im crying cause this is beautiful

  • Robbers (Slow)
  • The 1975

Robbers - The 1975 (slowed down by 35%)

shut the fuck up and look because Louis Tomlinson

he’s fucking beautiful and if he is anywhere near your “not favorite” i will personally kick your ass with Harry Styles cause we ain’t got time for your deluded shit.

wear your goggles cause this is gonna be a hectic ride.

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kise doing flawless ‘get the look’ makeup tutorials for youtube but also having a+ commentary

'this eyeshadow color is really bold i love it! but be careful not to get it in your eyebrow cause its impossible to get out. if you do, just. cry or use a gazillion wipes’

'these are all the colors im gonna use! its a lot but theyre all my favorites’

'now for the eyeliner. just glue your elbow to the counter. just. do it. and accept that it will never be perfectly symmetrical. but hey even my face isnt symmetrical so fuck that literally no one cares youre still beautiful’

'now use this eyeshadow, its called sunshine! they named it after me’

'at this point some of you might say 'wow thats a lot of eyeliner’ and youd be right. do it anyway’

im in the lab crying cause of my grandmother

My grandmother called and said “ti gason mwen renmen anpil” it’s creole for little boy I love so much, now you have to understand this woman that barely speaks but has a smile that could warm the earth, tells me “1965” isn’t any different from “2015” jokingly i said what you know about the 21st century lil old lady, she laughs gently and replied

“ my beautiful King, there is a reason your grandmother never married, there is reason my hair has been cut off since you were 12, there is a reason I put emphasis on how beautiful your dark skin is, in 1965 the cops shot and killed the man who if he was still alive would be your grandfather, they murdered him in cold blood, and the excuse was he looked suspicious.. Ha! I laugh at your mah mah when she urges you to wear a tie or pull you pants slightly above your waist cause deep down that won’t stop these Devils from trying to kill a King, especially one like you who is educated, beautiful and has the power to rule, they use all tactics from killing your friends to killing the ones you love the most without even touching you, I SEEN IT! BABEH! Hell I lived it! Their is no stopping them the same things going on in 2015 is sign of the time! These are warnings and you need pay grave attention to white counter parts, when I see you, I see him, when I see you, you remind me of you mothers father, from the way you stand, to the grey lux in your eyes when you contemplate, from strong form of your creole heritage I see the man I fell in love with is still protecting me for 23 years.. You be careful, the more knowledge and power you have you become a target like him, and I refuse to lose you twice, not while I have a place in this world I love you”

Love you too granny

YALL the times have not Changed, the medias just gotten better at hiding the truth

mitam lyrics

não se esquece de deixar o famoso likezinho <3 :),x.

hey angel:

i come alive when: i hear your voice its a beautiful sound its a beautiful noise.

see you at the bar at the edge of my bed, backseat of my car in the back of my head.

do you ever try to come to the other side? 

do you ever cry when we waste away our lives?


It’s like I’m frozen, but the world still turns.

how many nights does it take to count the stars? that’s the time it would take to fix my heart.

eyes can’t shine.


i hope you’re sure what you’re looking for cause im not good at making promises.

i might never be the hand you put your heart in or the arms that hold you any time you want them but that don’t mean that we can’t live here in the moment.

drag me down:

i got a river for a soul and baby you’re a boat, u’re my only reason.

if I didn’t have u i’d never see the sun u taught me how to be someone.

if i didn’t have you there would be nothing left.

i want to write u a song:

i want to write you a song one as beautiful as you are sweet.

i want to lend you my coat one that’s as soft as your cheek.

i want to lend you my coat so when the world is cold you will have a hiding place you can go.


you and me got a whole lot of history we could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen.

you and me got a whole lot of history so don’t let it go, we can make some more.

we can live forever.

i realise that without you here like there’s just a lie.

end of the day:

i told her that I loved her was not sure if she heard.

love can be frightening for sure.

all I know at the end of the day is love who you love.

if there’s something i learned from a million mistakes: you’re the one that i want at the end of the day.

said the night was over, i said it’s forever.

i wound up in the hospital, the priest thinks it’s the devil, my mum thinks it’s the flu but girl it’s only you.

if i could fly:

i think i might give up everything just ask me to.

right now im completely defenceless. OU rn im completely defenceless.

for your eyes only i show you my heart.

i’ve got scars even though they can’t always be seen and pain gets hard but now you’re here and i don’t feel a thing.

long way down:

we had it all and we walked away.

point of no returning, now it’s just too late to turn around.

i try to forgive you but i struggle cause i don’t know how.

we built it up so high and now im falling its a long way down.


this isn’t the stain of a red wine im bleeding love.

please believe me, dont you see the things you mean to me?

say what you’re feeling and say it now cause i got the feeling you’re walking out.

there’s something im having nightmares about and these are the reasons I’m crying out to be with ya.

never enough:

wanna pull an all nighter and get into something we’ll never forget.

i swear i could give you everything.

wanna drive in the night till the end of the earth and go over the edge.

your lips so good I forget my name.

i dont need my love, you can take it. i dont need my heart, you can break it.

i just can’t give too much cause baby its never, never enough.

what a feeling:

everybody needs someone around but i can’t hold you too close now.

whatever chains are holding you back don’t let ‘em tie you down.

the sky fell down but you’ve got stars, they’re in your eyes.

im watching you like this, imagining you’re mine.

i wish i could be there now.

love you gbye:

it’s inevitable everything that’s good comes to an end.

i know you’re saying you don’t want to hurt me.

my heart’s already breaking, baby, go on twist the knife.

ine more taste of your lips just to bring me back to the places we’ve been and the nights we’ve had bc if this is it then at least we could end it right.

the way you look i know you didn’t come to apologize.  

i know there’s nothing I can do to change it but is this something that could be negotiated?

if tomorrow you won’t be mine, won’t you give it to me one last time?


MON EL MY SWEET LITTLE BEAUTIFUL BABY I WAS SCREAMING KARA AND HIM KISSED IM JUST KAKDNENESNISIE I SHIP IT SOOO BAD AND IM CRYING CAUSE THEY ARE PRETENDING NOTHING HAPPENED 😭😭 and fuck I was crying when he was calling her beautiful like a million times and then when he was done kissing her he just said “absolutely beautiful” and passed out and this boy is so in love I can’t

aliciachan-rp  asked:

Okay, so I've been binging on Flat Dreams content (Liam is my beautiful son and I love him) and can I just say your drawings for it are so good! Great job!!!!

Thank you so much!!!! Yes, Liam is so precious I just ugh you totally brought back my feelings for these children so here they are cause I couldn’t resist!!

Let's talk about this...

Cause I need people to really think about this… to really analize it because it’s so beautiful. Like, Stiles never had a girl before in his life, someone that care for him enough to tell her what he’s gonna do and then there’s Malia that just sees him as her whole world, and he’s just so overwelmed by it. He used to feel this adoration for Lydia with nothing in return, now this girl just love im so much. And so does he. 

The way he looks at her, and touch her hair/face it’s so perfect because she needs him. And he adores her so much. And it never happened before. 

And then he’s there waking her up to tell her, just her. In the sweetiest way ever. (At first is like he’s tying to check her temperture?)He could’ve just told Kira Scott and Malia all three of them. But he when to her because he knows she won’t understand so much. And he needs to explain because he feels the need to explain her, because she cares for him, and he knows she’ll be scare if she doesn’t see him when she wakes up. And you know what’s that? and how does that feel? it’s prefect and it’s beautiful. And he’s touching her and he’s gentle, she’s his first girlfriend. She might not know but she’s special, and it warms my heart that Stiles just keep caressing her until she wakes up I wonder for how long.

And she’s there and she holds onto his jacket. So hard. Because she doesn’t want him to leave her, and the gentle touch of Stiles in her hands. 

And I think he gives her the jacket not because she’s cold but because she can feel his scent even when he’s gone. 

And he freaking adores her. When she asks him if he’s coming back, the second time he says “yeah” it doesn’t feel like he’s answering to her. He’s not looking at her, he’s staring at her, and it’s like he knows he won’t leave her behind. It’s a fact and he’s telling that to himself. Like, he’s looking at her, and she’s so beautiful and she loves him, and cares for him. How could he not be coming back to her? I don’t know about you, but I feel like this exact moment it’s the realization that he loves that girl so freaking much. 

And he kiss her in the forehead, not lips, which is so much beautiful, it’s love and protection. And she’s trying so hard to be strong, like you see she’s smiling at him so bright so he can know she can handle it. She’s been a coyote for 8 years, alone in the woods, how couldn’t she? But as soon as he let got of her hand she starts crying because she loves him so much. She maybe doesn’t really understand why she’s crying exactly. She probably never allow herself to feel for someone cause it’s not in her to do so. And it breaks my heart, I imagine little Malia alone in the woods, very smart and brave… and now there’s this guy making her feels all those things.

And Stiles walks away looking at Scott/Kira but then he hears Malia crying and he’s about to break down, and you can actually see that he was about to walk in again. 

And you can’t blame Malia for be mad, the guy she trusted with everything lied to her, and it’s not about the lie. I know that if she knows this from Stiles she won’t be that mad, but she feels betrayed. And it’s not about Peter either, he knows who Peter is. He didn’t tell her because he knows Malia will find him, aks him things about her family, and he doesn’t want to lose her. He was selfish, but I’m sad for him too you know? because this girl just represent all the good he got during the bad time. 

You can’t just see this and pretend Stiles doesn’t feel anything at all. The way he freaking hits his head with the paper, the tears in his eyes, and he’s so mad and angry. Just like he was with the void Stiles situation. Breaks me. 

(Those gift arent’t mine, look at my blog for the source)

Reasons why I hate Fly Away Hero:
  • their hair is as silky and as perfect as the greek god adonis like wtf
  • their guitar skills are known to cause vaginas to explode
  • you end up listening to their songs on repeat 29301298 times
  • they make me cry bc they are everything i could never be
  • in conclusion: don’t ever become a flyer because you will be sucked into this endless vortex of tears and just don’t do it ok

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ever since yuri on ice came out my baby boy yuzuru hanyu has been getting more attention and i’m so happy people are finally starting to notice him!!!!!

I just hit comicbook jackpot in Richmond and found the entire Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier series with eyewateringly beautiful art by Marco Rudy AND the ENTIRE Elektra series with stunning artwork by Mike Del Mundo and tbh I’m seconds away from crying with happiness I’ve been searching for any volumes of these 2 comics for weeks and I found all of them in one fucking shop

Also I’m wearing a pajama top thats near see-through, I’m cool with it.


Today in japanese class sensei basically destroyed me. There is a japanese foreign exchange student in my class as a help. and today he had a really nice jacket on, like extremely. so whatever i told him how cool it looks. so when he left our class we all said bye, and i told sensei (in jpn his jacket looks cool) which could also mean he looks cool out of context. and she looked a me and said “ohh. well at least you’re talking about a real person” AND EVERYONE IN THE CLASS LAUGHEd AND I STAYED IN SHOCK WITH MY MOUTH OPENED BC REALLY?? REALLY SENSEI? but then she kept going by saying “at least shes not talking about Sousuke for once” AND I WAsJUST ? SENSEI? She had no fucks with with me today