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Say it!
  • For malfoyheritage <3
  • Draco: Do that thing!
  • Harry: Draco, really?
  • Draco: Come on! Do it!
  • Harry: I really don't understand why you-
  • Draco: DO IT!
  • Harry: *sighs* Alright.
  • Harry: *lifts Draco up over his head Dirty Dancing-style*
  • Draco: Now say the line like we discussed.
  • Harry: It's kinda obvious, you know?
  • Draco: Harry!
  • Harry: Everyone knows it.
  • Draco: Say it!
  • Harry: *mumbling* Your hair looks better than mine.
  • Draco: *breathing hard* I’ve never needed you as much as I do now!

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Can I have kirideku for 49 nightfall if you don't mind


The night is falling around them, and Kirishima is going to do it, going to reach out and take Izuku’s hand and— and— y’know, that! The setting is perfect: the last glow of sunlight on the horizon, the distant sound of the city muffled by the crickets and the river, quiet and private despite the few other couples in the park. Kirishima tries not to squirm, nervously fiddling with the hem of his shirt. I can do this, he thinks to himself, I am a man and a man doesn’t back down.

A cool hand grasps his, Izuku fingers lacing with Kirishima’s, pulling him to a sudden stop. Kirishima gapes down where Izuku’s face is ducked away and suspiciously red.

“S-Sorry, I just wanted to…” Izuku stutters, glancing up beneath long lashes.

“It’s fine!” Kirishima shouts, before slapping a hand over his mouth. “I mean, you just— I wanted to— But I— And you—”

Izuku chuckles over his floundering, and Kirishima’s heart nearly stops when tilts his freckled, blushing face up with the happiest smile Kirishima has ever seen so he leans forward and—

My thoughts reading Cursed Child…XD
  • Me: *reading cursed child* -Astoria dies.
  • Me: Draco is mine for the taking! MWAHAHAHAHA! I-I mean…I am VERY sorry for your loss, Draco. Have a biscuit
  • Harry: Have-what?
  • Me: ㅜ_ㅜ'
  • Draco: *sniffles*
  • Me: *pat pat* *throws Harry out the window*
  • Me: *plans wedding arrangements* I think I'm gonna go for a Slytherin theme here…
  • Dirty mind: Yes..we want him to Slytherin our Chamber of Secrets ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Me: now is NOT the time. I have a wedding to plan idiot!
  • Draco: *slowly backs away*
  • Me: see Harry?! You scared him away!

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Mo hi!!!!! So your writing is amazing. If you haven't already realized lol. Any writing blogs that you love to go back to? Any fics you can't get enough of?

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Annyeong anon! Thank you for such sweet words. I’m very glad you enjoy my writing. As for writing blogs, I’ve got a few that I can’t get enough of with the most wonderful writers.

@yves-saintlaurtuan - my GOD Sica is fabulous. Just…so wonderful. There aren’t enough words. ‘Fools’ and ‘Dangerous Woman’ drive me into a frenzy. Sica writes so well and is such an angel.

@m-yien - Rey is just as fantastic and if you’re looking for some Park Jinyoung to read, the ‘Spontaneous’ series is a wonderful place to start.

@catpopfeels - what can I say about Cat (and her writing) that won’t keep us here all day? Lol. Just go. You’ll understand. And follow her on insta and snap because she legit is the cutest thing with flawless makeup.

@bbyjunior - ‘Wanted’ IS ONE OF MY MOST ABSOLUTE FAVORITES. I’m cool. I’m fine. I just…feelings. It’s actually hilarious because ‘Wanted’ is inspired by ‘Vampire Knight’ (an amaze anime) and my bff and I designated GOT7 members to each of the characters in the anime long before I read it so to read this fic makes me super giddy. It’s so perfect and on point. And #YugBam. 

@letsdofrench - now I don’t write smut and I used to not read it (*blush*) but now I apparently have a dirty mind and read smut all the time. Well. GOT7 smut lol. Nini just writes the smut so well. I can’t get enough. As for a favorite, it’s just too hard to choose so I’ll let you wander over anon and decide for yourself.

@scenario-land - my beautiful Felicity! I’ve requested both Mark and JB scenarios from her multiple times and they NEVER disappoint. She’s absolutely doll and incredibly talented. I love her to bits and pieces. Everything she writes is my favorite and she writes for other groups as well so if her requests are still open, don’t be shy!

@got7imaginations - smut. It’s all you need to know lol.

@after-you-fall-asleep - Hope’s JB and Junior fic ‘Tainted’ had me going CRAZY. I await for update as patiently as I possibly can lol. Her other works like ‘Temporarily Yours’ (JB) are also so, so good.

@jinmeowie - (formerly hyunglinetrashaf) Cath is such a splendid writer. ‘To Jae, With Love’ is one of my absolute favorites. Check it out.

@lovemarkjin - ‘So Close’ (feat. Mark) makes me cry enough tears to fill buckets. I can’t handle it. It’s so good. As if everything else on the masterlist.

So that’s it! Or at least, those are the blogs and fics I can remember off the top of my head. There are many others I’m sure, tumblr is filled with phenomenal writers, but those above have truly captured my heart with their way with words. Check them out if you haven’t because it’s well worth late nights squealing under your blankets because of how fangirly you’re being. Lol. Thanks for the question anon. xoxo, Mo