzzy?

I guess I’ll play ball with you!

can you believe supergirl is so much less popular than superman even though she’s much more interesting as a character, because she remembers krypton and lost her entire world and now she’s getting sidelined on her own show? incredible

  • straight person in the straightest voice: ohmygosh that character is sooooo gay its so obvious trust me i have a gaydar!!!
  • an actual gay person who is gay: this character is gay
  • straight person: ummmm think again sweaty!!! just because this character marries his boyfriend and is exclusively into men doesn’t make him gAY... he looks like a human male to me :/

Fem!Mint Yoongi feat. Unnecessary Space Background