im cute


I was lucky enough to be a Brand Ambassador this month for CowCow! I did a whole Halloween themed haul and this was one of my first looks! I asked my photographer friend to take pictures of me at my friends ranch and i’m so in love with all these pictures!

This dress if from CowCow on Amazon and you find this and all the spooky prints by searching “Cowcow Halloween” And then looking through each item that comes up. Most items listed have 10+ pattern/color options and are available up to 5x!


*puts on temporary glitter tattoo and takes selfies*

We hit 2k followers THANK YOU SO MUCH AND FOR CELEBRATE THIS :COMPILATION OF COCO (aka the luckiest dog ever)🐶🐶
YOU guys are so amazing and I love when you tell me how much do yo like this blog I really appreciate so much from the bottom of my heart ❤️ thank you & have and wonderful day love u all