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The Three Biggest Lies Hamilton Ever Told

1. “Most disputes die and no one shoots”
2. “My love for you is never in doubt”
3. “I am not throwing away my shot”

ok but charles literally went to visit aaron in philadelphia he showed up during the york/jersey campaign to see him cus they wrote letters about it and got sick. he got a bad fever like he had when he was a kid serving in the polish army. aaron tells him to go home and rest. he goes. the fever worsens. he dies. aaron finds out bc charles stops writing him letters. he is the one wailing in the streets. 

Hamilton AU

Okay, so imagine Phillip didn’t die in the duel. He’s laying there in the hospital bed and a young volunteer named Theodosia starts talking to him. They converse every day while Phillip is recovering and then when he gets out he takes her on a date only to discover her father is Aaron Burr. Like, THE Aaron Burr-his father’s sworn enemy. But he doesn’t run away from her because of this. He just holds her close and says they’ll work it out. So they see each other in secret and after a while Phillip proposes. They plan to tell their fathers but when Phillip bursts through the door to ask his mother for advice it’s the middle of the morning and Eliza says to talk to his father when he gets back from his early meeting out of town. Phillip reads the note his father left on his desk and tells his mother her husband is going to a duel. They race to Jersey, and see Theodosia coming up from the other side of the hill as well.
Theodosia runs up to her father, shoving him aside as his weapon discharges, causing the bullet to hit Phillip instead. Phillip falls to the ground as Eliza screams. Hamilton turns around to hold his son. Theodosia starts crying and drops to her knees in front of him, her engagement ring on the chain around her neck falling forward for everyone to see. As he dies, Theodosia turns to her father and yells.
“I loved him!”
Her father drops his gun with a horrified look and takes a step back.
“I shot him…I didn’t mean to…Theodosia-”
“Just go…please. Just get out of here!”
(It’s Quiet Uptown starts playing)



Hi, I’m so sorry for this, but I saw this post and I couldn’t help but write a not-so-little fic for it!

I love this AU so much please keep it up!

(also apologies I don’t know how to put a readmore on a submission).


One of the first warnings Ms. Jackson got when she started teaching was “Watch out for show-and-tell day.” She had nervously laughed as she stirred her tea and asked why.

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another fun fact about aaron burr bc this website needs more of them

in 1799 he was challenged to a duel by john barker church (as in, angelica’s husband) who accused him of taking bribes even though he had no proof

and when it came to the actual duel they both fired and completely missed each other

and then shook hands and walked off im crying

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I don’t know whether to be ecstatic because I can finally stop sobbing into my pillow because I’m not there or depressed because the endless supply of selfies and daily vlogs of my favorite people will stop.