im crying im done

I just wanted to say that i love you all and you all are honestly the best, most intelligent and lovely people I’ve ever met. I dont think i will ever find a place which feels so much like a second home. Im sorry things didnt turn out to be the way they should have, the way history was waiting to be corrected and expressed at the right time in the right era. Im sorry our hopes were put down by two men who thought that introducing a lunatic in the middle of the show would be a groundbreaking idea. I’m sorry all our clever analysis of the show was thrown to the trash like that with these “insane wish fullfilmment” plotlines.

But more than being sorry, I’m GLAD we all were here together at a time when LGBT community needs to be together more than ever. I’m SUPRISED by how amazing and clever ya’ll are with your theories and predictions. I’m PROUD to have been a part of this conspiracy, this family which helped me at my lows, and constantly supported me at my highs. I’m HONOURED to know ya’ll, all of you who are going to be so successful in life because you are smart, hard working and deserve the best. I am greatly inspired by you all.

So thank you.

bangtan’s chapters of 2016

On Rannoch, years after the end of the war, the reaper corpse is the halfway point of one of the most popular hikes on the reaper war memorial pilgrimage.

Visitors flock every year to it, to marvel at the sheer size of it, the idea that anyone, any thing could take on something this size and win seems ludicrous, like a children’s story. 

The hike takes you along the path that it’s beams carved into the earth and stone on the planet, still scorched and crumbling years afterwards. 

The hike culminates in one long, hard climb up to a ridge, where the marks of the beams carve hard long scars into the cliff face. Barely a square yard of the rock is untouched.

On the edge of the cliff, in the empty V formed by two beams to either side, stands a life-sized statue of Commander Shepard. It is dwarfed by the reaper corpse in the distance.

On the base of the statue, the inscription simply reads “In The Face Of Overwhelming Odds.”

What she says: I’m okay
What she means: One of the most powerful lines in WLWDWTYS is when Eliza says Angelica is buried in Trinity Church near Hamilton. Angelica always wanted to be with Hamilton in life, whether in a trip upstate or in Satisfied. She could never be with him in life, being just that far away from him, across the ocean, or his being poor. She’ll always be that distance away from him, no matter what, even in death.

A mix of things I love: summer, beaches and Lance ☆