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im still crying over the fact that spring day is about yoongi and joonie😭

/cries wait anon i’m just about to post this huhuhu my sugamon feels. i also remember how they say they used to not get along well in the beginning huhuhuuhu ;_; they’ve known each other for approx 7 years now

EDIT: maybe some people will misinterpret but it can be about them both or their own experiences they mentioned it in the vlive. joon said it’s “based” on their experiences.


I’m fucking crying bc of the anti ks tag I swear y'all are so extra like, bruh. I can’t even kill a fly I won’t fucking kill anyone just because I read this. I’m not gonna shame anyone but I have read things that made me think of taking my eyes out and putting them back on just to confirm that I read that with my own two eyes but anyway.

Yes, we do like the plot bc have you even read the two first chapters before saying anything? Dude that shit makes you think of who a person can truly be and makes you wanna know what happens next after a really fucking crazy ass moment that ends with a cliff hanger, like what the fuck happened to bum or what is going to do with that girl and things like that. And the art? I’m majoring in arts (especifically music and theatre but I have art classes too so I know what the fuckity fuck I am talking about for once in my life) and it’s amazing, so no, we’re not psychopaths with a fetish or something like that.

Another topic that leaves me on the ground rolling for air is the yoonbum x sangwoo topic. The fuck is wrong with those people that say that if you ship those two you are a horrible person and that you should kill yourself?? And wait, hold on a second, you said to someone to kill themselves over a ship that it’s fictional, who the fuck here is the real psychopath now huh?? Anyway, what I was saying, yoonbum and sangwoo both are fucking fictional characters that doesn’t exist in real life and are not going to fucking murder or stalk you in any way and of course not a single person in there is suffering for real (except me every time I read it I swear to god). I personally don’t ship them bc I like Sangwoo x jail and Yoonbum x therapist but that doesn’t mean that I should F U C K I N G DISR ES P E CT SO ME O N E’S O P I NI ON AB O U T IT FO R F U C KIN G FR EE. If someone ships them it’s alright. If someone doesn’t it’s alright too and if you don’t fucking like Killing Stalking don’t make an anti blog, block the tag, don’t comment negative things on someone’s blog about it and go on with your fabulous and sweet fantastic life.

I don’t care if you think it’s horrible and a taboo topic just go on with your life and stop being immature and a hater. Tumblr really needs to fucking chill a lil bit.

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and the world is born anew.

A/N: So basically I was writing a whole thing about this headcanon (started it shortly before i even posted the headcanon) but then @sasusake also had to grow inspired and write her own little thing about it and it was so PERFECT that I couldn’t write that part over. I wanted to just write my own little thing to relate to her own. AND HERE WE ARE. So the first scene is entirely me, but that second one is entirely @sasusake. :’) HAPPY HOLIDAYs GUYS.

Rated K.



It wasn’t something he ever thought he would care about.

New Years. The time of cheer and celebration, of well-wishes and new starts, where families long grown apart came together to love and cherish one another in the spirit of a new beginning.

A time that did not belong to a teenage, orphaned boy brimming with rage, consumed by the darkness of his past and set out on the path of revenge.

Sasuke had never cared about the holidays. Even when Team Seven had made themselves a second family, for the brief moment he’d allowed them to be, the time of New Years had never quite brought him any meaning. They’d only reminded him of a past he could never have again, one that always had his throat tightening up: his mother’s gentle smile flashing through Sakura’s soft, sun-bright grin as she handed him his end-of-year present, Itachi’s kind chuckle resonating within Naruto’s bright laughter as he stuck their homemade shimekazari to the entrance of their sensei’s household, the touch of his father’s hand fused with Kakashi’s as he ruffled his hair while they watched the first sunrise of a new period.

This was the first year since the massacre of his clan where the season had ever brought him a sense of peace.

Oof,” Sakura exclaimed, as she moved to sit at his side. Her hand cupped the positively gorgeous swell of her belly, and she smiled, rubbing softly. “She sure is getting heavier to carry these days,” she said, throwing him a teasing glance.

The sight of those crinkling eyes almost had him smiling, too. The pregnancy really made her glow, today, he couldn’t help but to think. His wife was so beautiful like this.

“You all right?” he asked, shifting his lone hand over her own to cradle the weight of their child. He felt his eyes soften as his wife giggled and leaned against his bad shoulder, the prettiest grin to her lips.

“Oh, I’m perfect. Everything’s absolutely perfect.”

His mouth tugged at the corner a little, thumb caressing the skin of her hand. Chest warm, he leaned over and pressed a kiss to her hair. “Hm. Good,” he murmured, contented with himself.

(this was the life he never imagined he could have, filled with so much bliss and hope and love—something that seemed so unattainable, once.)

Thin fingers reached to intertwine with his own, still pressing lovingly to her rounded stomach, and he sighed, long and quiet. His eyes slipped closed with the serenity of the moment.

“It’s almost midnight,” Sakura murmured, then, her smile transparent in her voice. He let his eyes flutter open once more just to see it. “The fireworks will start soon, won’t they? Maybe we should start heading out there.”

Humming, Sasuke merely nodded, before letting his gaze fall to her ankles, observing how puffy they were. “Can you walk there by yourself?” he asked, honest in his query. After all, they had walked quite the distance today.

His wife, however, seemed quite surprised instead, brows shooting up high. Then, as she noticed where his eyes were set, she burst into laughter. “I’m fine, I swear! Anata, if you worry about me now, I wonder how intolerable you’ll be when we’ll be trying to last for the first sunrise.”

Sasuke made a small huff in response, lips quirking lightly again, before moving his hand swiftly to tap two fingers to her forehead. “Just trying to make sure my wife is comfortable, that’s all,” he said, his tone bordering on playful.

Sakura only smiled wider at that, green eyes gleaming so devotedly at him. It made his heart skip a beat, sometimes, when he saw how deeply this woman really loved him.

(—and how happy he made her.)

“Come on,” he mumbled, letting his fingers fall away softly. Pushing himself to his feet, he turned to face her once more, and extended a hand. “Let’s get going.”

Shaking her head at him, his wife simply grinned and accepted his offered help, allowing him pull her safely to her feet as she cupped the swell of her stomach and patted it gently, breathing out another soft exclamation at the weight. Sasuke found himself smiling faintly at the sight, reaching for the thick blanket he’d kept near the makeshift bench for precisely this moment, throwing it over his bad shoulder as he touched his hand to Sakura’s back and started their trek towards the sloped hill overlooking the small village.

“Hey, Sasuke-kun,” his wife called as they finally settled on the grass, wrapped in a wholesome warmth and watching the town scintillating with life.


“When the fireworks are done,” she started, smiling softly—but never looking away from the gleaming lights, “we’ll be heading out to that temple we saw coming in, right? To offer our prayers and wishes for the new year?”

His features softened. He moved to press his lips to her hair lingeringly. “If you’re not too tired…” he murmured.

She turned at him then, and smiled near blindingly, her green, green eyes a thousand times more lovely than the twinkling view below them.

(gods, he hoped their child would end up with eyes as beautiful as hers.)

“Of course I’m not too tired. We took a nap this afternoon just to keep up with the tradition like everyone else, remember?”

“Right,” he said, smiling faintly once more. “We’ll head there after the fireworks, then.”

As if on cue, the sound of one taking off tore through the air, capturing their attentions; with wonderment, their gazes shifted towards the dark sky, catching the path of a shimmering trail, before it disappeared for a split moment and exploded in glittery embers, making Sakura gasp. She leaned against him in her delight, one hand drifting lovingly over her pregnant belly, while the other sought out his own. Sasuke couldn’t help but to sigh at this, lacing their fingers together as the show of colorful sparkling bursts continued, commemorating the start of something new.



The sunrise slowly greets them, in beautiful shades of orange and pink that spill across the sky, awakening the world to a new year. What residual warmth it lends to the chilly air reminds Sasuke that, in just a few months, he’ll get to feel the breath of his child for the first time. This year, his clan will begin anew. He wonders, fondly, if the child’s hair will be as pink as its mother’s; as pink as the light that breaks through the scattered white clouds; as pink as the lips smiling sweetly at him.

“What are you thinking about, Sasuke-kun?”

He looks down at her belly, visible just beneath her cloak, and imagines their child to be warm and safe – and happy? He hopes so. Sakura makes him feel happy, and warm, and safe.

(She keeps him safe from his demons. Safe from himself.)

“I’m grateful,” he says. He rests his hand on her belly and watches her eyes wrinkle with joy and her cheeks blossom. She glows – more than the rising sun, more than the bursting sky, she glows with life – and he counts his blessings one by one; the image forever branded into his memory.

“Hmm… You’re taking a picture.” Sakura holds one hand up to his face, runs it across his chin. Her thumb traces the edge of his lips just as he leans in for a kiss, two smiles becoming one. Their child flutters against his palm; flutters inside his chest, inside his very soul, this product of their love and ode to his salvation.

He promises, before the sun and the mountains and the temples, before the sky and the trees and the clouds; he promises he’ll always protect them, and cherish the feelings connected in their hearts.


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Sometimes everything I need is a little break from my own mind.

Doodles I made instinctively at dark times. I’m actually happy with how they turned out.



august cant get here fast enough

SasoSaku Month: Bad End

notes the prompt itself is very popular so i wanted my own take on it haha. this is pretty much how i would imagine the canon scenario (meaning sasori did win the fight) to play out. much thanks to the amazingly talented @simplelations who perfectly managed to capture the au in its entirety!! 

warnings body horror, dark au 

writing by @simplelations

It was a bright, clear morning in the mountains. Sasori reckoned he could almost see the towers in Iwagakure from his humble home. Only on days when the mist dissipated in the sun’s harsh rays did he think back to the annoying brat Deidara.

And then, by matter of association, did he think of his former life in the Akatsuki. He didn’t dwell on it. It never did well to linger too long with the shadows of memory, in his opinion, and he merely acknowledged things had been different a couple years ago. For one thing, the village below had not been so large.

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a little post-Dressrosa Law comic i drew. i really want Law to cry happy tears at the end of this arc. it won’t feel complete to me unless he sobs violently lol. +Luffy comforting Law in his own weird way because i love their relationship and im a sucker for friendship

lets pretend Leo&Mansherry sewed Law’s arm back on (along with the sleeve) lol

[this is a purely platonic comic btw. its not intended to be romantic in any way]

Seventeen as Once-Seen Spongebob Characters

S.Coups: the Bag’N-Mart cashier who’s been working there for years and his face really shows it

Jeonghan:  Girly Teen Girl from Farawayville

Joshua:  Boys Who Cry

Jun:  used napkin (self-explanatory)

Hoshi:  That jellyfish that Spongebob captures and wants to keep as a pet but has to get rid of because he keeps disturbing the neighborhood with his constant dance parties

Wonwoo:  that big muscular guy who carries Patrick into the Fry Cook Games (for some reason)

Woozi:  those pickles that Spongebob draws ketchup smiles on and then tucks in with a cheese blanket

DK:  the fellow magic conch club member

Mingyu:  Octavius Rex (aka Mr. Long, Tan, and Handsome)

The8:  Squidwood, that puppet that Spongebob made when Squidward didn’t wanna hang out with him and then everyone ended up liking him better than the actual Squidward

Seungkwan:  the health inspector that Spongebob and Mr. Krabs tried to poison because they thought he was a criminal but then he turned out not to be

Vernon:  Jim, the Original Fry Cook

Dino:  Rocky, Patrick’s pet rock and the underdog who actually wins everything

Exo Reactions To Seeing You Cry

Okay, so I have no idea if this is even worth posting but I did my best. It’s kind of hard to do 12 reactions to something like this, especially when they’re all kind of similar. But I hope you like it. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: “Don’t cry. Look! I bought you a puppy.”

Chanyeol: “It’s okay, it’s okay! Please stop & tell me what’s wrong.”

Chen: *singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” while poking you*

D.O.: “I… don’t… know. what. to. do.”

Kai: *does stupidly cute things to try & make you laugh*

Kris: “Are you really crying right now?” *confused*

Lay: “But… I made you cookies. Doesn’t that make you feel better?”

Luhan: *eyes glazed over* “I don’t understand what’s happening…”

Sehun: “If you’re not dying, then I don’t care.” /honestly, he’d probably care a little but sassy Sehun is the best/

Suho: “Tell me who made you cry so I can have them murd- I mean, yelled at.” *totally not part of the Korean mafia*

Tao: *cries with you even if he doesn’t know why you’re crying*

Xiumin: “Will it cheer you up if I let you call me Baozi?

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

i just got a sherl0lly post recommended to me as an ad which was like, an edit based on an oscar wilde quote
im crying
what did i ever do to deserve having to see this with my own two eyes

“the truth is rarely pure and never simple” ??????
why would you do that
!!!! why would you !!!! do that !!!
Hey don’t cry, it’s okay

[A/N] I’m so bad at updating omg. buT TY FOR 75 FOLLOWERS IM LIKE DEAD (( writing this from my grave obvs )) i just posted this on my personal i wanna cry i hate myself lmao

Your eyes watched the clock that was placed just above the interactive board. Two minutes until lunch. Wearily, your eyes glanced from the clock to your teacher, his sudden silence startling you. Was he looking at you? Did he ask you a question? Thoughts flooded your mind as he stared in your direction. Your heart raced. You never liked being put on the spot.

“I appreciate it when my students decide to actually listen rather than have their own disruptive conversation.” Your brows furrowed as you were sure you never talked. “Gerard, quit the talking.” As you let out a sigh of relief, you realised he was talking to the emo kid behind you.

“Class is almost over. We need to collect the equipment in before the bell goes, or you aren’t going anywhere ‘til you’re done. [Y/N], can you collect the textbooks in?” You looked up through your fringe, nodding lightly, standing and zoning out as he carried on with his list. Starting from your row - the third out of four - you began to collect the books in. By the time you were heading back up the aisle to get to the last row, your arms were aching.

Monotonously, you approached the emo kid, Jared? Gerald? You didn’t know nor care. “Can I um, have your textbook please?” you asked quietly. He chuckled at you, “Sorry what was that sugar, couldn’t hear ya’?” he taunted cockily, raising his eyebrows and chewing his gum obnoxiously. Your cheeks flushed. “Your textbook… can I have it? Please?” you requested a little louder. His shit eating smirk grew as he said “Oh my textbook? You want it? Go get it then, Sugar,” then proceeded to drop it on the floor. Your eyes widened as you knew you were going to have to pick it up.

“Can I just… um?” You finished your question with the gesture as you put the rest of the, like, 28 books on his table. “[Y/N], you’re holding the class up, the bell went two minutes ago.” your teacher warned sternly. You shot him an apologetic look as you quickly picked the textbook up, only for Gerard to push the rest off his desk. “My table, Sugar,” he grinned down to you.

“[Y/N! Stay after class!” your teacher’s voice boomed throughout the room, earning a few chuckles from around the room. You tried your best to pick the books up as Sir dismissed the rest of the class. “Gerard… you stay to help [Y/N]”

Gerard chuckled again, “You think I’m helping her? Nope, not my problem,” You interjected “are you kidding me? You just shoved these off your desk!”

“Exactly! My desk!” Gerard growled. “[Y/N], Gerard, you two will get phone calls home if this behavior continues.” Your eyes widened in fear.Phone calls home?  No way. Your father would kill you. You can’t get in trouble. “Yeah, [Y/N] you can pick these up yourself, I ain’t getting no phone call home.”

“Gerard please, you’re causing too much hassle. You are dismissed. Go have your lunch.” your teacher says as he rubs his forehead. Tears welled in your eyes as you thought about just how much trouble you were going to be in. “Sir, please don’t call home, I-” you tried to reason with him, only for him to interrupt. “[Y/N] your parents should be aware of your rebellious attitude.” You noticed Gerard staring at you and more tears welled up, yet you begged for yourself not to cry. “It’s just parent, Sir” you whispered. “Well, I apologise, [Y/N] but unfortunately that will not make a difference. I thought you were a good kid who followed rules. Gerard leave. [Y/N] pick the books up and put them in the cupboard, then you can leave.”

The door slammed as Gerard left, leaving you with Sata- your maths teacher. One by one, you picked the text books up, before piling them together and putting them in the cupboard. “Not too much effort then, huh?” he chuckled. You just glared at him and grabbed your bag from your chair before exiting the room. Only to run into Gerard. “[Y/N],” you heard, before you were tugged by your arm to face someone who you really did not want to at the moment. “Please go away Gerard,” you mumbled, looking down. “I’m really sorry, I was an asshole.” he muttered, still louder than you though. “I know.”

“I didn’t mean for you to get into so much troubl- hey don’t cry, it’s okay,” he said, pulling you in for a hug. You forgot about the whole incident he caused and concentrated on trying to refrain your sobs. “You can cry, you know?” he whispered, resting your head under his chin and placing his too-big hand on the back of it, running through your hair. After a couple of moments, you pulled away, drying your eyes. He held you at arms length, “You okay?”After you shrugged, he just put his arm on your back, “Come to the library? It’s quiet.”

When you got there, you chuckled at your realisation. “Who would have thought punk, shit eating grinning Gerard comes to the library without killing a few people with insults or mocking them on the way?” He only blushed when you said this. “I only do this for special people.” “Special people?” you asked. “Yeah,special, like people who are cute and pretty and quiet. People I sometimes want to kiss.” you noticed his voice falter at the end, yet you still heard it. “Do it then.” you whispered lowly. “Do it?” he asked, face tinted pink. You nodded your head lightly, humming an ‘mhm’ in the back of your throat.

You never really thought you, a quiet, teacher’s pet, would be kissing Gerard, a rebellious punk in the back of your school’s library. The phone call home soon forgotten and replaced with the swarming thoughts of how soft his lips felt against yours, the way his tongue trailed your lips and how his too-big hands felt around your waist.