im done now i give up on art


Star vs the Forces of Evil/Hamilton cross over yo!!

Ive been obsessing over this for like a few days now and im so happy ive finally drawn it. I really hope this hasnt been done before because i feel really proud of thinking this up.

Tom is A. Burr btw

Also, janna doesnt give a shit lol

hey guys, it’s been a while

somehow still have a fuckton of followers on here, so im glad someone’s listening!

anyway lads, tumblr is a bad place. everyone is mean here. mistakes are unfixable and forgiveness is unheard of. the environment here is garbage and it’s scary to exist in, especially with a large enough fanbase. which is why i left.

but i miss things about it. i miss chatting with random people. i miss the fan discussions that you just dont get on twitter. and i kind of let the popularity get to my head, but i miss that too. this was a huge support network for me and it encouraged me to do my best as an artist.

so, ive come back, at least for now. im gonna give you all one more chance to not be dirtbags. ive turned anon off and unfollowed literally everyone. clean slate, fresh start. might even post some of the art ive done in the meantime.

and if youre curious what ive been up to in the past 10 months, here’s a reminder of my twitter.

so, uh, wassup?

Update: The FUCC am I dO’iN??

Hey you guys, its sorta been a while since i post anything art related. (at least for me anyways)

Im happy to say that i finally got a laptop (its been scine may since i had this thing actually) so now i’m able to draw digital art like i use to. Thanks to @goddessjudgment who had donated awhile ago and @zoe-prime who has commission me. It helped a lot and i can’t thank you enough. ^w^

Current status: 

Right now its been hard for me to draw really anything cause of the lack of inspiration. 

Nothing really caught my spark and so i’m just sorta trying to make due with things. A lot has happened since i moved so i’m trying to find what the fucc i should be doing after work time. I have ideas its just putting them down on paper has been annoying for me, again my lack of inspiration i guess.

please bare with me guys, i really wanted this blog to be an art blog, but i haven’t really done much. Bleh! disgusted with myself 8′D

As you can tell im dwindling more and more away from the undertale fandom

don’t get me wrong, Paps is gonna be my #1 husbano~ and im gonna still love the shit out undertale but my interest is being dragged to other fandoms so you’ll see me drawing other things.

All and all, i’m not saying goodbye and im not giving up, its just right now im going through this stupid artist block and will be going on a off and on haitus. (like you’ll see me reblogging shit =^=;)

i think that’s all i gotta say for now, other than i love guys for sticking around man. thanks for putting up with my bullshit drama TTwTT

Ravi owt~

After a year’s worth of work, I’m finally done with this painting! I’m very proud of it, and it might just be the adrenaline talking, but for once I don’t see anything that i want to change. I can confidently say that I am DONE. Now I just need to figure out a way to drive it up to SLO so that I can give it to my friend lol


As I said here there is the summary for Stockholm Syndrome story i made, initially, for a potential music video.

Reading about Anna’s idea made me post this so i hope with your help this will get to someone who is willing to draw the scenes.

Remember! This, and also the Through the Dark project WILL end up as COMIC BOOKS (meant for sale) and MUSIC VIDEOS.

Also the person who will help with the drawings will get 50% of the sales. But Im also willing to give up my share just to have the project done the was i imaged it.

The person how will draw the scenes doesn'tt have to “invent” any scene, they are already described and explained. They only have to follow the side notes and the images I choose for every scene to draw.

So lets see how this goes!

probably it will get unnoticed as usual :) heh

PS: click right on the picture and “open image in the new tab” to read the text easily.

even when all hope seems lost, it’s never gone forever.
i couldn’t give up on anything, even if i wanted to.
oh, how unfortunate this undying optimism can be.

no matter how much trust is broken,
or how much faith was burned.
i just always think: one day things might change.
i need to stop waiting around for that day to happen.

i don’t deserve what you’ve put me through.
i’ve been fighting and suffering long enough.
i’ve done everything i can. i’m exhausted.

so i’ll take what little hope i have left and move forward.
the future of our friendship is up to you now.

my dear cophine family,

i just wanna say how thankful i am for every single fanfiction story, drawing, theory, analysis and crack video.

you guys made my life better and help me cope with things outside the fandoms and shipping. its a hard and sleazy world out there and your contribution to this fandom made it a bit easier for me.

as a grown up person who is working and studying at the two faculties last year was a big challenge and i wanna thank you for being my safe place when all i wanted to do was just give up and cry.

people underestimate the power of art and everything you do is the purest form of it.   

i think im done with orphan black as series. it is my personal decision and i think all reasons to stay or to go are valid. i will not unfollow any of the blogs that continue with the new season  and will continue to support the cast of the show in their future projects. 

i will always come back to your stories and videos because they are now part of me just as the published works i enjoy and cherish. i am sorry because producers made some of the decisions they made and i think the consequences will follow. but this isnt about them, this is about you! i just wanna say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel such an incredible specter of emotions and because you showed me how incredible and committed you are.

love you always