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Heya! Can I request where the RFA members finds out that MC is in the Airforce / soldier? Then they see her in her uniform for the first time.... something like that. I have a friend who's in training right now to be in the airforce and I told her about mysme. Unfortunately she doesn't have the time to be on her phone always. So maybe I can just show your post when it comes out. :) please and thank you! :)

i really like this request! i hope your friend likes it too!


  • Yoosung’s jaw hits the floor when he sees MC in uniform
  • he always thought of MC as gentle and almost frail in a way
  • but now he realized that there is so much more to her than he thought
  • Yoosung thought he was brave when he protected MC
  • but she protects people everyday
  • when MC has to leave for training
  • Yoosung cries kind of a lot
  • more than MC, actually
  • while she’s away Yoosung calls as much as possible
  • but he also writes letters
  • “i wanted it to be like those old love letters where they write out all their dramatic lovey dovey feelings to their lovers at war!”
  • “i’m not at war, Yoosung…”
  • but the letters are still so cute, they make MC feel at home


  • “Zen…how do i look?”
  • MC wanted to make sure her uniform looked alright
  • Zen had never seen MC in uniform or even knew that she had one
  • but all he could manage to say was
  • “beautiful…”
  • Zen always thought MC was beautiful
  • from the moment he saw her, he loved everything about the way she looked
  • but there was something about the way she looked in uniform
  • it was beautiful to Zen because
  • thats the way MC wanted to look
  • she seemed confident in the uniform
  • she didnt just look beautiful
  • her whole aura was beautiful
  • Zen walks over to MC, taking her hands in his
  • “you’re still my princess, right?”
  • MC giggles a bit
  • “right”
  • Zen kisses her gently
  • “i’m going to miss you so much. the world will seem so ugly without you”
  • Zen begs MC to send him pictures of her in uniform like, everyday while she’s training
  • having such a sweet support behind MC makes her feel like Zen was always right beside her


  • Jaehee has always admired MC for being so strong
  • she always chased after what she wanted
  • so much so that she eventually convinced Jaehee to do the same
  • but seeing MC in uniform was a whole different experience for Jaehee
  • when MC showed Jaehee her uniform, Jaehee almost cried
  • she had been through so much with MC
    and now she was finally doing what she always wanted to
  • just like she inspired Jaehee to do what she wanted to
  • although Jaehee was going to miss MC like crazy
  • she knew she has to support MC 100%
  • and after seeing how happy MC looked in her uniform
  • it only made Jaehee more certain that this was what MC was born to do
  • she walks up to MC and straightens out one of her pins
  • “MC, it looks like you were meant to wear this uniform”
  • she kisses MC on the cheek, holding back tears
  • Jaehee didn’t even know if they were tears because of how much she was gonna miss MC
    or tears of joy because of how proud she felt


  • Jumin will swear to god MC looks more like an angel in her uniform than a soldier
  • “Jumin…? why are you staring like that? do i look weird?”
  • Jumin is to shocked to even speak
  • she’s so stunning, even in uniform
  • there’s no way Jumin will ever be able to get over how gorgeous his girl is
  • his girl!
  • “babe!”
  • he’s talking very loudly
  • “Jumin? is everything okay??”
  • Jumin grabs MC’s shoulders
  • “are there other boys where you’re going?”
  • she looks at him, confused
  • “yes, Jumin. there are other boys where im going”
  • “will they see you in this uniform?”
  • “…yea?”
  • Jumin pulls MC close to him, hugging them tightly
  • “i’m going to miss you so much”
  • Jumin feels terrified knowing that other men will see his precious flower
  • then again, maybe this is the perfect opportunity for him to learn that his precious flower can take care of herself
  • and that she only loves him, forever


  • he salutes as soon as he sees her
  • MC just rolls her eyes
  • “Seven, can you please be serious?!”
  • “Ma’am, yes ma’am!”
  • “Seven…”
  • “are they gonna give you a gun?”
  • “no, Seven”
  • he starts laughing
  • “good! i wouldnt trust you with a gun if my life depended on it!”
  • MC stops her foot in frustration and Seven suddenly becomes serious
  • “oh, actually i think there’s a spot on your uniform, baby”
  • Seven gets close to MC and places a finger on her uniform
  • “really? were?”
  • “right here”
  • when she looks down to see the spot, Seven runs his finger up, dragging it across her face
  • before MC can yell at him, Seven kisses her quickly
  • “it looks amazing, cutie”
  • man, Seven was really gonna miss having her around to mess with


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