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Don't mean to be that guy But we never got a tyzias entykk icon Just saying

dont worry, im definitely working on it!! you’ll get it (and the zebede one too) once its finished! sorry that its taking me so long, i just have a Lot going on in my life rn so,, blease be patient with me :’I


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so this bitchy girl I went to school with since the 4th grade (we’re all graduated by now), I looked up my town on twitter and found people cussing her out by name because apparently she’s turned to a life of drug abuse and petty theft

she got arrested, i found her mugshot

these two girls on twitter were fucking dragging her ass

this is funny on its own but its even funnier when you realize she was super mean to my friends and I in middle school, karma is a bitch :’D

I’m probably not going to play Razi’s route (for reasons) but I still want to see all the cute lovey stuff that’s going to happen, so I need to live vicariously through the Lovestruck fandom on tumblr when it eventually comes out.

Don’t let me down fam!


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