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Dating Montgomery De La Cruz....

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- You are his number one kryptonite, seeing you would calm him down and remember not to be such a dick

- He TOTALLY changes around you, like??? No one would ever imagine him as a hopeless romantic but with you he’s this whole other person, without the cold hard exterior

- He’s not used to this kind side of himself that you bring out, and he does everything he can to impress you like you guys first time he did that cliche rose petals on bed with candles and music 

- seeing the open tabs on his phone from wikihow saying “How not to be an asshole” ever since he liked you

- MEGA protective and always on your side, defending you to the end and god forbid someone stares at you for too long

- skips school w you, driving you to the beach to just relax, eat some food

- He could check you out foreverrrrr, and he doesn’t care if you catch him he just winks ;)))))

- mega flirt w you he’ll use the cheesiest pickup lines on you even though you’re already dating

- he has a motorcycle this is canon no it’s not im a liar but I wish it was and he’ll go for rides w you 

- he loves having you on his lap even if there’s no need for it, and slides his arms around your waist

- he’s hella touchy and if he gets jealous all hell breaks loose  he’ll never ever let you go and make sure to kiss you, and will definitely stare down whoever dare stare at you for more than 5 seconds

- contrary to what you’d think he’s so great at comforting you when you’re sad, you don’t even have to explain to him in the moment he’ll understand instantly and just hug you and let you cry it out

- Bryce hitting on you and Monty beating the shit out of him threatening to kill him, intimidating, “Never look at Y/N. Don’t even think of Y/N. If you get near Y/N again, the second I see you you’re dead. You hear me?”


- Late night drives to fast food places yes yes yes

- Shitty jokes 2 4 / 7

The holy Stingy council

It is our sworn duty to protect and support our holy deity Stingy, whom we worship and pray to. In the name of our lord and savior, we make sure no slander is spoken about him.

Hamilton High School Sports AU

-Alexander is a volley ball and track person.
-it helps him take out aggression by hitting the ball smack down onto the other team’s floor.
-running helps him push himself which he loves .
-John Laurens is a swimmer and baseball player.
-amazing at batting, not so good in the field.
-Lafayette is a cheerleader (for Hercules only).
-he’s so freaking cheerful all the time Jesus Christ the other cheerleaders are angry at how peppy he is.
-he smiles during arguements with the others and laughs when the other cheer teams insult him.
-Hercules walks up like “you talking bullcrap about my cheetleader?”
-they back off immediately.
-Thomas Jefferson is in track and basketball.
-Hamilton and Jefferson run against each other and then get super hot and sweaty afterwards.
-they fight over the court because practice times get mixed up.
-Alex spikes the ball at Thomas.
-Thomas chucks the basketball at them when they’ve been going back and forth with no mistakes.
-or he puts the volley ball somewhere really high up.
-Hercules is in field events and football
-eliza is a volley ball gal and damn she is so good at saving the ball from hitting the floor.
-her and hammy exchange tips and practice together on weekends.
-Thomas gets jealous and tries to learn how to play once.
-he got caught by Alex and was made fun of it for the rest of eternity.
-Angelica would SO be a basketball player like damn.
-she would school all the boys including Thomas.
-Aaron Burr does track but he never does sprinting because he prefers to pace himself and is always slow and it pisses Alexander off SO. F#CKING. MUCH.
-George Washingmachine is the ref for almost everything. Super fair and nice as well.
-King George is the other ref and is a huge d!ck. Super unfair. Nobody likes him.
-Lafayette wanted to do almost all the sports but Washingmachine had to tell him to tone it down because he was just such a cinnamon roll and didn’t realize he would break down from stress and exhaustion.
-James dabbles in some field events but mostly doesn’t do a lot because of his asthma.
-An amazing tutor for people that want to do sports and excersize tho.
- “Just breath and relax.”
- holds a yoga class outside of school. Aaron, Eliza, and Thomas all attend.
-Maria is the best and most beautiful softball player this world has ever seen and damn right she dabbles in hockey and swimming.
-she and John talk about swimming techniques all the time.
-she also teaches Lafayette how to play hockey without falling or looking like a doof.
-Hercules secretly watches and giggles when his bf makes a shot in and cheers about it for the next 2 minutes.
-Hamilton gets excited after his school wins the track regionals or something
-he kisses Thomas like a lot and then quickly runs away but Thomas catches up
- “we should win more often, I could use more of that hamilton~”
- they all go to the gym together or get ice cream together and talk about cheat days, Washingmachine and how nice he is, King George and how much of an @ss he is, and Charles Lee who is a stubborn piece of crap.

Add more if you like!!!!


No i don’t have a nurse kink and i definitely do not ship Vanderwood and 707 stop asking me questions. What are you a cop???

The Wolf Who Preyed On The Dragon

Daenerys watched him during their small council meeting. His brows creased as they discussed battle strategies and plans of evacuating people from the most northern part of the region. Every so often he would glance her way or stroke his beard as they tried to come to a final plan. The King in the North listened to Davos and Jorah throwing around ideas, such as using the underground crypts at Winterfell as a safe haven for some or retreating to the Neck. Either way, no one found a substantial solution just yet.

Everyone was on edge, after leaving the Dragon Pit, their little group made it via boat back to the North, the horror they saw beyond the wall still fresh in their minds. What was to come? Would they make it? If so, what would be left of the world? These were the thoughts of almost each person sitting in the room. What plagued everyone’s conscience the most was their very new, very fragile alliance with Cersei. Almost every single person in this room was wronged by one of her actions. When they reached Winterfell, the inhabitants there were not happy about this new arrangement, however their king assured them that they had a plan. They didn’t, but they all made an unspoken pact to be weary of the new queen in the capital. Daenerys could see something in Arya’s eyes when Jon mentioned this alliance, it seemed to be ambition, as if she was working towards some sort of internal goal and it was finally in reach.

As the meeting went on, she noticed Jon tense up more and more. His eyes would narrow and his hand would clench around his goblet. She gave her opinion and he said nothing, which was unusual, normally he’d be quick to side with her or point out all the flaws in her plan.

Everyone knew Jon Snow was a different man after taking back his home, yes he was still honourable, yet there was something more intense and dark lurking underneath the surface. He was more determined now, more confident and took more control. According to the people who knew him before her, Jon Snow the King in the North truly became the white wolf after he was declared king.

The meeting drew to a close and the large group huddled out of the small solar. As she reached the door, she turned and saw him still hunched over his books. You’re going to kill yourself before the White Walkers reach us, she thought to herself. Jon’s head snapped up, his face hard, then she realised her thoughts came out as words. Letting out a huff, she closed the door and walked back towards the table.

“It’s true though,” she sat down opposite him, the fire still blazing, warming the room enough that there was no need for their thick cloaks, yet Jon still wore his.

“I can’t just sit back and wait for the world to end,” she could tell that he was frustrated and stressed.

“You can’t go into battle tired and dazed either,” she shot back, “you haven’t slept in three days, every night I wake up to find you sitting by the fire, you barely touch your food and you don’t even listen to anyone else’s suggestions.”

“Reminds me of someone else in this room,” he gritted back, he didn’t look up from book her was reading. Daenerys could feel her fury rising, remaining silent she calmed herself. The King in the North was stressed, it was time for her to help release the wolf and relieve some of that tension, before he does something irrational that will get them all killed. Maybe if he succumbs to all the emotions inside of him, he’ll be more focused afterwards, she thought. Jon had to relax and somehow be grounded in order to lead, he was the most experienced person when it came to the White Walkers and they needed him. Her next move was a dangerous one, but she had to try.

“Fine,” lifting herself off her seat, holding a goblet of wine, “for all the stories I heard and what I’ve seen, I’m rather disappointed, the great White Wolf can’t look after himself,” she walked around the table until she stood close to him, she could tell she had his attention, “makes me wonder if he can truly look after his people,” he was looking into the flames now, his face hard, “where’s the honour?”

Jon shot up, about to explode, when he saw the look on her face, her smirk, he played right into her hands. She moved closer to him, her hands resting on his chest, “ We need you to be focused,” she looked up, his eyes were narrowed, his jaw tense, gently she pushed him back into the armchair, “I need you. Out of all of us, you’re the leader, the one person who can actually make a difference, we need you to lead us now.” It was true, yes he was not the best politician and could be irrational at times, but when it came to practicality and actually putting plans into action, Jon excelled. She was sitting on his lap, her hands cupping his face, if anyone were to walk in now, it would not leave a good impression, the North was still wary of the Dragon queen at times and some of the lesser lords made it clear that they did not approve of Jon being so amicable towards her. Amicable, she found that amusing, if they only knew what good allies we really are, she told him one night, while they lay naked in his chambers.

“Let the wolf out Jon,” she whispered as she sunk deeper into him, “show us the true king in the North.” She saw something ignite in him. Suddenly his lips were on hers, this was different to other times they’ve kissed, it was hard, possessive, claiming. Pushing the cloak off his shoulders, she started loosening his jerkin. before she could succeed in her task, he pulled away, lifting them both up and walking them towards the rugs close to the hearth. They tore at each others clothes, removing the layers of insulating fabrics.

Daenerys felt him place her on the rugs, after nearly tearing her black and grey ensemble off of her, he had an animalistic look in his eyes, as if she was his prey. A wolf hunting a dragon, she thought. He covered his body with hers, kissing her neck and moving down, as he moved lower, she tugged at his hair, loosening it from the knot. Moving further down he claimed his prey, usually he’d be sensual and slowly work his way to her core and lick and kiss until she was lost in the sensation. The first time he ever kissed her there was on the boat, it was the first time she was every kissed there, it seemed as if the men in Essos were unfamiliar with this practice. Tonight, however, he was rough, this was him letting go of the last bit of restraint he possessed. As he ate, his hands roamed her thighs, legs, spreading them apart.

“My king,” she moaned, Jon froze and so did she, never did either one of them expect that to come out of her mouth. He looked at her, knowing fully well that her one goal was to still rule the Seven Kingdoms, which included the North.

Moving up, until her was inline with her, pinning her hands above her head, “Were you swearing fealty to me, Your Grace?” he bit her neck, making her squeal in surprise, his free hand grazing her breast, running over the nipple.

“Do you want to be ruled by the King in the North, Daenerys?” he slowly entered her.

“Jon,” she groaned against his lips, before he bit lower lip. They moved together, passion and fire burning them as they clung to one another. He stopped and flipped them over. He placed open mouth kisses all over her exposed shoulder and neck.

“Whose are you?” the question surprised her, but also excited her, it’s been a long time since she was claimed in such a primal way. She was the ruler, the queen and no man commanded her, yet for some odd reason she did not mind being his.

“Yours,” she whispered, neither one expected her response. She turned her head to the back, her hand grasping the side of his head, fingers tangling into his hair. They kissed as they both reached their peak.

Laying on the plush furs, he threw his cloak over them haphazardly. His face was buried in her hair,

“Jon we need you,” she whispered, “it won’t matter anymore if you’re not there,” she felt him tense up, “but as long as you’re still here with us, we have a fighting chance.” At that moment she didn’t given a damn about ruling, all she cared about was them, they’ve come so far, individually and together, if they lost, everything they did would have been for nothing.

He lifted her chin up and captured her lips, “We’ll survive, together.”

I’m going to hell for all the filth in my head. I really don’t know where this came from, it was definitely not suppose to be this long. I like to add a few of my theories into my fics, for example, I do think they’ll all be weary of Cersei and part of me feels as if Arya will be plotting her revenge, only for it to be stolen by one of the Lannister brothers. Let me know what you all think and whether you’d like my opinion on anything related to Season 7. It’s almost here, so excited!

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Fun idea: For Halloween, Steve goes as Johnny Depp's character in Nightmare on Elm Street (specifically the outfit with the cropped sweatshirt). Nancy and Jonathan can't keep their eyes (or hands) off of him.

OHHHH BOY i love this wow like can you just imagine… I feel like Nancy would go as, well, Nancy?  (Also like im 90% confident that Steve and Nancy were based off of Glen and Nancy soo it makes sense) and they definitely try to convince Jonathan to go as Freddy Kruger, but Jonathan is a terrible sport and was like no way in hell so he probably like went as a ghost or a pumpkin or something stupid.  But Nancy and Jonathan weren’t prepared for how damn good Steve would look in a crop top and he 100% takes advantage of that the rest of the night.  He definitely keeps the shirt.

(for anyone who hasn’t seen this movie or can’t recall this iconic look, this is the outfit in question:)

I have a few things to say about Nathan Chen

I know we are all surprised of Nathan’s performances this WC, he wasn’t his usual self, he didn’t get his crazy quads and he didnt score like we all know he can, and boi let me tell you that if you feel disappointed of him Im going to ask you to reconsider.
This is the living proof that skaters, even tho we dont want to hear it, are humans too and have limits. Asking Nathan to perform a 6 quad program after just being able to do 5 for the US Nationals its laughable, honestly.
Im definitely not saying Nathan is not capable of doing it (hell, even if I was, he’s known for proving everyone wrong), but lets remember he’s only 17 years old, probably hasn’t even stopped growing yet and has a long way to go, not only as a skater but as a person too.
Im confident that Nathan will one day become one of the greatest skaters in history, but he’s still a teenager. And here’s when I point out what the real issue is.
As a coach, it was very irresponsible for Rafael to let him go ahead and do the 6 quads. Nathan was pushing himself too hard and Rafael should have been the one to contain him, as he’s more experienced than Chen.
To watch his fs was painful, at some point I felt like he didn’t want to jump anymore, and that broke my heart to pieces. Coaches shouldn’t only care about rankings and physical integrity, but also keep their morals up and drive going.
To summarize:
Nathan I love you and Im proud of you
Rafael you need to step it down a notch
Helsinki more like HELLsinki amirite???

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so I heard today that to be a proper home, a house must have 10 or more plants. I don't know how this incorporates itself into your flowershop AU and/or traditional FAHC, but for some reason I see Ryan smuggling plants into the penthouse muttering about "needing exactly 10" and the rest of the crew thinks he's finally lost his mind.

i love this in context of fahc au. just ryan and plants is always an amazing thing and i bless the fandom for latching onto that headcanon so much

And im laughing just imagining the fakes being so confused as to what the hell is going on with their vagabond. like it was confusing with the first one, let alone the fucking nine others. and ryan offers little explanation other than a shrug and a muttering about a ‘proper home’ and yeah he’s definitely lost it. he’s going to kill them all in their sleep. its the end. (ryan doesn’t of course and calms down once he has his perfect 10 and the fakes just accept that their penthouse is filled with plants)

Imagine Kylo Ren getting really turned on while training you because you are so naturally skilled with the force, and he finds it fucking hot.

A/N: Here it is, my dudes, the actual written imagine! I hope you guys like it! <3

Rating: M

Word count: 1717

Warnings: Violence and smuttiness 

The crackling sound of light sabers clashing relentlessly filled the training room, punctuated by grunts and growls of effort. The room was hot, but the breeze afforded by the brisk movements each side of the duel had to administer in order to keep up with the other kept at least some air flowing.

Your master, Kylo Ren, was being relentless in his efforts to subdue you in this mock battle, his muscles flexing tightly as he brandished the training saber. He twirled, he jabbed, he swiped, all in an effort to get the upper hand against you but you were so focused, so tuned into his movements that you blocked every one of his shots. His ferocity only got more intense as the training session drilled on, and eventually, the two of you were nothing but a flurry of red light, heat, and elaborate maneuvers.  

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Thanatos Night Vol. 2 Nia (Full Translation)

I really enjoyed Nia’s CD and i’m still not over it (♡´艸`) So I decided to translate the whole thing so more people could suffer enjoy it too…

Apologies in advance for any mistakes, CD translations are not my forte (/)u(\)

(Translation under the cut - Do not use/repost without permission)

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"Im going to need you to put on some underwear" or something prompt for bellarke... hopefully its bellamy saying it to clarke, or both situations x

I love this one. I love it. Thanks for the prompt, nonny! This got a little….risque but with a prompt like that, how could I not?


A normal relationship looks like this: mutual trust, honesty, passion, and respect. Eventually, love. For Clarke, well, she’s never been any good at normal relationships. Hell, her current one was built off mutual hate and loathing paired with constant bickering. There is definitely passion, oh yes, and that was discovered the first time she and Bellamy ever slept together. She’d like to say they were both drunk and just  stumbled upon it but the truth is, it was bound to happen. One moment they had been arguing, probably over something small, and the next they were ripping each others clothes off and falling into bed together. There is definitely passion. 

Sometimes it manifests itself in unique ways. They argue over Netflix documentaries and their historical accuracies (and usually she loses because Bellamy Blake is a history NERD), over how to properly fry an egg, and even over stuff they normally agree on. Okay, maybe they argue because they enjoy it sometimes and when Bellamy gets fired up, he’s extremely attractive. All this to say, their passion is never absent, just present in specific moments. Like this one, as she stands in the mirror trying to make herself look like a sex object but not for the reason you would think.

No, she’s currently sporting one of Bellamy’s dress shirts complete (or incomplete, depending on how you look at it) without anything underneath. No bra. No panties. No shorts. Zilch. While, technically, her endgame is exactly what you think it would be, it’s not without making him suffer first. After all, he started the war. She’s ready to end it.

Pranks are nothing new to them. Even during their mutual hatred, pre-passion, stage, they played pranks on each other often. Stupid shit, sometimes embarrassing shit. Now that they’re together, it’s only gotten worse. Today he took off the toilet seat in the bathroom causing her to fall into the toilet bowl as she shuffled in, half asleep, for her morning bathroom break. It’s just as childish as it sounds and all because they had gotten into a fight over the toilet seat two days ago (he’s used to living alone now, he can’t help old habits!).

Is she taking this too far? It’s possible, but she’s already committed and honestly, it’s way better than falling ass first into a nasty toilet. He’s currently sitting in the living room on some important conference call (college professors do this, apparently) completely unexpecting. Show time. 

He pays her no mind as she walks into the living room, typing away at something on his laptop and nodding profusely at something someone on the other line is saying. She’s trying to go for casual, so she walks to the TV stand and pretends to be looking at movies. He’s sitting directly across from her, so she knows he is seeing this. As she bends over further, she hears his sharp intake of breath as the shirt reveals her perfectly round ass. She’s been doing squats specifically for moments like this. When she turns around, she sees his face has gone completely slack and he’s watching her in reverie. 

“Um, yeah,” he says into the phone, “I’ve just been trying to figure out ways to engage students in the content more. Make them want to show up for class and participate…”

Always a dreamer, that one. Now that she has attention, she moves towards the couch with a devilish smile. On instinct, he leans back and watches her saunter towards him. He is humming into the phone, pretending to really comprehend what the person is telling him. She crawls onto the couch and straddles him, letting her naked bottom half rub against him. His eyes are hooded and he has completely checked out from the conversation, struggling to hold the phone to his ear. 

“Yes sir, I’m listening,” he manages to get out with a steady voice. She grinds down on him for extra measure and she swears he whimpers.

She kisses his neck, right in the spot she knows he likes, and he seems to lose all self control in the worst way possible.

“I’m going to need you to put on some underwear!” he hisses and both their eyes go wide. She has to cover her mouth to keep from laughing at his mortification.

“I’m sorry, everyone. I’m watching my nephew,” he recovers fairly quickly, a little to her displeasure, “I’m going to have to dial back in once I take care of this.”

Luckily, he hasn’t moved her from his lap so she grinds back down for good measure. He presses down on the red button aggressively and tosses his phone on the table. Before she knows it, he has her pinned to the couch below him.

“Very funny,” he growls, and she’s happy to know there is no real malice in his voice.

“That’s what you get for the toilet seat.”

He laughs and pokes at her sides, “Is that the best you got, Griffin? Seducing me while I’m on the phone?”

She shrugs innocently and leans up to kiss him. She squeals in delight when he picks her up from the couch and throws her over his shoulder. 

“Shouldn’t you call them back?” she asks.

“I can think of something else I’d rather do.”

Like she said: passion.

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Im gonna bring my grades up Im gonna come back rad as hell Im not gonna take shit from anyone I might be depressed but that doesn't define me Im not shy and im definitely not being left out anymore Im still going to be nice and kind but what i need to start being more of is real Just because im nice doesnt mean people can walk all over me!!

Horned SerpentxLeoxRavenclaw

•spotlight OBSESSED
•emotionless on the outside, bursting with emotion on the inside
•will never let you see them weak
•if they cry in front of you, you’re either closer than Jesus is with God or the situation is inSANE
•creativity flows like the Niagara Falls
•love to get reactions
•will literally chop of an appendage if they need attention
•"I’m bored" (I need attention pls)
•will fight to the death for a friend
•whimsical party animals
•"just a sec I’m gonna google that"
•"I think I love them"
•"oh hell yeah im definitely in love with them"
•midnight dance parties in your underwear
•Stargazing at 3 am
•sleeping at 4 pm
•but also going to sleep at 11 pm
•love is the highlight
•school is fun but homework is not
•I would rather not do homework
•can do 8 hours worth of work in 30 minutes because PROCRASTINATION
•your best friend
•even if you don’t know them, they are your best friend
•"ew wtf" is said at least once a day
•stars are in their eyes with a fire brewing in their minds

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Listen, I am LIVING for daddy Harry. I fucking love daddy Harry; I’m going to spend all evening writing daddy Harry stuff because I am weak at the knees and need to get these thoughts out before I implode… 

This prompt doesn’t fit the storyline, and I know that they’re the children of a man in his band, but it was waaaaay too good to pass up. I love this little something;

YOURINSTAGRAM: Catching up daddy’s performances from Saturday Night Live. The kids were very confused when I told them that “Mick Jagger” was actually @harrystyles. We’re very proud of you, Peaches, and we can’t wait for you to come home for cuddles. xx

Oh this is going to be a real slow burn between Kara and Mon El but I am so here for it. Im not surprised that Mon El moved on, I mean what Kara said to him at the bar was pretty rough. She definitely made it quite clear that she thought she wasn’t interested. 

Why the hell did M’gann have to leave. I wanted her and J’onn together or something. Hopefully she comes back at some point!! 

Loving that Alex and Kara finally had a heart to heart and got to talk about everything that is going on. I have missed their dynamic this season but I am also pleased that Alex is getting her own life that doesn’t revolve around Kara! 


for those of you who don’t know, i was forced to delete my tumblr october 2016 because my dad found it and didn’t like what i was rbing and of course i signed up the very next day because .. well yeah.. i got deleted at 1.4k and i definitely didn’t think i was going to get back to where i was, so to see the fact that i’ve hit 9k is so surreal to me.. thank you all for following me ;( sorry this is sappy as hell im just very happy

take a look in the mirror | m

◇ “See how fucked you look.”

◇ Wonho x reader x The8

◇ this was…,…..,… draining to write……, im going to hell tbh but it was worth it,,,


This was a dream, honestly.

When you had signed up a few months ago to intern at Pledis, you had thought it would be normal intern stuff - getting coffee for your boss, delivering messages and sorting out files and what not. You didn’t expect to be more… involves with the company’s stars, but you often found yourself grabbing lunch for Seventeen or After School, fetching things from their dorms if they left something behind. And you definitely had not imagined befriending two popular idols, and even more disbelieving than that - sleeping with both of them, at the same time.


“Come watch me dance, _____!” It seemed like such an innocent request. Everybody knew that Minghao was an extremely good dancer, and you wouldn’t pass down a chance to see it live. The rest of Seventeen and Monsta X (who had visited again today to practice with the boys), had just left a while ago after dancing their hearts out, but Minghao had stayed behind.

And even as his hip thrusts got more sensual, his eyes grew hooded and his bottom lip became almost permanently stuck between his teeth, you couldn’t find it in yourself to feel regretful or guilty of taking up his offer.

Minghao is my friend, you excused your behaviour, this - this is what friends do, right? Wrong. Friends don’t press friends against the mirror of the dance practice room, friends don’t ravish each other’s mouths and necks, friends don’t trail their hands down to your jeans, tugging impatiently at your jeans and eventually sneaking into your pants to thumb at your clit through your jeans.

You could only be glad that you had known Minghao for the last few months, and it wasn’t something between two random people who had known each other for minutes. Oh, wait, did I say two? I meant three.

You don’t know if they planned this, but the coincidence that Wonho just happened to enter the practice room at midnight to dance didn’t make sense to you, but of course, you couldn’t ask. Monsta X and Seventeen were planning a collaboration stage, and you knew questioning their intentions would earn you more than a few days of teasing.

“What do we have here?” A mischievous voice calls. The sound echoes through the empty room, making you squeak in fear against Minghao’s lips. You couldn’t be caught in such a compromising position. You could say goodbye to your job, your reputation-

You manage to find enough self control to push Minghao away from you, his hand slipping out of your jeans and you frantically trying to clean yourself up. A chuckle stops you, however, and you look up, almost on the brink of tears despite your previous arousal.

“W-Wonho?” You ask in shock, relief filling your chest because it was Wonho, he was your friend. The blonde in question grins, raising his eyebrows as he strolls forward casually. “Wonho, please, don’t tell anyone, I won’t do anything again, I swear-”

“Oh, I’m not gonna tell anyone,” Wonho says, as if that’s obvious. Then he pouts, crossing his muscular arms and cocking his hip. “I’m more upset than surprised. Why would you go to Minghao instead of me?”

You’re about to explain how you never went to Minghao - rather, he went to you -, but you cut off yourself as you process what he said. Why would you go to Minghao instead of me? “It isn’t like that,” you stutter, before you turn to Minghao, who was quiet all this time. “Tell him, Minghao.”

Minghao struggles to find the right words, surprised but still aroused, cheeks flushed and lips swollen, bulge in his sweatpants extremely noticeable. “It isn’t like that-”

“Stop,” Wonho orders, rolling his eyes, “I know what it’s like.” Then, he bites his lip, narrowing his eyes and meeting your nervous gaze. “I’m just a bit… curious, ______ .”

“C-curious?” You squeak, “About what?”

“If you had to choose between me and Minghao, who would you choose? Who do you think’s the better lover, sweetheart?”

The question is so blunt that you honestly can’t form any words, cheeks burning immensely and palms growing sweaty. “E-excuse me?”

He sighs, stepping forward to thumb gently over your burning cheeks, whispering, “No need to be nervous, love,” before he repeats his question. Who do you think is the better lover? You don’t know what to say. Do you give in to his teasing and answer him honestly, wounding somebody’s pride, or do you completely refuse to answer and endure a few weeks of the same question being asked over and over again-?

“I have an idea!” Wonho chirps, a smirk washing over his handsome features, “Why don’t you judge?” Nervousness blooms in your chest at his words, eyes flickering between Minghao, leaning against the mirror, and Wonho, smiling cockily, arms crossed.

“Judge?” You echo, “Judge what-?”

Your question is answered all too soon when Wonho lurches forward, taking you gently in his arms, a stark contrast to the addicting roughness of his lips on yours, his tongue sliding into your mouth to taste you. You’re taken by surprise, of course you are, but you don’t for one second struggle to get out of his grasp - until you realise that there was still another person in the room.

“Wonho!” You gasp, eyes wide as he tightens his arms around you, lips creating paths of purple down the expanse of your neck, nibbling and tugging at the delicate skin and making you whimper softly. “Minghao-”

“Do you not get it princess?” Wonho coos against your skin. “Minghao will be joining us - that’s the only way for us to be judged fairly, right?” It’s almost as if you’re hypnotised - eyes cloudy with lust, you find yourself nodding along gently to his statement, earning a pleased grin, before he turns to the man behind you.

“Well?” He questions, raising an eyebrow at him. Minghao looks confused for a second, before Wonho is gesturing to you. “I’ve already kissed her, it’s your turn.”

Minghao looks to you for a second, scoping your emotions and making sure you’re completely fine with what he’s about to do, before he steps forward, slowly but surely, and presses his lips against yours .

While Wonho’s kiss was rough, sloppy and purely made of sexual desire, Minghao’s kiss was on the shyer side. His lips were unbelievably soft, nose nudging against yours as he moves his lips passionately against yours, arms unconsciously raising the wrap around your waist and pull you closer.

You only manage to pull away from him when you run out of breath, cheeks flushed and heart beating erratically. You can only imagine that you’re a mirror image of Minghao, with his swollen lips and dilated pupils that are hiding a want for more intimacy.

“That was quite the show,” Wonho teases from behind you, making you jump from your daze and turn to him. You had almost forgotten he was still here, but you doubted you would again - in the time you had been so caught up in Minghao, Wonho had managed to shed himself of his shirt and trousers, leaving him in his underwear and looking like a male model.

“My turn, now,” Wonho grinned, waltzing over to you and pulling you from Minghao’s embrace, leading you with a sensual grip to lean against the cold mirror. He tilts his head to the side, inspecting you for a moment in all your flustered, aroused glory; and, not being able to help himself, leans in to press a few more chaste kisses to your lips.

You can’t prevent your eyes from fluttering shut at the feeling, getting lost in the sensation of his hand on your waist, lips soft and inviting, Minghao’s flustered gaze on you both. With a squeak, your legs are nudged apart, and Wonho’s thigh is suddenly pressed against the area you need him most.

A whimper escapes you as he flexes his thigh, increasing the friction on your clit through your jeans. You pull away from his lips with a groan, letting your head rest back against the mirror and accidentally catching Minghao’s eye over Wonho’s shoulder. His gaze has darkened, eyebrows furrowed and chest heaving with every breath. You almost let out a whine at the sight.

“Come on, _____ ,” Wonho murmurs into your ear, pressing kisses against your neck, “You’re gonna have to move for oppa if we’re gonna get you nice and wet.”

He’s pinning your hands to the mirror now, and he bites harshly at your heck as he realizes that you haven’t started moving on him. With a shaky breath, you begin to rock your hips back and forth, grinding yourself into his bare thigh. The pleasure that blooms in your stomach has you gasping, eyebrows furrowing at the feeling - but it wasn’t enough, not with your jeans in the way.

Wonho must realise from the whimper that escapes you. “Of course,” he tsks, “it would be better if we took these off, wouldn’t it?” He removes his thigh from in between your legs, unbuttoning the pesky material and sliding them down your legs. He stops to take in the image of you, only in your underwear and a shirt, whimpering and needy.

He can’t wait any longer.

“You want her first, Minghao?” Wonho answers casually, stepping closer to you and sliding his hand behind you, trailing his hand down your clothed back before he reached your ass, giving you a proper squeeze that makes you shiver.

“Are you sure?” Minghao’s voice is much less nervous than it had been earlier, this time laced with arousal and lust and matching his exterior perfectly. “I know how long you’ve been waiting for this.”

The statement should strike confusion in you, but you can’t bring yourself to care, not when Wonho’s pulling your shirt over your head, unclasping your bra and throwing it behind him somewhere. He bows his head, taking a perfectly pebbled nipple in his mouth, the pleasure radiating through you and no doubt rushing down to your pussy that was gushing in your underwear.

“Don’t act like you haven’t been pining after her as well, punk,” Wonho scolds, turning his head to glare playfully at Minghao, who smiles cheekily in response.

“Whatever,” Minghao mutters, “I’ll have her first. You have condoms?” The regret on Wonho’s face would be funny if you weren’t painfully horny and waiting for someone to fuck you six ways to Sunday.

“Shit, I don’t have any-” He groans.

“I have some in my purse,” you say impatiently, “Please, just get them so that one of you can fuck me?” You don’t know where this confidence came from but it was easing up the impatience in your chest so you thanked wherever it originated from.

Minghao is quick to scrabble for your bag, rifling through it until he finds your purse and easily finding the condoms hidden there. Coincidentally, you have more than one, and enough for both of them.

In your daze you hadn’t realized that Minghao, too, had shed himself of his clothing, all lean and tan skin that made your mouth water. He slides the condom over his cock, tall and standing against his stomach from when he was observing you ride Wonho’s thigh, and approaches you.

It’s almost scary how good you fit in their arms. Minghao wraps his arms around your waist, your arms around his shoulders as you’re pinned to the mirror, legs around his slender waist. He’s surprisingly strong, you realise, as he holds you up against the mirror, one hand rubbing his cock along your weeping slit and the other pressed to your body.

“You ready?” Minghao asks breathily, but he doesn’t give you time to respond, because he’s pushing his cock into your pussy seconds later. Your whines and his moan resound through the room as he bottoms out inside of you, bowing his head to your shoulder as he takes a few seconds to calm himself.

“Make sure to stay focused,” Wonho teases, standing a bit away and nursing a raging boner himself, pumping himself slowly in his hands as he watches you take all of Minghao. “We’re still competing, baby.”

The smile that you were about to throw him is completely wiped off of your face as Minghao thrusts sharply into you, making you tighten your grip on his shoulder as he starts a rhythm.

If anyone had asked you before, you would’ve told them straight up that Minghao was one to make love, not fuck. But this - this was not making love.

You would’ve never expected Minghao to be one to bite at your neck as he pumped himself roughly into you, almost shoving you higher up onto the mirror with the power of his thrusts. You definitely wouldn’t have expectes Minghao to be one to rub frantically at your clit as you took his ministrations, mouth agape and eyes closed as galaxies burst behind your eyelids.

“Fuck,” you groan out, throwing your head back against the mirror, the feeling of the cold glass against your heated skin making all the sensations much more intense. “Oh, shit, Minghao-”

It almost feels like your orgasm is coming too soon, but the rush of pleasure that has your toes curling is no lie - you barely get to yelp out a short warning to Minghao before you’re lurching forward, body spasming and arms tightening around him as white rushes throughout your body. Minghao doesn’t let up on his thrusting, helping you ride out your strong orgasm while simultaneously chasing his-

With a long groan, he delivers one more strong thrust that pushes you harder against the mirror, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he empties his seed into the rubber.

As the high trickles away from you, the room is left silent except for your heavy breathing and occasional whimper. “Fuck,” you exhale, unwinding your legs from around Minghao’s hips and almost stumbling as the feeling seeped back into your tired legs.

Minghao shoots you a lazy grin as he pulls off the filled condom, tieing the top and disposing it in the bin that was conveniently located in the practice room.

Your attention is brought to Wonho, who bites his lip at seeing you look so thoroughly fucked. “Don’t tell me you’re tired, princess,” he grins through pants, squeezing his cock hardly before he releases himself, grasping your wrist and tugging you gently into his arms. “You still have to experience me.”

You’ve never grown aroused this quick after being fucked so hard like you just were - but you don’t think anyone in the world could possibly resist Wonho, especially when he looks as horny as he does now, abs clenching and unclenching with every breath he takes.

“Let’s take advantage of this mirror, shall we?” His hand presses against the small of your back until you’re perfectly bent over for him, facing the mirror and bracing yourself against the cool surface. “Do you see yourself, sweetheart? See how fucked you look?”

And you are. Your hair is messy, skin covered with perspiration and skin flushed. Your eyes are hooded and your lips are swollen, your neck is littered with marks that will surely be there tomorrow…

You almost jump at the feeling of Wonho’s condom covered cock sliding between your pussy lips, gathering your wetness to make it easier for him to slide into your tightness.

“Fuck,” you’re surprised to hear a breathy whine escape Wonho, but the sound makes you whimper yourself as he finally slides into you, feeling impossibly long and thick. “Oh, baby.”

The pace starts animalistic from the moment he enters you. Every snap of his hips sets off fireworks behind your eyes, every trail of his hand up your spine makes you gasp. The only sounds that resound throughout the room are the slap of his skin against yours, heavy breathing and sounds of pure pleasure.

As you feel the coil in your stomach tighten with each movement of his inside you, his hand toying with your clit, you make the mistake of meeting Minghao’s eyes through the mirror - he’s watching you both so intensely, and you don’t want to look away, you can’t look away.

And there it is - your sensitivity makes this orgasm more than a few times more powerful, almost making you collapse to your feet if it wasn’t for the strong hold on your waist. You don’t even register the alarming amount of cum that squirts out of you, your body twitching with over sensitivity as Wonho grunts, riding out his own orgasm with sharp thrusts.

You’re still spasming by time Wonho stops thrusting, slipping out of you with a groan, making sure to keep his arms around you as he scoops you up, allowing you to tiredly rest your head on his shoulder as he sets you on the table in the corner of the room where the speakers were.

“You never told us you were a squirter, baby,” Wonho teases as scoops your underwear up from the ground, slipping them up your legs as you rest tiredly against the wall, hair plastered to your forehead. You seem to redden more, if that’s possible, embarrassment coursing through your system.

“Nothing to be ashamed of, sweetie,” Minghao is suddenly at Wonho’s side, a golden smile on his face despite the dirty circumstances. His hair is wet with sweat and he looks like he could fall asleep at any moment, but he most definitely looks more energized than you do. “I thought it was hot.”

“I did too!” Wonho argues, lifting your arms up to slide your shirt over your head again, “I just didn’t expect it, that’s all.”

It’s silent for the next few minutes, as Wonho helps you put on your jeans and then sets to work with dressing himself, Minghao following suit after he cleans up the mess you made on the floor (“I’ll do it, really, _____ , you look like you’ll collapse the second your feet hit the floor-”).

“So,” Wonho starts casually, though you’re pretty sure he’s dying inside to know the answer, “Who d'you think won?” Minghao turns to you, too, and with both of their eyes on you, you know there’s only one option.

“I don’t know,” you bite your lip, avoiding their eyes, “I think I might need more material…”

You see them both exchange a cheeky look that makes butterflies swarm in your stomach. Looks like this wasn’t the last of your escapades.