im doing it


Young Blood by @glaciya

***Please full view*** the last piece drawn for the @dcubang​ event!  Thank you to Glaci for the lovely fic and amazing inspo… and most of all for letting me live my dream and draw these boys on a sexy piece of machinery ; D woowoo! ilu Glaci thank you again <3

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Some ppl might think the art in my comics is bad but it takes a lot of practice just to be able to draw simple things and write text legibly and draw even just a circle and ive only been consistently drawing for a bit over a year so i think im doing just fine thank u very much!!!!

anybody else feel like an absurd amount of foreboding for 2018 like 2016 sucked my soul out 2017 put my corpse into a really fast car i couldn’t control and i feel like 2018 is The Arrival At The Gates Of Satan

This is my submission for the @miraculous-merci-zine

Marichat has a very special place in my heart, it makes me happy beyond reason and I want to thank Thomas and the ML team for what are we going to see about these two. Being short or long, im hyped for this scene!

let me share your dreams

nico and will sleeping, because boy, do they deserve it


idk my dudes