im definitely making some more soon

zombst3r asked:

Can you please do more social media AU????

Definitely! I wanted to make a part 2 to my Bellarke one since it was kinda sad and maybe more clexa or other ships too. If I get any requests for ships other than those two I’d be glad to do them. For now though ill be working on the Bellarke and I’ll have some posts up soon!

anonymous asked:

So from what I can make out, there can be more that one Gemigon of the same gem (ex. the Agates). Are there any gems that CAN'T have more than one Gemigon? Also, do you plan to make a birthstone/zodiac-type series any time soon? :o

in canon, nope! there can definitely be more than one of every gem. as for gems that i’ll do for customs/adopts/etc., there are a few i won’t do more than one of. diamond is definitely one, and possibly ruby and sapphire. ive been considering taking them off the list though since they’re so popular. diamond will always be one of a kind though.

and yea definitely! whenever im not being completely lazy lmao. 

i actually started some birthstone ones,,or at least i think thats what they are.


i think the purple one is amethyst but i cant remember???