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you know me too well dammit D:<

> *shows up three weeks late with a doodle just because she gave up several times trying to draw legs* yo

> @ rogue: pls change ur haircut son its impossible to draw

what r some neo pronoUns that are easy to Use?

No sleep and spoilers... thats where this comes from!  Don’t judge me!

Bernie couldn’t believe it when she saw Serena. They’d arranged weeks ago to have matching elf costumes at the Christmas do, and yet here Serena was, just as they were about to leave, dressed as Santa! 

“Santa?” Bernie questioned with a furrowed brow “Serena, I thought we agreed to go as elves?”

Serena nervously changed the weight from one foot to the other “Yes, well SOMEONE has to show that Italian Stallion how its done.” Serena looked away as Bernie’s puppy dog eyes were brought out in full force “I’ll make it up to you later” she said then, winking at Bernie.

Bernie smirked then “Can I be your little helper?” she whispered seductively. 

“Well if it keeps your tongue wagging at me and not the Italian Stallion, you can be what ever you want” replied Serena in a deep voice as her eyes drifted to the blondes delicately painted mouth.

Bernie pulled back then “Is that what this is about? I said people wouldn’t be wagging their tongues at us because of him? Serena…”

She never finished her rant as lips descended on hers. After a moment, they pulled apart and Serena rested her forehead against Bernie’s “I said I’d make it up to you later” she giggled. 

Serena did make it up to her later… in fact, not long after she’d quite literally upstaged the Italian Stallion by sweeping the most beautiful woman in the room off her feet and away from him (literally earning her a cheer from Jac Naylor herself), Bernie was dragged out into a secluded corridor and pushed up against a table, Serena’s mouth on hers, until she eventually pulled herself up to sit on it. Impatient at the momentary loss of contact, Serena pulled Bernie back towards her by her legs and proceeded to snog the face off her.

‘Oh yes’ Bernie thought ‘I can DEFINITELY say tongues wont be wagging for the Italian Stallion after this’