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“dr. nikiforov are you even listening to me”

“did anybody ever tell you that you look really good in those scrubs?”

“yes. you did. like 25 times a day" 

(part of a yoi medical au that @chantedeer and i are working on in which yuuri is a pediatric nurse and victor is a pediatric surgeon!) (yes, yuuri is wearing poodle scrubs) (you’re welcome)


so many things happening here


Hello guys, I want to say is that it happens somewhere before Luna finished her work. It’s kind of AU-ish, but I was terribly desperate and never enough lutteo fanfics so

Here I am

Have fun, don’t hate. 


When Luna Valente thinks about it she finds it weird. Really weird, strange and suspicious that he is always there, somewhere in the background, when she is taking to someone. Or maybe she just started noticing it now, just like she is focusing her mind on his person. Not that he follows her, she doesn’t believe it, yet she catches him with her eyes everywhere. Weird, right? You know, why would she do that?


Ambar is talking some really rude things, something about Luna watching her own business and staying away from Ambar and Matteo. It isn’t anything new, so Luna is just standing there. She feels the eyes of Ambar and Jazmin on her body and she decides to look everywhere, but not on the girls. Then she sees him.

He is leaning against the wall with a book in his hand with long legs crossed, dressed in his almost tight school uniform. She sees white, buttoned up shirt, tie in Blake South Collage’s color, his second hand is in the pocket of well-fitted dark jacket.

Luna almost sighs at the sight. Perfect student. He looks so concentrated with a little frown on his face. What is in that book? What a cute frown.

What the hell, Luna?

“Lunita, are you even listening?” Ambar speaks too loud for Luna’s opinion.

“Uh, yeah?” Brunette wakes up. Cool, you made yourself sound denser than you actually are, great job. 

“You weren’t, were you?” Jazmin asks her, making the blonde even angrier. But before Luna can open her mouth, Ambar attacks. 

“I will not forget about it, we will finish this conversation later, Lunita. You should be careful.” She flips her hair turning away and going to class.



Luna and Nina are in the Jam&Roller and they are doing physics homework. It is nice, hot day, the place is quiet, only a few people around them, so the girls can focus on work. Nina is explaining some strange gravity thing and Luna keeps her eyes and ears on her, listening really cautiously until she hears a laugh. Very warm laugh. So she looks there, because come on, why wouldn’t she?

And there he is, talking to Gastón. It must be a really funny joke. He looks so joyful, so himself, with that charming smile and shining eyes. Matteo seems really relaxed and she relaxes too. Seeing him this happy makes her happy, but she doesn’t know why, like, he is just her friend, right?

She looks at him and wonders, why can’t he be like this with her? Why does he always tease her?

Suddenly she can’t see him. White paper blocks the view.

“Luna, are you there?” Nina asks looking very concerned. 

“Yes, yes, I’m here. Sorry, girl, could you repeat?” They share a smile. 

“Actually, I think it’s time for a short break.”


She is on the rink with Simón. They are talking about new Rollerband’s song, about the lyrics and maybe they will make a video. She is so happy that he is fulfilling his dream, that he is full of passion and life. Luna looks at him and smiles.

It is her working time, so she checks the rink and oh he’s there.

Matteo and Ramiro are showing themselves new steps in the farthest corner. The second one accidently slips, but when she thinks he is going to fall, he steadies himself with the sigh of relief. Matteo laughs at him, telling something.


He looks just like king of the rink should look.

In nice, lavender shirt with rolled sleeves and first three buttons undone and black skinny jeans. With untidy, disheveled hair, maybe after his amazing jumps or tricks.

Matteo suddenly looks at her and the world stops when he smiles. So she smiles back. He rises one eyebrow, but then he winks and oh god he is so…

“Luna, do you like this idea?” Her friend asks. 

“Yes, he is perfect.” She says almost dreamy. 

“What? Who?”

“No, no… I’m perfect… I mean… I’m okay.” Luna stutters. 

“Yeah, right, I have to go. We have meeting with some producer. Wish me luck!” Simón says and leaves her.

Luna covers her face with her hands.

She will die soon.


The situation is at least impossible and Luna Valente have never thought this could happen. She and Matteo, yeah, Matteo Balsano are working about her project in her room. On. Her. Bed. Surrounded by books. Her parents let them study there, but the door must be slightly opened just in case.

Yeah, like something would ever happen.

Matteo is explaining her the difference between planet and planetoid. It amazes her how smart he is, so she is drinking every word she hears, not that she would ever admit it to him. After research she already knows that planetoid is just an asteroid, yet she wants to listen him a little more.

He is focused on the topic, so his voice is calm, quiet and a bit rough and he isn’t making any fun of her. It is so rare to talk to him like that, she finds this moment incredibly intense, when no one is going to interrupt them anything could happen.

“What’s in your mind, chica delivery? He suddenly asks. 

“It’s nothing” She blushes. Oh God, he’s going to know it immediately.

“Oh, come on, I know I am.”

“You are so full of yourself, Matteíto.” Her laugh isn’t that loud. She thinks it would destroy the moment.

“Your head is full of me.” He smiles. “Focus, Luna, it is really important. Nina told me today you weren’t listening her, so let’s just do it now, okay?” It was your fault, stop telling me to focus on you, because it will end badly. 

“Okay.” She only pouted.

“So, come here, you need to see this in book.”

And he starts talking again. Luna hears a few words but then the picture in the book is so nice, and colors are really screaming for attention. No, focus.

It is so hard to study with Matteo. Why she agreed to do this? She is aware of everything. She feels how their knees are touching, because he sits with one leg on the bed and the second on the floor, and she chose cross-legged sitting. His voice isn’t steady anymore, there is something heavy in the room now. His arm meets her arm and she can’t do it anymore.

Luna moves her eyes from the book in front of them to Matteo’s face and she feels like she sees him for the first time. Why she wasn’t paying attention to him earlier?

His face is close. Very close. Too close.

All shades of brown mixing together in his irises, these long eyelashes, these three little freckles on his nose. He seems engaged to the text in the book, however spark in his eyes tells otherwise. Maybe he is saying something important, yet Luna can’t hear anything. She is looking at his lips now, his pale lips, moving with every word.

Luna knows they are as soft as it looks, but she wants to check again. Like, maybe it will be different?

He bites his lower lip. She is done now. She is sure he’s doing it purposely.

He must know about her staring, because he turns to her and smiles. With a bad, arrogant smile.

She closes her eyes. Wake up, Luna. Wake up now.

But it is too late now. She feels fingers on her waist and strong, warm lips over her mouth. She places her hand on his neck to move him closer and kisses back. He growls slightly at that move, making her smile.

This is the moment when Luna wonders if Matteo can wake her up from her thoughts like this every time.

the original screenshot looked So Much like a family trip and im So Weak to this found family bs that i had to do another damn hxh redraw goodbye

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