im def starting to see some arm and leg definition there


brace yourselves ladies

ps: i used sh/her pronouns in this but whatever u identify as just use that. it can be hard to write these with they/them pronouns.

- first of all he’d be SO soft over you like he’d be your #1 hypeman

- as soon as he sees you in the morning he gives you a kiss bc why not

- he’d make you your favourite breakfast and then fail miserably

- but its alright because you love him anyway

- dates usually would include going out or staying home. no in between.

- he’d take you to random pretty sights in the area just so u two can walk and talk about random things on ur minds

- he’d occasionally stop to take a picture of you in front of some pretty scenery

- you always hated how much he’d force you to pose for pictures, but its only because he wants to cherish every moment with you

- he’d be hesitant to go out to clubs or bars because of the risk of you getting too drunk or some guy testing his patience by hitting on you

- but the days u two did he was always by your side. ALWAYS. he’d make sure every single person in that room knew u were his.


- “joonie i swear to god-” 

- as for the drunk thing, he wouldn’t really care about you drinking as long as you were safe about it. and plus u being a little wasted was always so cute to him

- that way he got to drive you home and tuck u into bed as if u were his little baby

- fancy dinner dates would sometimes occur too and he’d make sure to go all out. im talking flower petals, five-course meals im telling u this man will SPOIL YOU

- pet names…don’t get me started

- namjoon would call u ‘babygirl’ and these are just pure facts

- obviously not all the time, but anytime he really felt himself falling more in more in love with you it would slip out

- also the classics like ‘babe’ and ‘baby’ and ‘love’ sometimes you’d wonder if he was starting to forget your real name

- he’d definitely be really touchy with you

- probably not always in public but at home its all skinship

- he’d have no shame in kissing you 24/7 even when you protested 

- he’d love wrapping his hands around your waist and you lowkey did too

- hickeys and tummy kisses all the time

- he’d kiss you anywhere really, he just really loves kissing you


- he’d absolutely be the big spoon, though sometimes he’d like to switch roles

- having you sit on his lap while watching a movie on the couch was one of his favourite things 

- he’d always try his best to make sure you fell asleep even if it meant staying up all night

- even in his sleep his arms would be around you


- don’t even think about a midnight snack because he’d pull you right back into bed


-there would be so many cute photos of you two 

- some of his arm(s) around you or him kissing your cheek and vice versa

- or ones where you two were cuddling and the other was asleep

- either way, no cute moment between you two would get undocumented

- the only way i could see a breakup would be long distance or him just being overly stressed. namjoon cheating or anything like that i just cant see happening

- but feelings most likely would still be there even if you got back together or not

- arguing is pretty much inevitable, it happens

- it would most likely be due to jealousy, stress, or work

- you might get frustrated bc of how much time he spends in his studio

- you’re quite understanding though and would get it was his career and ambition, but if it started taking a toll on his health that’d what be what pissed you off

- it’d be rare for him to get aggressive and even if he did he would never hurt you or get too close, just probably a lot of hand gestures

- virgos tend to snap without really knowing why, it can just be a random outburst, but usually, they’re very quick to apologize 

- he’d never want to harm you or make you upset so seeing you cry would just make his blood boil

- he’d wrap his arms around you and let you nuzzle your head into his chest, it didn’t even matter if you got his shirt wet, it just mattered if u were alright

- but even through your ups and downs, he loved you with all of his heart and he wanted to make sure you knew

- highkey goals

- the hottest makeout sessions i SWEAR

- he’d grab you by the waist (or ass we don’t judge here on hyungbangtan) and pull you close 

- lots of tongue and lip biting

- if he felt the need to just makeout with you in public he wouldn’t hesitate

- he’d pull you two into a private area and just go at it

- he would love you so fucking much i cant even explain

- sex with him i won't get into bc we already know how it’d go

- not bdsm type kinky but def not vanilla

- and the next day you two would just relax as if nothing had happened, though the soreness from your legs said otherwise

- he’d love to pick you up and spin you around and kiss you on the cheek

- the members would pretend to hate it but they lowkey shipped it too

- like planning the wedding in their head type shipping

- needless to say you two would be so fucking in love and he’d care for you so much

- #1 boyfriend material out of all of bts and thats the tea

- whoever’s gonna hop on that is gonna be the luckiest person ever 

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TRY ME (Part 3)


Notes: This one is pretty smutty guys, be warned! slight swearing, multiple smut scenes.

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