im crying the description says 'what's this!!!

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1. Favorite character from anything ever?

Hhmm thasa hard one. I’ll say heavy weapons guy

2.  Favorite show/game/book/etc?

hm team fortress 2. easy answer

3. Top 3 TF2, Overwatch, and/or Battleborn mains?

1. Medic, 2. Scout, 3. Heavy

 4. Unpopular opinion on something? (something you like that everyone else doesn’t, stuff like that) 

 Eggs are gross. uhhhhh what else oh yeah bushmedicine/snipermedic feels like a ship people like for shallow reasons seeing as they have no positive interaction, have nothing in common, and are both fan favorites

5. Who’s your favorite OC (+ picture and description if you want)?

Im gonna cry this is such a difficult question….. Marigold, Ezra, and Paloma is my favorite oc. (cant draw right now but imagine them all painfully combined into a single entity and me giving them a kees on the forehead because i love them)

 6. Opinion on robots/robot characters?

Neutral, if i like a robot character it’s not because they’re a robot

7. Is there anything you want to do/buy but can’t?

I wanna play all of lis and portal 2 and it would be real cool to actually travel somewhere. also meet andrew bird i sure as hell cant do that. also overcome my own anxiety and lack of confidence that hinders my ability to do anythign HA

8. Favorite time of day?


9. Least favorite thing to draw?

Robots. and ears. And eyes im not good at eyes

10. Favorite school subject?

Orchestra maybe

11. Favorite thing to do in your free time (if it’s drawing then what’s your 2nd fav)?

Playing bass 

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anonymous asked:

hello emily, everyone calls me an english rose, im gay, i dance all the time and dress like old folk women, i make pottery and laugh really loud all the time, i love the country, i love trees, i love corn fields, i love to draw and read and eat cherries with my friends and i make lots of mistakes, im clumsy as hell and trip over my works, i cry when im sleepy, im indulgent i drink coffee and eat chocolate every day, and i love my fat cat

oh wow!!!!!!!! you have a big heart!!!!!!! english roses and cornfields make me think of carey mulligan in far from the madding crowd - so, bathsheba!!!

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Min Yoongi is a kind a person. Too kind that I’m starting to hate it. He is so selfless…. How he’s more concerned about us than his own self,
how he even tries to put his place in our position, how he’s always guilty of his actions, how he’s….human. He’s literally like every one of us. He writes about how he doesn’t give a fuck and how he doesn’t give a shit when it’s the opposite. He writes about how his life is full of problems and obstacles only to ask himself if he’s happy, and he says he is. I could go on all day gushing about how amazing of a person Min Yoongi is and it will never be enough. It will never be sufficient and every description will lack. No words can ever accentuate, emphasize, and stress out what a Min Yoongi is.