im crying even more now

And I get it. I get why you were so scared of us now. Because – shit. Because you lost Wallace and it gutted you and I thought I figured out why and that felt like metal in my throat, and I realised I couldn’t drop you if I wanted to, ‘cause you were saying you didn’t even know what love feels like and I was just thinking,

you idiot,

you asshole,

it feels like this.


- in celebration of Ninety One Whiskey - @cuddlebabies


if you want to cry even more,now is your chance


lms if u cried a bit

tinyneedlesizedbananas  asked:

Pssst... we are friends now okay. Tell me how your day went and tell me if you saw any cats or dogs today. Also tell me 1,your favorite band, 2, your favorite thing to drink, and 3, what you would buy if you had 20 dollars and you had to go spend it right now.

hello!! friend!!!

today was spent in excruciatingly sad condition
i dod some stuff, like making funny textposts in russian or cleaning the house
tried to reach out to people and ask if they wanted me to stream, or play games or so anything at all, but i was ignored. so here i am at the end of the day crying and begging for attention
i saw no dogs and one cat - my cat. he bit me, but its okay, we play like that

my fav band is C2C, theyre amazing!
i love drinking mountain dew tbh, i enjoyed even before all the mlg memes, but now i like it even more. i really like other refreshing citrus beverages too!
if i had $20 and had to spend it right now, id try to order some food that i dont get to eat usually. i wonder if i have any delivery services that work for 24 hours…

I feel so dumb posting this, but like Steven Universe seriously means the entire world to me right now. All the characters are so well rounded flaws and all. There are entire story lines in place that get followed, it has all the body type representation, and shows how the characters show love and affection despite trauma. It goes into everything like that even how they deal with trauma, and not to forget all the respectful and beautiful canon on screen gay representation through Pearl and Ruby/Sapphire. All the stereotypes and tropes we expect also just get crushed to pieces by everyone on a constant episode-by-episode basis, and Steven’s character being a kind hearted loving kid who doesn’t have a single mean bone in his body and isn’t afraid/insulted to be “feminine” is so god-damn refreshing. Then there’s his dad Greg who’s character is also dealing with trauma and loss of his own but loves his son more than the world combined and does the best he can to show it whenever possible… His character and all the background characters are always so wonderfully diverse and developed on their own. They show different types of families and healthy AND unhealthy dynamics and how to deal and/or respond to them too. If that’s not even enough don’t even get me started on Rose’s character and how she talks about life and love and happiness in mankind and the world we live in and I just…

This is the shit I cry over. If anyone tells me “it’s just a cartoon” I want to punch something because it may just be a cartoon to them, but to me it’s so much more than that… It’s an entire world with inspiring promises created by an amazingly talented women and is everything I look up to and helps me push forward. I’m so so so glad this show exists right now and I’m glad I’m around to see it because it’s so beautiful in so many ways and is everything I want to strive for.