im crying i actually drew all this

(I really hope this works, its just showing me the title of my image but idk maybe that’s normal? Ive never  submitted anything before so :/)

I wanted to thank you for your unbelievable dedication to all your blogs, because, honestly, how do you have the time for all this? You have all these unbelievably well planned out concepts and storylines and all of you art just seems to ooze love and joy for what you do, and you put so much work into this. Like, someone sends you an ask about a funny thought they had and within five days it’s not only a meme but a whole comic and the best thing that has happened to most of us all year. And it’s honestly unreal how much you interact with us, your followers and fans. It feels like we’re all one big family, even if many of us don’t know each other, because we all interact with you, and you’re like that red silken string that ties all of us together. And whatever you do, it’s awesome. How do you do that?! Like, you tell us you’re gonna take a break and basically tell us you’re gonna go shitpost and it turns out what you consider ‘shitposting’ is the mutant AU none of us knew we needed in our lives. And, speaking of shitposting, your shitpost hours with the gang? Do you know how much I love those??? And you know, I noticed that all of the people who got their zines got a Legmon (Legfam saved my life™ through unbelievable wholesomeness, which is also the reason why I’m sending you this here and not on ask-kimdaily) thank-you card, and I thought if there ever was someone who deserved a thank-you, it’s you. So I borrowed a graphics tablet and drew you something. I know it’s not the prettiest (I downloaded the first free digital art program I came across, and it turns out the free version of Mischief doesn’t let you do layers) but I think the thought comes across well enough. I’d like to hug you in person, but alas, interscreenar travel is not invented yet, so Legmon will have to do it for me. 

Admin: OMG I JUST SAW THIS AND IM CRYING ACTUAL REAL TEARS THIS IS SO SWEET???? I’m so so so thankful you took time to write all of this you don’t even know how much it means to me. I was feeling a bit down ‘cause of life these past few days but this just made my entire week :’-(((((( It’s so rewarding to know that my work has brought such a loving community together. Like no joke, all of you are literally the nicest and sweetest and I couldn’t be any luckier to have found such an amazing group of people to share my art with. I’ll work even harder in the future to create a space that gives you guys as much positive experience you guys can have. Making people happy with my art truly really is one of the greatest joys of my life and you guys never fail to let me know. For that, I’m eternally grateful. Anyway, I LOVE THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY AND I WILL FRAME AND PRINT IT AND STARE AT IT FOREVER thank you so much ily and all of u guys :’-(((( 💖💖💘💖💘💗

aLittleShy: Hi! :> I just wanted to tell you that your story is amazing and so well written and just super fun to read! Seriously you are so talented!!

As a little thank you for the blessing that is Skyline I decided to draw you something! (It’s based on that one ask to which you replied that you also envisioned yourself as ~reader all the time) I hope you like it!!! >.<

oh. my. god. you think i’m talented???? LOOK AT WHAT YOU JUST DREW!!!!! this is so amazing im actually gonna cry omg i sent this to all my friends like “GUYS!!!! LOOK!!!!!” i love you so much thank you <3

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TELL ME MORE ABOUT THESE DREADFUL IDEAS OF YOURS (also HI im noob #1 i joined the fandom literally yesterday night)

AAAAAAAAA WELCOME WELCOME!!!! Our little group is tiny but we’re all a bunch of nerds!!!

But ok ok!!! This particular idea is all about the parallels of Garmadon and Lloyd’s childhoods!! Also I’m putting it under a cut cuz it got waaaaaay too long

I think Garmadon’s appearance is actually based MAINLY on how he views himself.

So the snake bite only gave him minor changes like dim red eyes, little patches of scales, tiny spines on the back, and little fangs, but nothing too drastic.

I also don’t think it turned him evil like it does in the show (I’m not sure how new you are to that part I’m so sorry!!!).

The point is, it just made him look a little different.
I think as Garmadon went through life and people made fun of his looks, he started feeling more and more like a monster. And because he FELT that way, he started to LOOK that way.

I think Garmadon’s inability to change doesn’t come from the affects of the snake bite, I think it comes from the affects of the world on him.

Everything he’s ever cared about has either called him a monster just for the way he looks (parents, friends, siblings) or has left him because they thought he couldn’t change (Koko and Lloyd)

Now onto Lloyd!!!

I think Lloyd inherited some super minor physical traits from Garmadon like dimly glowing eyes (his being green), little fangs, small spines, and small patches of scales on his elbows and knees. And fire tears.

I’d like you to imagine a small Lloyd that still remembered the very little time he had with his dad.

Child Lloyd would “"conquer”“ sand castles at the beach, and break things, and generally be not good. Not because he was evil! But because he wanted to be like his dad!

Now imagine this same child Lloyd drawing pictures of his family back together, but the older he gets and the more people hate him for his dad’s actions, the more the happy memories fade away.

Older Lloyd rips Garmadon out of all his family drawings. He spends hours filing down the fangs he inherited while his mom is at work. He trains himself to not have a naturally evil laugh. He refuses to let himself cry because those tears are a dead give away that he’s not a full human.

Lloyd’s appearance doesn’t naturally change by how he views himself like his dad’s does, but he alters it himself out of shame. Everyone knows he’s Garmadon’s son, but he tries the best he can to pretend that he isn’t.

I’ve got a ton more ideas on stuff that happens AFTER the movie with those two but this thing was already super long and probably boring gfsfdgdfs sorry and thanks for asking me!!!!

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I'm so close to crying rn, you have no idea. ๐Ÿ˜ญ I don't think I've ever been called elegant or heard someone say they wanted to draw me/compared me to a painting!! I'd probably actually cry if you drew me, but you don't have to!! bc u drew stripper obito for me! (lolol I should tag my selfies as "the face that refuses to love obito") but for reals... /incoherent mumbling bc im overwhelmed and dont know what to say/ thank you!! so much!!! ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

You are seriously drop dead gorgeous! My first thought was “wow! She has the kind of face you want to oil paint.” And if I was better at oil painting, I probably would! But I haven’t done any oil painting in forever. So, you’ll just have to settle for digital art.

And you should tag your selfies as the “face that refuses to love obito.” At least until we break you (because we will…oh yes, we will) and then you’ll be forced to tag them “the face that loves obito.”

I drew people’s object ocs :,) Here are the wonderful owners:

Hourglass = @dhmis-hath-consumed

Bottle = @plantaplants

King (Jorunal?) = @me-phone

(the tag doesnt work im gonna cry)

Music Box = @icemintfreeze

Quaver = @broadwayshipper

Whipped Cream = @doodle-cluelesss

Soda = @sad-objects

Gift Box = @yoyle-cake

Muggy = @ask-blue-and-co

Flytrap = @pyrofly-actual-garbage

Prism = @art-tart-taffyness

Rubik’s Cube = @cutepuppetparty

Finder = @papiomikes–warehouse

Stickynote = @ditzy-derpi

VCR Tape = @paper-wander

Flowerpot = mine

MP3 = @zealzealous

Teabag = @mmahinadraws

You’re all amazing people and I JUST WANT Y’ALL TO BE HAPPY DAMMIT

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legit question did you cry at all while drawing alL OF THOSE S AD PICTURES

omfg I actually didn’t, I already drew a bunch of game over fanart when it happened sO (I did get a little emotional over drawing the Nepeta and Equius one tho!!)

Anon:….if everyone’s waking up… Does that mean all of the dead DAVES wake up?!?!

bruh that would mean so many daves

Anon:I dont really understand what happened in the upd8. Is everything like Terezi’s imagination or did retcon undo itself or….? sorry im really dumb

I think retcon Terezi is remembering some of the stuff that happened in game over, plus there are some events taking place in dream bubbles after everyone died (I’m glad doomed Terezi was able to meet again with the Vriska from her timeline hhh) and as for the rest a bunch of ghosts waking up I guess hahaa

Anon:Did you know what was going to happen in the update while you were drawing or did Hussie just kinda go “hey can u draw me sum ded kids k thnx”?

I only knew there were several scenes of ghosts waking up ahh which was my part of the update, I didn’t know of all the rest ;v;