im doing it


idk wtf i’m doing majoring in english………should have gone into graphic design………

anyway !

i just want to say that i really truly love every single one of you, i really do. i love being able to come on here and see people who love the same things i do and be able to yell w/ them and you guys just really make my world a better place to exist in and i’m so, so glad that you guys are a part of my life (or at least my dash). thank u so much for 1k, i’m sending all of u love and kisses and good things bc u deserve them!

👑 - the rulers over my heart.. u give hobi a run for his money

💖 - ur one of my favs nd im probably most likely head over heels in love with you

✨ - ur great and i lov ur blog but we dont talk much dont worry i still love u

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“General Hux, this beautiful kitten is from my Grandfather’s Padawan’s pony farm. She is hard-working and will serve you well…” 

according to ~*legend*~, after Ahsoka Tano left the jedi order, she started a Pony Farm that milicent the cat was born on… #ibelieveinahsokasponyfarm. it kills the man.

snoke made me do it. celebrate the love. 

Okay but why do these houseguests keep eliminating their own damn allies from the HOH comp?! I don’t give a fuck about “volunteers” so that no one hurts anyone’s feelings. Like do any of them (esp neeley/kryssie) realize they’re giving HOH to someone they aren’t even close to? And that the person has a good chance at putting them up? Where is the strategy? Where is the self awareness? I’m so annoyed.

hello this is just a reminder to not send messages to your fav celebrities saying youre going to hurt/kill yourself bc it is super manipulative!! i know it is tempting and i know you look up to them so much and anything they say can help you but pls remember they are not your friend, to them you are a stranger and putting them in that position is super crappy so pls just dont do it

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the tatinof stuff comes out on my birthday it will be the best gift ive received

happy birthday here take this emotional documentation of our lives for you to cry over have fun

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idk if im on the wrong blog for a carmilla related question but with all of this part II/younow stuff, like their body language and chemistry on/off camera i'm starting to firmly believe natlise could/may be a thing. has your opinions on the matter changed at all??

yeah, technically the wrong blog, but that’s okay!! i texted syd about this, but tonight with that YouNow i personally noticed a shift (or another shift i guess?). they’re usually pretty touchy feely, but Elise was basically on top of her the whole time. then you had Natasha wiping away her tears, her looking like a sad puppy when Elise coughed, and was caught looking at Elise. the whole thing seemed sorta domestic?? idk, that’s probably not a good word for it since it’s kinda hard to explain. 

anyhoo back to your actual question - my opinion really hasn’t changed other than the fact that i’m side eyeing it even more now.

ya’ll i dont want to be the dent in everyone’s happiness i love this comic a lot but theres one thing that really bothered me??

If the gang really knew all along then they couldve done their part and not been insensitive pricks around bitty when it came to talking about jack?

I mean part of the fuckin reason bitty wanted to come out was because of all the nonchalant shit they used to say and it hurt him and now we find out not only did they know but they knew while saying all that crap too??? doesnt sit well with me idk

You probably hate me. I can’t decide whether to stay or leave. You told me I always have a choice, but you didn’t know how hard is it for me to choose. I love you, but I knew our love story is about to end. If i choose to stay, I’ll bear the pain until my last breathe. But if I choose to leave, the pain will be excruciating that will kill my soul.