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random things i can’t stop thinking about

what the fuck me 

  • bitty probably has had a full blown dance/karaoke party by himself thinking no one was going to be home for ages only to have someone walk in on him shaking his butt to the beat 
  • he totally doesn’t let out a scream and fall over when he hears the laughter 
  • once ransom was so sleep deprived from exams and studying he walked into the kitchen and grabbed the first bowl he saw and put cereal and milk in it 
  • then started eating it
  • holster screamed in horror and snatched it away when bitty asked where the brownie batter bowl went 
  • ransom didn’t notice and he was too dead inside to care

got carried away and i didnt clean it up lmao

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Someone please tell me where the heck this dumb ‘fangirl/fanboy’ trope for Freed eve came from bc these !!TWO!!

scenes are literally the only exaggerated ones and there are NOT even in the manga.

These TWO are the ONLY occurring ‘fanboy’ scenes in the manga which are not even fanboying but Freed being HAPPY that LAXUS has RETURNED?

Why? Cause he freaking CARES on a deep level. Laxus and Freed have been friends for a damn long time ( just like Ever and Bix ) and he is one of the ONLY people Laxus TRUSTED and CARED for for the longest time while he didn’t even let any others near him and avoided them. They are always together, they protect each other and fight side by side. THIS is what their relationship is like and not some stupid fangirl trope.

It makes me so upset not only because Freed is my fav character and he has to deal with hella lot mischaracterizations anyway but because it REDUCES his character to something he is NOT plus it reduces the IMPORTANT BOND of TRUST and CARE Laxus and Freed have.

Freed is no freaking fanboy, he is no freaking wife, he is probably one of the most loyal charas with hard shell and soft core, he reminded Laxus of his HEART and does not hesitate to help whenever help is needed.

Calling him a fangirl is just as stupid as the Jellal weenie thing, and it may have been funny at the very start but now it’s insulting and people who call him that or call Jellal a weenie clearly do NOT understand these characters.


my finest work

me and you got it deadlocked

aka the one where Justin’s the newest student at school and everyone places bets on who he’ll date first, Y/N just wants enough money to buy a whip, Khalil’s the ringleader, Hailey has beef with Chantel, Za feels very strongly about parking spaces, and they’re all rich seniors with too much time on their hands.

Clearly, this is a high school au where all your faves are students. The main focus, as always, is Y/N and Justin, but the squad does play a big role as well. This is just a nice way to celebrate me getting off my mini hiatus and hopefully beginning to post more frequently !! If you really liked this, let me know ‘cause I’ve never written anything like this before and I’m nervous as hell about posting it.

Justin’s texts are in italics and Y/N’s are in bold

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