im crying for real man

carkid-a  asked:

i bet you spent all these days whining and crying on mac's shoulder

So what? Im a real man and you all seem to think that you can do whatever you want to me just because I have a blog? Its not like I’m some big famous celebrity that is ok with people telling them how to live their lives and telling them how they should act and always demanding to know Every Single Trivial Detail about their lives. God damn it, you all treat me like a Child, and its like you are Entertained by my life. Well newsflash assholes, my life is Shit. I don’t even get that much joy out of my life but you all seem to think that I don’t have a life at all. That I’m some kind of Actor pretending to be Dennis Reynolds. Well Im Not.

as far as im aware amethyst has only cried in one episode

garnet has cried in uhhh like at least three? probably?

and pearl has cried like in like 200 episodes she for sure cries the most 


what really happened


Captain America | Iron Man 3


I’m proud of you. Your connection with the spirits and natural leadership… you remind me of dad.

  • date a boy who loves his mom
  • date a boy who is a gardener
  • date a boy who hides plants in his hair
  • date a boy who wears ugly clothes
  • date a boy who is being fought over by all the science clubs in school
  • date a boy who was actually a demon fox thief who escaped to earth
  • date kurama