im done being treated like trash

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So in V5, Yang's tracking down Raven, no mention are made about her desire to find Ruby... and it pissed me off. Then Yang finds her, finds Weiss, it turns out she was just tracking her mom down in order to get to Ruby because Tai told Yang about her mom's teleportation semblance, and the entire time Yang and Raven interact, Yang's a sassy bitch, Raven acts all hurt, and Yang's 110% done with her bullshit, and IT IS SO CATHARTIC seeing Raven being treated like trash by her daughter. (2/2)

WELL I DIDNT KNOW HER REAL INTENTIONS UNTIL I WATCHED THE NEW EP TODAY. But i guess im still mad at yang for not learning shit for an enitre volume rolling to now. RAVEN LOOKS SO NABBY LMAO, well ya its EQUALITY for raven never being in yangs fucking life so honestly thats what u get bitch.


im so FUCKING annoyed about this college strike!!!! My plan was all set! I just had to do these two god damn semesters and id be DONE!! I COULD MOVE ON! This is my 5th year of college I’m so done here I have a career waiting and I have all the skills I need but the benefit of being a GRADUATE is so huge but now!!

I’m losing an ENTIRE SEMESTER TO THIS STRIKE! And I support the teachers too!! They deserve to be paid for their work and the colleges are treating them like trash. But it’s pissing me right off how much the timeline I was so dead set on is being obliterated now and its COMPLETELY out of my control. There’s nothing I can do I have no work I can do, nothin.

So I’m looking for full time jobs in my field. If I get a permanent position I’m dropping out, I’m done here. I can do the last year part time if I realy need to someday but if something comes along before the strike is over I’m just done with it, I gotta move on.

It’s like J K Rowling cannot give us ONE SINGLE SLYTHERIN in Harry’s generation with a redemption. We have all those characters of other houses destroying stereotypes (Cedric, Luna, Neville) and then we have Slytherin… and nothing. All evil.

In other news, my thoughts:

1. I think she’s really infuriated with us dramione shippers and she really hates the ship lol because she only named Hermione once, like, she wouldn’t let us have one sentence to quote or to put in a fucking graphic, nothing. Like if his relationship with Hermione wasn’t important at all. She even mentioned the Weasleys, like?? god.

2. Besides that, I couldn’t stop laughing after reading “no, he and Harry were not destined to end up best friends”, because she and her *subtle homosexuality references* are ridiculous. like if drarry wasn’t one of the biggest ships in the fandom! I mean FANGIRL BY RAINBOW ROWELL FOR GOD’S SAKE c'mon woman, just say they aren’t mean to be together or something, say they weren’t in love, say they didn’t have rough sex, i don’t know but speak the fucking true if you dare.

3. a) “unhealthy fantasies” we fangirls are so estigmatized. Is a fact: a guy can be endlessly obsessed with Marvel and it’s okay, but if a teenage girl loves Harry Styles she’s OH-SO-STUPID. AND WHAT THE FUCK WITH UNHEALTY what? If I think Snape is good it’s okay but if it’s Draco who we’re talking about it’s not okay? Snape did his shit for love, didn’t you just fucking say Draco did the same?

b) “I have often had cause to remark on how unnerved I have been at the number of girls who fell for this particular fictional character” SURE BECAUSE BOYS DIDN’T FALL FOR DRACO MALFOY BOYS AREN’T THAT STUPID BOYS DON’T DO SHIP *STUPID UNHEALTHY THINGS* RIGHT? RIGHT? OMG

c) “girls are very apt to romanticise such people.” ADFOQIUWE8ROWUJFOISUFOJVCKJF CAN I VOMIT

d) “all of this left me in the unenviable position of pouring cold common sense on ardent readers’ daydreams” I can imagine her, feeling so witty, because she *taught* some *ardent readers* (all of them being people that can actually think, jesus) the true. RIGHT.

I’ve read some of her interviews, talking about how unhealthy our obsession with Draco is. In her mind it’s like we are worshiping abuse or something. Can we just talk about freaking Snape running to tell the freaking Dark Lord about the freaking prophecy, knowing that an innocent child could die if Voldemort decided that? because Snape ONLY CARED ABOUT THIS SHIT when Lily was involved. And you gave him redemption and I’m okay with that but I don’t understand why is loving Draco Malfoy so wrong for you when you have this really complicated character named Severus Snape that a lot of people love and I don’t see you being “unnerved” about it right? RIGHT? So why you have to treat us like stupid, brainless girls that only like a character because he has a James Dean trope or some shit? you know what? fuck it! fuck it all! FUCK-IT-ALL.