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So I've never had any interest whatsoever in that Overwatch game and I only knew there was a cowboy, a ninja, some Australians and maybe some old guys who are a thing? And they all fight each other for some reason? But out of curiosity I just watched that 'Rise and shine' short and now I'm crying and I love her.

that’s mei, climatologist and most adorable scientist in the game. she’s such a wonderful character. overwatch has so many unique, interesting,and diverse characters! 

i definitely super cried watching her short. im still getting misty eyed about it

art from the denial stream - thank you to @arodote, @owlsshadows, @deathmetalsheep, @spaderace, and anyone else who stopped by!! We get to see our son grow up big and strong and happy and healthy and everything is fine

at least I got to try out this transparent effect thing - its pretty mundane in my hand but at least I got to do it

until next stream ;)

y’all: manorian is true love 

me, an intellectual: manorian is true lust 

Fic Appreciation Week Day 7: AU

The Kwami Club by @seajaywrite


I really love 1920s AUs guys, they’re so fun and exciting. This fic is really good please read it. Boot leggin’ and secret identities, what could be better?

See more of my art for this fic here!

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

Bonus Adrien:

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All of The Weekenders were gay as hell!! You cant even deny it! Rewatch the show! None of those kids were straight!!

Carver? Gay as fuck!!! 10 year old me could spot that shit from space!!! try harder!!!

Tish????? Lesbian!!!!! She decided her crushes on boys pragmatically by who was the best traditional folk muscian you CANNOT-

Lor?? Gay AND trans as HECK don’t TEST me!!!!! Definitely came out as a trans man in highschool and grew the raddest sideburns anyones ever seen!!!! !!!!!!

Tino? TINO??? Tino Toni-fuckig-tini was the gayest ace ON PLANET EARTH!!!! I HAVE THE DATA, YOU CAN’T RUN FROM THE TRUTH!!!


where’s the coraline au

so at first i wanted to make it a Zimbits Coraline AU and I knew exactly how I wanted to do that! It would work out! Heck yeck!

And then I realized how much better a Nurseydex Coraline AU would work

And now I have all these ideas. Which are. Under a cut because it got waayyyy longer than expected. (Probably still gonna flesh out that Zimbits version though) (also if there’s a coraline au point me in the direction because Coraline is one of my two absolute favourite movies and I would give my soul for it) (Pacific Rim is the other one and I have the craving for that satisfied. For now.)

Magical cut go!!!

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i don't know if you've gotten an ask about it before: I really love the poofy hair you give characters! do you have any tips I could do that too?


looking at references will definitely help you get the idea of the shape and its characteristics!!!

the fringe is usually sectioned off on its own and has lots of volume that spreads out compared to the rest of the hair. it rounds off on the top sometimes to sort of indicate where the ‘90s fringe’ starts and frames the face on the bottom.

I LOVE USING TAKUMI AS AN EXAMPLE BC HE HAS REALLY SOF AND POOFY HAIR!!! theres definitely nothing wrong with drawing it without the ‘90s anime’ poof! its really just a stylistic choice! bottom line is DONT BE AFRAID TO GO TOO POOF!!!!

hope that helps!