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Liyin teaching Jongdae Chinese tongue twister

The tongue twister was the reealllyy hard one that goes like
四是四,十是十…(four is four, ten is ten.. etc)
and Liyin said it in her dialect for fun so the tone changes and Jongdae said it all pretty much in 3rd tone which made it sound like dead dead dead and then in the very end Liyin changed it to Chen is Chen to tease Jongdae more.

You must want a break

Title: You must want a break

Author: emidegrey (ao3)

Language: English

Category: Oneshot

Genre/AU: fluff, non AU, new year, fireworks


Hyungwon just wanted to spend the New Year with his hyung.

Admin notes: This is so sweetttttt ;A; so cuteeee im squealing!
I love thissss and the cuddling together is my fav :3