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you know what makes me so upset?? people basing luke’s entire worth on his looks or publicly shaming him for “getting ugly”. he’s not here to first be be objectified and then harshly dissed when you feel like he no longer meets your physical standards. it’s fine if you’re not attracted to him anymore for whatever reason but please don’t make a huge deal about it and go around trash talking him solely based on his looks or screaming about how you’re “switching lanes” because luke “no longer does it for you”. you just look shallow and mean. so unnecessary.

Les Chevaliers…

anyone got a trick for learning how to deal with changes cause lol itd be nice not to burst into tears whenever a small thing changes in my life

Roman-Fleuve (M)

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» xiumin x reader
» 2.8k
» kim minseok smut with lots of body worship
» warning: smut

“What was that, sorry?” you asked, realising that you’d yet again zoned out whilst listening to Minseok talking. He simply chuckled, laughing off the moment and sweeping his fingertips over the curve of your cheek.

Minseok had the kind of face – and body – that one could just stare at every day of their lives and never get bored. You could look into his eyes for hours upon end but each time you blinked there’d be something new capturing your attention. It was just the kind of person Minseok was, whether it be when he was talking, sleeping or just sitting, people were always interested in him.

“It doesn’t matter. I was just saying how I missed spending time with you.”

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Things To Do When I Get FFXV

1. Stare at the box itself and cry for 10 minutes

2. Stare at the title screen and cry for another 10 minutes

3. Enter the opening scene and cry some more (especially at the cut-scene when Noctis leaves for Insomnia and Regis is saying his goodbyes)

4. Zoom in and out of the characters for a good 20 minutes (screenshot all the good angles)

5. Make Noctis warp into random locations

6. Make Noctis fall down from great heights

7. Make Noctis fall down from cliffs and boulders

8. Make the chocobros stay at all the dingy hotels (no luxury life for the Pauper Prince)

9. Crash the Regalia at random intervals

10. Never NEVER enter the second half of the game.